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Fall in Love with the Magic of God in the form of Nature – Ocean, Islands, Wild Life, Deserts. Explore the Beauty of Each destination. Life is too short, make it quick to Explore the World with Fly For Holidays.


-A journey from a Wanderer to a storyteller.


We have too many destinations to visit throughout this lifetime, in fact, more than the years we live. We cannot explore the entire world in such a short span of our life so it becomes very much necessary to single out the destinations which we would like to explore based on our liking. Our nature has everything to offer to each and every individual on this planet it is up to us to decide the destination. Fly for Holidays has everything to offer based on your liking’s, your time management to your finance available for the travel. Here are some of our destinations to explore with Fly for Holidays.


    International Tour Packages

    “JUST GO. GO SEE ALL THE BEAUTY IN THE WORLD.” People crossing the boundaries don’t bother much on it as to travel is to live for them Read More…

    7 Continents, 4 Oceans, and 195 countries too much in the bucket list to do but to desire is to fulfill. International travel is like visiting a different world as each country has something unique to offer which you wouldn’t find everywhere.

    Nowadays International travel is gaining quite a momentum as people want to explore life and places. Family trips were earlier limited to nearby destinations but now it has started crossing the national boundaries. Friends wish to create the memories which they would like to cherish in the old age. Honeymooners always prefer the romantic destinations and what better than to take inspiration from our Bollywood that has given us many such locations that would otherwise remain unexplored.


    Domestic Tour Packages

    “Incredible India” the best ever quote India could get in just two words and it stands true to the words. Read More…

    India is blessed with Natural Beauty and ample resources. 28 states and 8 union territories and all of this has something new to offer to every individual from their culture, language, lifestyle, cuisine, dressing and so on…..

    “Unity in Diversity” this quote for India represents our unity in spite of being such a huge country and 2nd largest populated country in the world and we never fail to amuse the world. Exploring India is a herculean task in itself as we have a lot to offer and it will definitely surprise you when you travel across all the parts of India.


    Honeymoon Tour Packages

    ‘You don’t marry someone you can live with – you marry someone you cannot live without’, Read More…

    is so true, and to know each other well honeymoon period is considered as the best time.
    This period gives the time and space to know each other their likes, dislikes, nature, behavior, attitude, and much more hence it becomes necessary to select the honeymoon destination which gives the peace as well as close to nature that brings the liking for each other to hold this beautiful relation for a lifetime.
    We at Fly for Holidays believe that this honeymoon period must be the best period of their lifetime giving away the lifelong memories for the couple and hence we assure on giving the best of the services irrespective of the couple opting for domestic or international destinations.


    Maldives Honeymoon Package

    Starting at ₹45000-/ per person

    Why Choose Fly For Holidays?

    Fly for holidays have embarked upon a journey to transform your dream plan into reality with more than 5 years of experience now into travel industry. We have always helped our travelers to get there visas done on timely basis and plan their trips successfully whether a business tour or a holiday tour, whether Domestic or International we have always helped the travelers to get their visas and travel plans done on timely basis with our expertise.


    Planning for a long travel trip is not an easy task but we make it easier for you. It’s not daily that you fly across the world to enjoy the sunrise in the “Land of the Rising Sun” Japan or you enjoy the beautiful Northern Lights of Scandinavia in the Night. But we are doing it for quite a few years now and it’s our daily job. For us meeting our clients expectations is more important and we don’t compromise in that. Our experienced travel consultants will also tell you about the positives and negatives of the travel arrangements and help you to recognize what works best in your favor.


    So you don’t need to worry about your flight bookings, hotel reservations, the visas etc. You just have to pick a date, pack your bags and show up at the airport with the specific customized travel plan for you. When you choose Fly For holidays you be rest assured that your trip is planned with utmost care. Our team is on toes 24 x 7 to help you in case of emergencies. So if you planning for any Domestic trip, International trip, business tour or small weekend trip you are always welcome at Fly For Holidays.

    Happy Customers