Warner Brothers Studios Tour

Warner Bros, seeing this name brings lots of memories to our minds. It brings out the kid in us, reminds us of our all-time favorite cartoon Tom & Jerry which started in 1940 and has no age barrier it is loved by every group of age. There would no person alive who has never seen this cartoon or the clippings.

The love we have given to this cartoon was earlier owned by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and now the rights of this wonderful cartoon series are with Warner Bros.Studios since 2006.

Another name that immediately clicks in our mind with Warner Bros is our very own Harry Potter. Harry Potter is again a gift of Warner Bros and an entry to the dreamland of the magical world of Harry Potter.

Tom and Jerry & Harry Potter are like synonyms to Warner Bros. It would be really difficult to imagine that without Warner Bros maybe this wouldn’t have been possible. It is a very memorable gift given to this world by this famous warner Bros.

Apart from this Warner Bro studios have ventured into many Hollywood Movies giving us the blockbusters like Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit: An unexpected journey, Matrix, Joker, The Conjuring, Inception, and TV shows such as Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Women to name few.

Did You Know?

Daniel Radcliffe wore 160 pairs of glasses during the filming of the entire series of Harry Potter.


Warner Bros has a long history to look behind which has made it a brand. It is an American Multimass Media company and entertainment company headquartered in California that was found long back in 1923 by warner brothers – Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack.

They first started with American Film Industry and later on ventured into animation, television & video games. Warner Bros. Studios is one of the five big American Studios.

Warner bros. studios are always a delight to watch as it allows you to look into nuances which were unable to see on screen, it allows us to explore the backstage of the filming of the movies, series, or animated cartoons. This is the place where we can say Hollywood is made.


Warner Bros.Studios had its biggest achievement for the Harry Potter series of 8 movies which was an achievement and an honor to the studios to give such the highest grosser of Hollywood.


In 1992, Warner. Bros Family Entertainment was introduced to create family-oriented films.  Harry Potter’s novel’s rights were obtained by warner’s in late 1990  and the first film was released in 2001 and eight-  last & final part in 2011.


The studios at UK & US describe the creative work which was carried out while the film making of Harry Potter. Warner Bros.Studios London & Warner Bros.Studio Hollywood in the US are one of the most visited sites by the tourist throughout the world.


Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, you get a chance to get up close and personal with the work which is carried out backstage which is never seen on-screen.


A daily tour takes place at the studios for the visitors which focuses on the production part of the film and a hands-on making the film. The tour here is divided into 3 parts :

Classic Tour: Classic Tour focuses on the Golden Age of film & TV, for award titles that were shot in the studios in the 1970s. Here you get to visit the 110 acres Backlot which was the sets for films & TV shows such as Casablanca, East of Eden, My Fair Lady and many more and the soundstage where current shows are been made.


You get to visit Stage 48 which is kind of a museum where you get to see the costumes from Warner. Bros archives.

At the central perk café set you get a chance to get close and personal with the production stage featuring the real central perk set of the very famous sitcom Friends.

You get a chance to live the favorite moments of Phoebe’s performance of smelly cat and favorite barista Gunther.


Next in the queue is The Big Bang Theory focused on scientific discoveries, science fiction, and Siam Palace and the Apartment 4A – home to Leonard, Sheldon, and Penny. Grab a chance to recreate Sheldon’s signature knock or take a picture in front of the broken elevator reliving the famous and favorite moments of The Big Bang Theory.


Catch a glimpse of Caltech Physics Department Cafeteria where Sheldon, Leonard & Penny discussed their life, relations, and superpowers of comic books. You can book the classic tour at $ 69 per adult and $ 59 per child with a duration of 3 hrs self-guided tour.


Studio Tour:  Studio Tour takes you to the journey of backlots to the sets for film & TV Shows such as Batman, Gilmore Girls, Friends, and many more. The set of The Ellen Degeneres Show in its 16 seasons continues to enthrall the audience is filmed at this studios on stage 1,2 and 3.

Stage 30 will be the visit to All Rise a courtroom drama set where you get a chance to live the lives of judges, prosecutors, bailiffs, clerks & cops to get justice. Stage 17, a visit to sets of Shameless which depicts the modern family and drama.


Fasten your seat belts to fly through the DC Universe: An interactive stopover for your favorite films Aquaman Exhibit & Wonder Woman. You get the chance to have a first-hand look at details of the armored suits of Aquaman & Mera.


You can also experience the underwater world of Atlantis, home to Arthur Curry. Explore the wardrobe & set designs of Wonder Woman with their props, sword, tiara, and costumes of Wonder Woman and favorite characters of the show.


Harry Potter fans get a chance to view their props such as Dabby, The House Elf, Sorting Hat, and the wizarding world. Fans of Fantastic Beasts get a chance to view the props and costumes used by the leading cast – Newt, Tina, Queenie, and Jacob. Last will be the view of The Batman collections inclusive of all the vehicles used in the Batman series – Batmobile, built on the body of Chevrolet used in Batman (1989), Chevrolet 350 ZZ3 used in Batman Forever (1995), Batblade made for Batgirl used in movie Batman & Robin (1997), Tumbler – Batpod a new Batmobile was introduced for The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005 – 2012), the most updated Batmobile and the longest of the lot in the Batman series with 20 feet long & 12 feet wide with stunning designs and military features was used in (Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016).


Book the studio tour at $ 69 per adult and $ 59 per child with a duration of 2 hrs guided tour & 1 hr self-guide.

Deluxe Tour: Deluxe tour is inclusive of all the activities of the Classic Tour & Studio Tour and apart from that start to get the day with benefits of deluxe guest wherein you get the experience of the green room like a celebrity and served complimentary Beverages & Pastries.


Before the tour to studio starts you get an exclusive visit to the private room screening lounge to view the history of Warner Bros. Studios with audiovisual experience. You get a chance to Fine Dine Lunch at the studio with your known actors, directors, or producers which is a part of the deluxe tour.


Visit the costume department wherein thousands of wardrobes and styling elements are featured. Visiting the Props Department which is a huge collection of the set decoration.


A self-guided tour to Stage 48: Script to Screen features all the stages including Pre Production, Production & Post Production. Deluxe Tour charges you $ 295 per person, and the duration for the tour will be 5 hrs guided & 1 hr self-guide.


Warner Bros. Studio London, UK  House of Harry Potter for more than 10 years at Leavesden is home to thousands of beautiful artifacts, iconic props, and costumes of the Harry Potter series and the team behind the scenes wanted to preserve all these so that the fans could experience the film making and the cast ad crew returned to the studio to reassemble all the props and costumes before the studio was opened to the public on 31 March 2012.

Did you Know?

70 wands were used during the Harry Potter series.


Filming of the movie started on 29 September 2000 and the last part Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2 were filmed back to back from 19 February 2009. On your visit to the studio, you get to explore the Sets, Props, Costumes, Audio & Visual Effects, Creature Effects, and Art Department all used in the making of the Harry Potter series.


Sets: The Great Hall was the first set built for the series and was the backdrop to famous scenes such as Yule Ball & Battle of Hogwarts. This set was used for 6 more films.


This hall also has the costumes of the students at Hogwarts House and two table sets for dinner, teacher’s table, handcrafted props, Professor Dumbledore’s lectern, and House Point Counter where Indian Glass Beads were used.

Forbidden Forest was a combination of location & studio shooting, the set of this is also seen here which is filled with 19 trees of over 12 feet.


The Hogwarts Express train used to transport students from Platform 9¾ to Hogwarts School, this set was used for the first shot of the series and the very last shot of the series.


However, the shooting took place at King’s Cross Station in London. All the scenes inside the train were shot on the sets here at Leavesden. The Diagon Alley set constantly changed throughout the series though the part of it can be seen here too.


This set was inspired by the work of Charles Dickens. This set also had the Dusty Ollivanders Wand Shop from where Harry uses to select his wands.


Props: You get to see Potions classroom here with 950 jars and each having unique props in it including baked animal bones, dried leaves & herbs, and shrunken head which was designed by Mina lima. Memory Cabinet had 900 memory vials and labels which could be found in Professor Dumbledore’s office.


Some of the memories in the cabinet features Argus Filch & Professor McGonagall. Professor Umbridge’s office had some other interesting prop which included a pink office in the ministry of magic wherein moving kittens for which 130 plates were created for filmmakers to photograph & film real kittens with crystal balls, witch hats & balls of wool.


Puking Pastilles has fireworks, extendable ears, Weasley’s Wizard wheezes which were designed like an 18th-century storefront and it took 3 months to build, and maximum time was taken in constructing 20-foot mannequin above the main entrance. The Puking Pastilles dispenser can be seen in a studio tour that was created by Pierre Bohannan – head propmaker.


SFX & VFX: The most important role during the filming was played by SFX & CFX technology and the Chamber of Secrets door is the operational door which is created by the special effects team based on the sketch given by the art department.


The articulated snakes were powered by an electronic motor that was hidden behind the door. Each snake was cast in resin and painted before attaching them to the door and was arranged in such a manner to avoid the collision.


Several different cloaks with a green fabric lining were made for filming with the help of Visual Effects to make Harry Potter & His friends invisible during the post-production work whereas, the cloak which is seen in studio tour is

made of velvet & printed symbols and ancient runes in it by the costume department.


Whooping Willow – the tree was first made as a sketch and then with the special effects team created operating branches that would whomp Weasley’s flying car.


For the shooting of Prisoners of Azkaban, branches were added digitally by the post-production team. The next amazing part not to be missed in the studios is the green screen experience and fly a broomstick just like the cast did during the filming of the series, as the scenes with the visual effects are often shot with the green screen which is later replaced with a different background or computer-generated sets.


Creatures: All the creatures played a very important role in the filming of the series which were all created through a mixture of practical & visual effects.

A full-size Basilisk mouth was created for the final scene which was measured up to 30 feet long and 3 feet deep jaws. They created an aquatic model that was able to move with CGI.


This model could even move up the track for fight scenes while getting close to Harry.


Three Buckbeaks were created for the series which included one standing, rearing & other one lying down. Each feather of the Buckbeaks was individually inserted which was used during the shooting of Prisoner of Azkaban.


The next important character in the movies was Goblins which enacted the role of bank officials and tellers at Gringotts Bank. All these Goblins were created by Nick Dudman where each Goblin was given distinctive ears, chins & noses and they all looked different from each other.


To create the scenes 140 make up artists from all over Europe were called up to turn 60 actors into Goblins in 4 hrs and the worst part was the prosthetics created couldn’t be used the next day once they were removed hence multiple goblins were created each day of the shoot.


AR agog another important creature was created by Nick Dudman with a leg of 18 feet which was able to crawl and have the dialogues with Harry Potter.

Each hair in the AR agog was inserted by hand using the needle and different materials such as brooms, bristles, and pieces of coconut to hold the feathers at the center. 15 People were used for operating this Aragon and 4 would act as the puppeteers for the back legs.


Art Department:  Art Department did a wonderful job by creating the design of the Hogwarts’s Castle with every courtyard, turret, and the tower which were filmed in the 1st part, and the enhanced look was given by the digital effects team.


A team of 86 artists and crew members built this Hogwarts’s Castle. 2500 fiber optic lights, stimulating lanterns, torches, and illusion of the students passing through were also created by the model makers.


Artists also used real stones, rockwork, boulders, real plants for landscape & trees and to create this, if counted all the hours it would 74 years to complete it.


Art Department also created thousands of props to bring life to the world of  Harry Potter. 40 editions of wizard world newspapers were designed by Mina Lima duo and each copy was dipped into coffee and left to dry before ironing the wrinkles.


Dozens of different concept artists, illustrators, and art directors created all the props and environments of the Harry Potter film series.


Visiting this amazing world of Harry Potter is a very unique & enthralling experience and those who haven’t visited yet need to visit it once in a lifetime to experience the magical world of, Harry Potter. Ticket Charges are for adults £ 47 child £ 38 and for a family £ 150.


Visiting the magical world of Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood & Warner Bros. Studio London is an experience that shouldn’t be missed for all the age groups.


Warner Bros. Studios have made it possible for people visiting UK or US can have a visit there though both the studios are completely different from each other wherein the US is more of sets of the past and ongoing TV series & Films whereas the UK is completely dedicated to the Harry Potter series.

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