7 Best South Indian Destinations in 2024 (Top Trending Destinations)


South India is said to be a region of immense beauty with many hill station destinations to choose from, which continues to captivate travelers with its unique blend of cultures, cuisines, scenic landscapes, and coffee plantations. This southern part of the Indian subcontinent has emerged as a hotspot for tourists seeking both tranquility and adventure. It’s a place for everyone from family vacations to honeymoons. You can explore South Indian destination tour packages with Flyforholidays. In this blog, we discuss 8 glorious beauties of South India.


1. Coorg, Karnataka:

Coorg, the most beautiful small town of Karnataka and also known as the Scotland of India, is a heaven for nature lovers as it’s surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. Also known for its lush coffee plantations and scenic beauty, it provides a peaceful escape from the chaotic life of cities. Some of the key tourist attractions of Coorg include Abbey Falls, Iruppu Falls, and the Namdroling Monastery, which reflect the region’s rich cultural tapestry.

How to reach Coorg:

  • By road: The distance from Bangalore to Coorg is roughly around 250 kilometers, which is the nearest city from the destination.
  • By train: The nearest railway station to Coorg is in Mysore, which is about 120 kilometers away.
  • By air: Coorg does not have an airport. But you can choose the closest Mysore airport, which is 120 kilometers away.
  • Best time to visit: The best time to visit Coorg is from November to March.


2.Wayanad, Kerala: Nature’s Own Country

Wayanad is a popular hill station of Kerala, best for people who are enthusiastic about trekking or exploring the beautiful mountains and wildlife. Wayanad, a rural district in Kerala, is home to the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, caves, waterfalls, and other viewpoints. The Edakkal Caves offer a glimpse into prehistoric civilizations, making Wayanad a mix of natural and historical exploration. Some of Waynad’s best tourist locations are Soochippara falls, Pookat lake, Lakkidi viewpoint, Thirunelli temple, Meenmutty falls, and Fakkal caves.

How to reach Wayanad:

  • By Road: If you’re driving, the distance to Wayanad is approximately 1129 kilometers via the AH47 highway.
  • By train: The closest railway station is in Kozhikode, which is around 90 kilometers from Wayanad.
  • By air: The nearest airport to Wayanad is Calicut International Airport, located about 100 kilometers away.
  • Best time to visit: October to February


3.Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu: The Princess of Hill Stations

Kodaikanal, also known as the Princess of Hill Stations, is known for its chilled climate and tranquil lakes. The Kodaikanal Lake and Bryant Park are popular spots for picnics and boating, while the Pillar Rocks provide a panoramic view of the surrounding valleys.

How to reach Kodaikanal:

  • By road: Chennai is 525 kilometers away, Bangalore NH 275 covers over 465 kilometers, and Coimbatore is about 178 kilometers away.
  • By train: The nearest railway station to Kodaikanal is Kodai Road, located about 80 kilometers away.
  • By air: The nearest airport is Madurai International Airport, roughly 120 kilometers from Kodaikanal.
  • Best time to visit: October to March.


4.Ooty and Coonoor, Tamil Nadu:

Ooty and its neighbor town Coonoor are famous for their tea gardens and colonial-era bungalows, also known as the queen of hills. Ooty has beautiful stunning landscapes. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers breathtaking views of the mountains. Doddabetta Peak and Sim’s Park are must-visit locations for nature enthusiasts.

How to reach Ooty:

  • By road: The distance between Ooty and Coonoor is a mere 20 kilometers.
  • By train: The journey covers approximately 46 kilometers.
  • By air: The closest airport is Coimbatore International Airport, located about 88 kilometers from Ooty.
  • Best time to visit: October to March.


5.Gokarna, Karnataka:

Gokarna is all about beautiful beaches and holy temples. Gokarna is a serene beach heaven. It gives off a more peaceful and quieter experience compared to the more commercialized Goa. The Om Beach and Mahabaleshwar Temple are popular among tourists. Gokarna’s peaceful ambiance awaits you.

How to reach Gokarna:

  • By road: Gokarna has excellent road connections with major cities in Karnataka; one can reach there in 14 hours.
  • By Train: Gokarna is connected by train, with the closest railway station about 10 kilometers from the city center.
  • By air: The nearest airport to Gokarna is Dabolim Airport in Goa, approximately 150 kilometers away.
  • Best time to visit: September to February


6.Hampi, Karnataka: Reliving History

Hampi is known for enjoying the scenic routes that lead to this historic site. The UNESCO World Heritage site of Hampi takes you back in time with its ruins that speak volumes of the grandeur of the Vijayanagara Empire. The Virupaksha Temple and Vittala Temple showcase the architectural brilliance of the bygone era. Hampi, the historical gem of Karnataka, is a destination that attracts travelers with its ancient ruins and captivating landscapes. If you’re planning a trip to this UNESCO World Heritage Site, here’s how you can reach Hampi by different modes of transport:

How to reach Hampi:

  • By road: Hampi is well-connected by road to several towns and cities in Karnataka. It averages about 380 kilometers.
  • By Train: Hampi doesn’t have its own railway station, but the Hospet Junction Railway Station is just about 13 km away.
  • By air: The nearest airport to Hampi is in Bellary, approximately 64 km away.
  • Best time to visit:


7.Varkala, Kerala: The Cliff-Beach Experience

Varkala is one of the most beautiful coastal towns of Kerala, which has one of the most mesmerizing cliff beaches adjacent to the Arabian Sea. The Papanasam Beach is believed to have holy waters that wash away sins. The Janardhana Swamy Temple and the Varkala Tunnel add to the town’s historical significance. A road winding through Kerala’s lush landscapes leads to it. It has the most ancient 2,000-year-old Janardana Swami Temple. Varkala awaits with its warm sands and welcoming waves.

How to reach Varkala:

  • By road: For a road trip, Varkala is connected to major cities via the National Highway.
  • By Train: Varkala is also accessible by train, with the Varkala Sivagiri Railway Station being well-connected to major cities, just a couple of kilometers away from the town.
  • By air: The nearest airport to Varkala is the Trivandrum International Airport, approximately 40 kilometers away.
  • Best time to visit: October to March.



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