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Dubai, a leisure hub for many, is one of the wealthiest cities from all the seven Emirates. This lovely city was founded in 1971 after gaining its independence from Great Britain. Having a population with over 33.3 million, this city keeps pushing its boundaries to open more and constructing new attractions for all to see and you cannot miss on some best places to visit in Dubai...Read More

The Dubai government has a strategy to keep the flow of foreign cash ongoing via tourism. It is not only a shopping hub but also a land of modern and ancient attractions.  The destination has seen tremendous growth in the tourism sector because of its landmarks and attractions and adds new attractions to the list now and then.

Most of the tourists who come here are from countries like India, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. Accommodation here is not an issue. You can choose to stay in a 5-7star hotel or just a standard apartment hotel depending on your choice and budget.

There is a dress code that needs to be maintained here. In certain places, tourists are refrained from wearing too short or too open clothing. Alcohol consumption in public is prohibited. So tourists who would like to take drinks must do so in private and in licensed bars and restaurants.

During the holy month of Ramadan, you are not allowed to eat and drink in public even if you are not a Muslim. This is something tourists need to be alert and careful about when they come here for touring.

Also, transportation isn’t much of a hassle with public transport available everywhere and at all times. There are frequent buses, taxis, metros to take you from one place to another. City bus tours make it easy to visit all the Dubai attractions including an entire tour of the city, both old Dubai and new Dubai.

There are two main ports here namely Port Rashid and Port Jebel Ali. They are the busiest commercial ports and the biggest in the whole of the Middle East.

One need not worry about waiting in long queues at the airport for a transfer from the airport to the hotel or destination. You can pre-book your transfer online and make sure to go through all the rules and regulations mentioned on the site.

You can’t come here and not indulge in shopping. A month-long shopping festival is held every year in January. It is called the Dubai Shopping Festival. It is a good chance for the locals and tourists alike to shop and enjoy art exhibitions, folk dances, and music shows altogether.

The shopping festival is the time when the whole of Dubai becomes a big shopping center with everything available under one roof. It has been nicknamed as the shopping capital of the Middle East.

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