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Malaysia is an interesting mix of history, art, nature, and cuisine in Southeast Asia. Divided into two parts by the  South China Sea, Peninsular Malaysia, and East Malaysia it is home to an array of landscapes varying from beaches and rain forests to some beautiful UNESCO-certified world heritage sites including magnificent skyline popular for the world-famous Petronas Twin Towers in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Due to the vastness of beaches and rich aquatic life, Malaysia also allows the best scuba diving spots..Read More

This Islamic nation stands as the 44th most populated country in the world and is home to various religious and ethnic minorities. The Mixture of diverse settlers has led Malaysia to lead a diverse lifestyle. The country also has equally distributed plentiful greenery and thick forests across Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. Both the parts are home to some of the rarest animals and a vivid collection of intense canopies and colorful vegetation.

The region has a variety of unique natural attractions such as the exquisite the 130 million years old Taman Negara rainforest Batu Caves, Perhentian Islands, the Sarawak Chamber, Mulu Caves, Mount Kinabalu, and Cameron Highlands. In the urban area, one can experience the beauty of Petronas Twin Towers, Georgetown Inner City, and Bukit Bintang; particularly for a shopping spree. Besides, the country also hosts a variety of temples, national parks and an array of adventure activities adding to it.

Lined with lively markets and charming museums, the land of the renowned designer Jimmy Choo also has a sophisticated shopping scene from street shopping to extravagant malls such as Berjaya Times Square and Langkawi Parade. Food in Malaysia is an inspiration from its neighboring countries, with recipes imported and modified from Thailand, China, India, and Java. Penang being The Street Food Capital of Asia “Penang”, Malaysia tops the lists of food-fanatics with its candid street food market and the popular Food Hunt Festival. Malaysia is surely packed with great experiences in itself.


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Kuala Lumpur

In a multi-cultural country, Kuala Lumpur is the most popular city in  Malaysia. With skyscrapers on one side and skyscrapers on the other, Kuala Lumpur has its own nightlife.

For all street food lover KL is the famous for its street food all and it is well known all over the world, the street food of KL is always vibrant as their food is mix of Indian, Arabian, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Malay which makes them special from others, what else any one need. The use of spices and ingredients used in the dishes is just delicious. Also, Kuala Lumpur is different from other Asian countries in terms of nightlife and shopping. By 22:00, the nightlife scene in Kuala Lumpur comes alive, with alcoholic offerings, and skilled DJs playing dance-worthy tunes until the early hours of the morning.The entire city can be explored very easily if you are staying in Bukit Bintang or Puduraya. Kuala Lumpur is the ultimate party destination and one can expect too less cleanliness and less serenity over here. A visit to Genting Highlands is highly recommended as a place to stay. All the places are well connected by bus and train and renting a ride is possible too.

Langkawi Tourism

Famous as “Malaysia’s Mini Paradise “, and regarded as the Jewel of Kedah Langkawi, is gifted with lush natural and tropical beauty. It is a collection of islands which is also a duty-free zone! located in the Andaman Sea.

Gifted with clean beaches, glittering blue waters, and forests, Langkawi is a paradise for tourists. Also known by different names such as the Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi Permata Kedah or Langkawi,  these 99 islands that make up this place is an ideal spot for some chill with your loved ones. The most excellent seafood, numerous spas, and other fun activities will make your stay really fun.

Georgetown Tourism

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site the capital of Penang, George Town is a colorful Malaysian city and capital of Penang.

George Town is the beautiful place and it is second-largest city in the country. You will find a very comfortable and calm environment in this city, with shops opening post noon. The city has beautiful architecture, in that there are several wonderfully built historic buildings here. George Town is also very popular for its delicacies at the stalls of street merchants, in particular.

Penang Tourism

Located in Malaysia Penang consists of two main sections. One section is Penang Island, which has the city’s capital George Town. The other is Seberang Perai. It is commercially grown and is an industrialized state with a booming economy.

Penang city contains a lot of old-world charm. It might be highly modernized today but the city at its heart, it is still a city that embraces and respects age-old traditions. The population here is diverse and as a result, several languages are spoken in Penang. George Town, its capital, of Penang. The city also offers you a beautiful view of the bright coast, as you drive along its roads. From parks to beaches to heritage sites, Penang has all and even more to offer.

Genting Highlands Tourism 

Famously known as “A hillside Asian Las Vegas” located in Pahang, Genting Highlands is a beautiful hill station in Malaysia which is only one hour away by car from Kuala Lumpur. Called as the “City of Entertainment” it is Famous for its active nightlife, huge shopping complexes, luxury hotels, and world-class casinos.

Resting on the peak of Gunung Ulu Kali, Genting Highlands combines the First World Hotel which was listed in the Guinness World Book of Records for being the largest hotel in 2006. This place in Malaysia is only place where legal gambling is allowed. Genting also has temples, amusement parks, and water parks. Genting SkyWay and Awana Skyway are the two available cable car services for reaching Genting Highlands.

The mesmerizing hill town is full of charms namely Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm, Happy Bee Farm, Awana Horse Ranch, Butterfly Wonderland, Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre, Lim Goh Tong Memorial Hall, and Mohamed Noah Foundation Mosque. Genting Highlands is appropriate for people who are looking forward to a lot of joy in the pleasant mountain weather viewing some beautiful views of the valley from its height of 1800 meters above the sea.

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