How to Track Your France Visa Application from India (2024)

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Planning a trip to France from India? Navigating the visa application process can be stressful, but tracking your France visa status doesn't have to be. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to monitor your visa application's progress conveniently in 2024.


Tracking Methods

1. Email Notifications:

Receive updates directly to your email inbox once your visa decision is made.


2. SMS Alerts:

Opt-in for SMS updates to stay informed about any developments regarding your France visa.


3. Online Tracking:

1. Step-by-step guide on tracking your visa status through the official France-Visas website and VFS Global portal. 2. Instructions include providing your reference number, email address, or last name for accessing application information.


4. Helpline and Email:

1. Call the VFS Global helpline number or send an email to info.francein@VFShelpline.com for assistance in tracking your visa application.