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Lonavala is a hill station at a height of 2047 feet from sea level in Pune district, Maharashtra. Lonavala is just 96 kms away from Mumbai & 64 kms away from Pune. It is in between the Mumbai Pune Expressway. Lonavala is the most visited spot by the trekkers & hikers. Lonavala is the part of Sahyadri Hills and one of the gifted region by nature… Read More

It is surrounded by forests, dams, lakes & waterfalls. If you are a nature lover & if you want a soulful weekend then you should definitely visit this place once. Some of the places to visit are Khandala, Rajmachi Fort, Bhaja Caves, Bushi Dam, Karla caves , Ryewood lake , Tiger Point or Tigers Leap, lonavala lake, Imagica, Sunil’s celebrity wax museum, Lonavala – bhimashankar trek, Visapur fort , tikona Fort , Valvan Dam, Bhairavnath Temple , Lohagad Fort, Dukes Nose, Scorpions, Sting, Koregad Fort, Kune Waterfall, Bungee Jumping in Lonavala, Reverse waterfall, Ekvira Devi Temple, Lonavala waterfalls, Kataldhar waterfalls, Andharban, Amby Valley, Amrutanjan point etc.


Places to visit in Lonavala


1. Rajmachi Fort


Also known as “Bale Killa” or “Borghat”. It is built at the top of the Shrivardhan Peak at a height of 3000 feet. It is about 15 kms away from Lonavala and Khandala.It is one of the historic forts.


Trekking at Rajmachi is easy for beginners and it is one of the favorite location of the trekkers. Trekking here is so easy that you can also trek without a guide but trekking on this hills would be dangerous & challenging during monsoon.


2. Bhaja Caves


If you want to visit to any historical and exciting place then you should definitely visit this cave. They are the oldest caves in India dated 160 BC. Combining a group of 22 rock cut caves from the Hinayan phase of Buddhism forms the Bhaja caves.


The Archaeological Survey of India saves such ancient & historic caves as they serves as the Monument of National Importance. It is just 3 kms away from the main road and it is covered by the waterfalls where visitors can also get refreshed in dipping in water.


3. Bushi Dam


Bushi dam is one of the stone work located on the Indrayani River. This area is generally so crowded that visitors hardly get place to stand on the steps of Bushi Dam where water keeps overflowing. This dam was built in 1860s as a source of water for steam engines for the Great Indian Peninsular Railway. Due to the inconsistent flow of water visitors are not allowed to swim.


4. Tiger Point


Tiger point or Tiger Leap, its name is such as it looks like a leaping Tiger and it is 650 m above. It is one of the best and known escape place for nature lovers. From this hilltop you can get the entire view of Lonavala. The echo point is another famous thing to do on the tigers leap.



5. Sunils Celebrity Wax museum


Sunil Kandaloor, a 38 year old man from Kerala & one of the wax artist is the founder of Sunils Celebrity Wax Museum. In this museum are the sculptures of many celebrities like AR Rahman, Rajiv Gandhi, Kapil Dev, Michael Jackson, Benazir Bhutto, Adolf Hitler, and many more. The wax statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji is the center of attraction in this museum.


6. Lonavala – Bhimashankar Trek


Bhimashankar Trek is covered with deep dense forests, ethnic tribal village & blooming flowers. You can trek here in monsoon as well as in other seasons. The road to this trek is scenic & beautiful. There are  variety of birds, langurs & spotted deer in the jungle. If you are fortunate enough then you can even see a Malabar Giant Squirrel.


7. Bungee jumping in Lonavala


Bungee jumping is an adventurous sport done in one of the adventure park called Della Adventure. People with a body weight of 35 kgs & above are allowed and only if they are above 10 yrs of age. Bungee jumping lasts for around 7 – 10 mins & it is at a height of 50 Ft. There is a guide available to explain you the safety measures before your bunjee jumping. After your breathtaking activity you also receive a certificate saying that you have overcome your fears.


8. Reverse Waterfall


As the name itself suggest this waterfalls flow against the gravity and blow in the upward direction. Due to the strong winds blowing in the opposite direction of the flow the water is forced to spray in the upward direction. This waterfall is located at the hills of lohagad fort. It is above 3400 feet above & one of the best place to visit if you are a nature lover.


9. Ekvira Devi Temple


It is one of the Hindu temples in Lonavala situated near the Karla caves in Lonavala. Ekvira devi is the spirit of Goddess Renuka. If you are planning to visit this temple then you should carry lots of water with you & make sure that you are wearing a strong pair of shoes as the road to this temple is quite tiring. The ambience of this temple during occasions like Navratri & Chaitra is worth watching.This temple was constructed by the Pandavas during their period.


10. Andharban


Andharban is also famous as “Dark Forest” and it is one of the known trekking destinations in the Western Ghats in Maharsahtra State. It is located in Pimpri and it takes approximately 2 hrs to reach here from Lonavala. It is at a height of approximately 2160 feet. On the way to Andharban there are also few lakeside temples to visit or explore but they are in ruin now.


Best Lonavala Tour Packages List

Lonavala Packages No Of Nights Price Person
Short Trip of Lonavala 01 Nights & 02 Days Rs. 3,500/-
Memorable Weekend 02 Nights & 03 Days Rs. 5,500/-


Best time to visit Lonavala

During monsoon or immediately after the monsoons is the best time to visit Lonavala.



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Lonavala Tour FAQ’s

Which time is the best to visit Lonavala?
During monsoon or immediately after the monsoons is the best time to visit Lonavala.
How to travel to Lonavala?
To go to Lonavala you can either hire a car or you can go by bus or train.
Which days would be the best to visit Lonavala?
Visiting Lonavala during weekdays is a good idea because in weekends there is a heavy traffic on the road due to which you will have to wait for hours & hours.
Which night treks are famous in Lonavala?
Rajmachi Fort night trek is considered as one of the famous night treks in Lonavala.
Which is the best stop for shoppers in Lonavala?
Triose Plaza, Lonavala Square Mall & Uphill mall are famous for shopping in Lonavala. Also Lonavala is quite famous for Chikki.
Which are the best stay resorts in Lonavala?
Della Adventure Resort,Upper Deck Resort, The Machan, Lagoona Resort, Fariyas Resort, Picaddle Resort are some of the famous resort where you can make your stay comfortable.
What activities can be done in Lonavala?
Camping, Trekking, adventure sports, visit to forts, old temples & caves are some of the activities that can be done in Lonavala.