How to Obtain a Singapore Visa For Indian Citizens in India in 2020


Singapore is a sovereign city-state and an island country attracting 19 million international tourists, more than almost 3 times of Singapore’s total population.  Singapore is the 5th most visited city in the world and 2nd best in Asia – pacific. A country has its own currency and a well-funded military is arguably one of the top-rated tourist destinations for tourists from all over the world. Singapore visa is a must to travel.  Singapore gets your adrenaline pumping with all it has to offer.


Indians visiting Singapore in recent times has increased leaps and bounds. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore zoo, Sentosa Islands, Universal Studios, Singapore Botanic Gardens, the only tropical garden in the world to be honored as a UNESCO world heritage site and much more to explore. Singapore is a dream destination for a budgeted trip. For traveling to Singapore we need to have a valid visa according to the purpose.


The procedure for Singapore visas for Indians is an offline process though visa will be an e-visa copy and not a stamp on the passport and approximately it takes 4 – 5 working days. Singapore visa process is divided on a Jurisdiction basis wherein Singapore visa is processed through 3 main centers namely Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi where registered agents are been appointed by the consulate and they will be the mediator between the sub-agents and consulate to complete the process.


State wise Jurisdiction for Singapore Visa


Mumbai Jurisdiction accepts applications from Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha & Chhattisgarh.


Chennai Jurisdiction accepts applications from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Chenna, Kerela, Telangana, Tamil Nadu.


Delhi Jurisdiction accepts application from Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab & Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand,  West Bengal, Rajasthan, Assam, Bihar, Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand.


Though all the applications can be accepted apart from their jurisdiction provided you are able to provide sufficient residence proof of your current location which includes rent agreement, phone bill, society letter and a letter from a company if the residence is company allotted (anyone of it is considered as an address proof provided it has your name on it).


Documents required for processing tourist/business Singapore visa for Indian citizen is as follows:


  • Original Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months prior to the travel


  • Visa form – form 14A filled up by the applicant. The form has 4 pages wherein you need to update your personal details, employment status, travel date and purpose of travel and if invited then invite details or hotel details if booked and a signature on the last page.


  • 03 Recent photographs with the dimension of 35mm x 45mm with white background, matt finish and face clearly visible not covering ears (white shirt, t-shirt or dress  not accepted against a white background)


  • Cover letter addressed to CONSULATE GENERAL OF SINGAPORE, MUMBAI/DELHI/CHENNAI based on the jurisdiction you are applying with your name as per passport, passport number details of family members traveling with you including their name, relation to you and their passport no, travel plans, and mentioning a line on who will be bearing the expenses of the trip. In the case of invitation- invite letter – form V39A and NRIC Card copy. Incase if your exit/entry is to/from Malaysia by land you need to mention the date of exit/enter to Malaysia and mode of transport (land or air).


  • Air Tickets are not mandatory nor hotel bookings if the stay period is less than 10 days.


  • Last 3 months bank statements (attestation not mandatory) with a minimum balance of approx 60,000/- per person.


  • In the case of a minor, the parent’s signature is required on the form.


  • In case of a single traveler advisable to submit an employment proof.


  • In case of a honeymoon couple, a wedding card in English to be submitted.


  • In case of no spouse name in passport marriage certificate or an affidavit is to be submitted.


  • Delhi & Chennai applicants need to submit a salary slip of the last 3 months and a company id incase of employed, GST certificate for self-employed and school/ college id card for students.


  • In case of a sponsored trip if it is from non-traveler then a sponsorship letter and a government id proof.


  • In case of a minor child traveling alone or accompanying other family members apart from parents then NOC letter from parents is mandatory with government id proof.


  • In case of a business visa – a cover letter from an Indian company with name & passport details mentioning travel plan and purpose of visit and an invitation letter from Singapore on letterhead with stamp and signature or form V39A is also accepted.


Validity of Visa


The validity of the visa period is generally from 5 weeks to 2 years, but it solely depends on the Consulate to assign the validity period.  The stay period will be 30 days from the date of entry. Singapore visa fees for Indian Citizens is 30 Singapore Dollar irrespective of the period granted for a visa.


The visa process is simple given it is done properly. Having proper knowledge of the process and its requirements is important. Get a visa done and travel to Lion city and explore it to your best.


Singapore is one of the countries with the longest life expectancies and lowest mortality rates in the world. It is also considered as the most incorruptible nation in Asia and the fifth-most incorruptible, cleanest, and safest country in the world, safest, and cleanest which is an achievement looking into the current scenario. So don’t miss an opportunity to explore this island nation and have a handful of memories to last a lifetime.


Conclusion :


Visiting Singapore and getting the visa done is a very simple process if you can provide proper documentation as well as decide on the purpose of your visit.


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