Good News for Indian Travelers: Thailand Visa Exemption New Rule for Indians in 2024


Indian traveler to get Thailand visa extended under new visa exemption rule, according to Thailand embassy now Indian and Taiwan tourists can enjoy the stay of up to 30 days until next 6 Months i.e. 11 November 2024, which decided after the 15 days.


Earlier Thailand introduced the visa extension waiver program for tourist in November 2023, according to this scheme tourists were able to stay in Thailand for 15 days visa free under the 15-day visa-on-arrival scheme, which was coming to end in 2024.

looking at the success of previous visa exemption waiver Thailand decided to extend the visa exemption to 30 days, which allows the Indian and Taiwanese tourists to stay up to 30 days in Thailand.


Good News for Indian Travelers: Thailand Visa Exemption New Rule for Indians in 2024


Thailand has seen exponential growth in tourism after they implemented 15 days visa-on-arrival scheme, which resulted in more than 30% growth in Thailand tourism industry.

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As per the CNN Bloomberg report, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin on Tuesday after a cabinet meeting addressed the new visa exempt rule as the previous 15 days exempt rule came to end, as the Southeast Asian nation seeks to boost the number of foreign arrivals.

Under this new Thailand visa exemption rule the tourist have to provide the sufficient financial proof for the trip of around 10,000 Bhat or Approx. INR. 22,500 per person. At the port of entry in Thailand.

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