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A land blessed with its beautiful scenic views, breathtaking landscapes, friendly people and culture, Ladakh is not less than a heaven on Earth. A “Riders Paradise” every year a lot of biking enthusiasts visit the region to conquer the roads and take home some breathtaking memories with them.


Surrounded by two of the world’s most magnificent mountain ranges, the Great Himalaya and the Karakoram, it lies athwart two other, the Ladakh range and the Zanskar range. From gompas to the sensational momos, the surplus of attractions to visit makes this city make it heaven on earth.. Read More

Just to Understand the difference between these twin locations, Leh-Ladakh, here is something that might help you to clear your confusion. Ladakh Jammu and Kashmir form a single state. Ladakh further is split into two regions: district Leh, and district Kargil. The former district has a popular town “Leh” and is a great tourist attraction because of its beautiful monasteries, picturesque locations, and interesting markets defining the culture of the place.


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Picturesque Leh Ladakh 05 Nights Rs.13,500/-


Places to visit in Leh Ladakh


Pangong Lake


Situated approximately at the height of 4350 meters and famous for its sparkling blue water Pangong lake is a famous tourist attraction of  Leh- Ladakh. The lake is 12 kilometers in length and spreads from India to Tibet, with two-thirds of it lying in Tibet.


Because of its altitude, the Pangong Lake temperature ranges from -5°C to 10°C as a result of which it freezes completely during winters despite its salinity. To our surprise it does not remain blue throughout the year, rather it changes colors from light blue to green and grey too.


It has been a tourist attraction for a very long time and has gained more popularity after being a Showcased in many films shoots like “3 Idiots”, it is also famous as Pangong Tso. It is a must-visit place when you plan a Ladakh Tour. Pangong Lake is one of an excellent example of the beautiful landscape of the region.


Magnetic Hill


Also popularly knowns as gravity hill where vehicles defy the force of gravity and move upwards on the hill when parked at the marked location. It is located at a distance of 30 km from Leh and rests at a height of around 14,000 feet above sea level. To the east flows the Sindhu River, originating in Tibet and is an almost essential halt for all those who travel to Ladakh. The Hill itself has mysterious magnetic properties that draw tourists from across the world.


Many theories have emerged as to why Magnetic Hill may be a simple illusion or how it may be a great discovery and one of the Earth’s many geological wonders. One of the theories is that due to the absence of a noticeable horizon and landscape a downwards sloping stretch appears to be an upward slope, creating the illusion of the vehicles moving upwards. The endless number of the theories and beliefs that surround it, Magnetic hill is a unique and beautiful place to stop by on your trip, just for the fun of it and to experience magnetic mystery it creates.


Leh Palace

‘Lhachen Palkhar’ is another name for Leh Palace it is one historically rich sites that can be found in the region and is located in the town of Leh in India. This splendid edifice was built in the 17th century by King Sengge Namgyal as a royal palace, and the King and his family were the former residents of the majestic mansion. It is also one of the tallest buildings of its time with nine stories in all which made it strategically important as it offered scenic views of the entire town of Leh, and the mountains around it.


Sunsets and Sunrises are very beautiful when viewed from the top of the Leh Palace. During the Galdam Namchot festival, the palace looks more stunning with all the decorations.

The Palace is now in a very bad shape due to the Kashmiri invasion of the 19th century, the imperial palace continues to remain a stunning place to explore. It still has a lot of ancient paintings, old utensils, cutlery used by the royal family, Buddha relics and artifacts beautifying the walls of the palace making it a must-visit site when you visit the region. The Archaeological Survey of India is rebuilding the ancient structure and to keep intact it’s Ancient History.


Tso Moriri


Located in the  Changtang Wildlife sanctuary, it is a counterpart to the Pangong Lake. This lake offers a spectacular place of, measuring about 28 km in length from north to south, and about 100 feet average in depth. The Tso Moriri lake is surrounded by arid hills and beautiful snow-covered mountains. The lake lesser-known than Pangong lake, so the crowd is less too. It is in the most distant parts of the region makes the lake a perfect star gazing sight an adventurous paradise.


Located at a height of 2000 m and surrounded by tall mountains it is also famously called as the ‘The Mountain Lake’.

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Leh Ladakh Tour FAQ’s

Best time to visit Leh Ladakh?
The best time to visit is from April-October since the climate is pleasant and is the snowfall is less comparatively.
How many days should I plan for the Leh-Ladakh tour?
08-12 days are sufficient for the tour of Leh- Ladakh. Travelers travel here for various reasons some travel to the adventure the region like to ride and some to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature has to offer. Although can choose from various packages according to your requirements.
Which places to visit during the Leh-Ladakh Tour?
Some Of the Famous Places are Pangong Lake, Magnetic Hill, Leh Palace,  Chadar Lake, Tso Moriri, Zanskar Valley, etc.
How can we reach Ladakh?
There are three ways in total the best option is by air since Leh has its own airport and good connectivity. And by road you can either come via Srinagar or via Manali.
Is road trip to Ladakh a Good Option?
If you are a biking enthusiast or love to drive then why not surely Ladakh won’t disappoint you in the adventures it has to offer.
What kind of clothes are required?
During day time a Tshirt and shorts/Tracks are a good option but as the night approaches the climate will become colder so its advisable to carry warm jackets and pullovers.
Is there any oxygen problem in Ladakh?
Nearly 11,500 feet above sea level Ladakh is located at high altitude. At this altitude oxygen is scarce and people might find it difficult to breath and can get high altitude sickness. It is advisable to give yourself enough time to adjust before engaging in any physical activity.