Must Visit Places in Scotland


Scotland is one of the third tourist attraction places in the UK.  It has more than 790 islands surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north & west, the North Sea to the northeast, and the Irish Sea in the south. Scotland is also known for its whiskey but the fact is whiskey was first invented in China.


The tradition is still being followed here. The name Scotland comes from the Latin word Scotti, this name was applied by the Gaels. This word was found in the Latin text which describes a tribe that sailed from Ireland to Roman Britain. Let us discover and experience more of Scotland.


The weather in Scotland is always cold. The summer, June July, and August are months that are warmer in Scotland. The average temperature in summer is around 15 degrees Celsius and the temperature in winter is around 5 to 7 degrees Celsius. So if you plan to go to Scotland than arrange your trip accordingly.


Traveling to Scotland is like a different experience compared to the other regions you travel as it still preserves its culture and also keeps itself in check with the modern world.

Places you must go while in Scotland


Loch Lomond: Loch Lomond is the largest freshwater lake in Scotland and also very popular here. you will find different types of fish like salmon, white fish, and trout.


There are also some water sports that you would like to do. To get the local items there is loch Lomond shore which is a great shopping mall not only for local items but also for farmer markets, restaurants, bikes as well as boat rentals are also available here.


The most popular place in loch Lomond is the sea life aquarium. In the sea life aquarium, you will see the different native fishes and marines life. There is also a Cameron house where you can enjoy outdoor activities.


Edinburg Castle: This castle is situated in Edinburgh which is the capital of Scotland. This castle is now used as a military station. This castle is also known as the most haunted location of Scotland. The dungeons have paranormal activities and are haunted by the prisoners.


This castle is now owned by the Ministers of Scotland.  Every year Edinburgh military tattoo is held in August in this castle. The next of Edinburgh’s landmark is royal mille that has small shops, tearooms, kilt-makers, museums, and cafes.

The National Museum of Scotland is a must to go to when you are in Edinburgh. In this museum, you will find everything related to arts and science since the medieval age.


Loch Ness: This place is known as Nessie because of the sea monster but there is no evidence found yet. Loch Ness is very popular, it is one of the top-visited places by the tourist in Scotland. Many movies and TV shows have shown this Loch Ness.


Loch Ness is about 10,000 years old. It is a large and deep freshwater. There is a saying that the monster of Loch Ness is an eel. In this lake, you can also do fishing and can take a small walk. Its surface is around 16 meters above sea level.


This is the second Scottish Loch in Scotland. Compared to any other lakes it has more freshwater. Many boats and cruises run around the lake to let the visitor encounter the sea monster.


Spend at least a day here exploring the attractiveness of this place. There was a castle which was built in the 1100s  and it’s being devastated by the fire around 500 years back but there are still many more amazing things you will find.

Aberdeen: Aberdeen is a city in the northeast of Scotland also known as the city of granite is quite famous for its buildings that are made of granites. This city is the most populated in Scotland.

One must explore the city on feet rather than taking any means of transport to get amused not only by the building architectures but also by the gardens and parks. St. Machar’s Cathedral is one of the oldest pieces of architecture in the city which was built in the 1300s and it is still well preserved.

It is a medieval architectural construction of Scotland.  The second nickname of this city is the flower of Scotland because of the lovely green spaces here. The famous garden for the greenery is David Welch’s winter garden.

Here you will find numerous domestic as well as wild species of plants. This garden is the biggest in Europe. In the warmer days of Scotland, this place makes the best picnic spot. There is also a beach where you can take a walk.


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Isle of Arran: The Isle of Arran is an island off the coast of Scotland. It is a seventh island that is largest in Scotland. You will find everything you urge to see in Scotland.

The mountains, sandy beaches, fishing villages, golf courses, historic castles everything you will be able to see on this island. You can take a tour of bikes, cars and if you want to take local transport you will also get the local bus service.

Even after exploring all these things if you have time in your hand then you can visit goat fell mountain. The view from the mountain will ease all your tiredness of climbing the 873-meter tall mountain.


Isle of Skye:  People who love to admire nature and bird watchers will love this place. The island is covered with greenery, cave, wild mountains, sandy beaches, and beautiful waterfalls.

The wildlife includes seals, otters, and around 200 species of birds. Getting at the top, Skye is quite easy as the mainland is connected to a bridge. You can also take a ferry ride if you want to.

Stirling Castle: This castle is well- preserved by the government of Scotland. This castle was of the King of Scotland James V and the daughter Mary Queen of Scot. This castle is the largest palace in Scotland. The room and furniture of this castle are maintained as if it’s of the 1500s.

There are guides all over the castle to tell you the historic stories of the castle. There are also history hunter programs being organized during the weekend for the young people. Stirling is also famous for the battle of Bannockburn, where the King of Scotland defeated the English king.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum: Kelvingrove Museum opened in 1901 and since then is one of the constant favorite of the locals as well as the visitors. After Refurbishment it opened again on 11 July 2006. A huge basement is made to accommodate 8000 exhibits and a restaurant with the charges of £ 28 million.

This Museum has 22 galleries including artifacts from ancient Egypt, renaissance art, taxidermy, and it also has one of the finest collection of arms & armor from the world.

They also provide organize and provide services of arts, music, sports event, festivals, libraries, and community development programs.

The culture in Scotland influences both traditional & modern. The great Highland Bagpipe is the most famous instrument in Scotland. Bagpipe bands with various types of drums showcase the old music style while creating the new one.

Scotland’s cuisine has its recipes but shares some of its stylings with Britishers & Europeans. Irn-Bru is the most common soft drink in Scotland.

The Herald, The Scotsman, and The National are all national newspapers in Scot. Television in Scotland is the same as of British broadcasts, and national broadcaster is BBC Scotland.

Scotland has many production companies producing television & films. Popular films here being Braveheart, The Angel Share, and Outlaw King whereas, Wardpark studios produced a television program, Outlander.

Scotland has its own national sports competitions and also represents itself at many international events such as FIFA World, Rugby League World Cup, Rugby Union World Cup, Cricket World Cup, and Commonwealth Games.

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