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Located in the Indian Ocean south-west of India, Maldives is a combination of 1,192 coral islands arranged into natural atolls with only a few inhabited Islands. You feel amazed with the scenic Beauty as you lie on the white sand beaches, hearing the crystal clear waves crash against the seashore, swim with the manta rays and reef sharks, and feast on a wide collection of seafood with the locals. The Maldives is ideal for an adventure, honeymoon, or vacation destination… Read More

Floating on the clear waters, Maldives is a heavenly utopia for those looking for a getaway from the daily hectic city life, with exceptional beauty. With its beautiful beaches, islands covered with palm trees, crystalline seas, and pristine waters, Maldives brings visitors all year round.


Each resort generally is equipped with luxurious water villas and occupies an entire Island. Imagine having a room on a dock jutting out from the beach with a glass floor under which gives you a clear view of the ocean and what’s under.


Famous for its unimaginable diving opportunities, the sky-blue waters of Maldives, are home to several aquatic life and corals of distinct values. While the vivid blue seas are perfect for snorkeling, the reef walls offer an epic view of sea life, making it a haven for water sports fanatics.


The city of Male is both commercial and financial capital. The history lovers will also be satisfied here, given Male houses several buildings and monuments of historical importance. The island capital is easily accessible by ferry boats from the international airport.


Travel to other atolls in the Maldives is also quite attainable from Male due to the great ferry connectivity. Whether it is island hopping, candlelight dinner by the sea, ferry rides to an uninhabited island, scuba diving, or even dolphin watching for all your vacation lovers, this comfortable holiday will never afford you an empty moment!


Places to visit and Activities:  Male, Banana Reef, Island Hopping, Diving in the Maldives, Maafushi Island, Vaadhoo Island, etc. 




Known for its ancient mosque and colorful buildings Male is one of the world’s smallest national capitals. With its beauty and being talked about the island capital is the most visited place in the Maldives. It is a casual town best for walking without pre-planned programs. With heritage buildings on the one hand and trees and waters with embracing shades on the other, Male is a must-visit.


This small capital is the heartbeat of the nation which has a lot to offer to its tourists. Apart from a resort’s eternity pool and delicious meal, Male gives you the most genuine adventures in the Maldives. Surrounded courageously by greenish-blue waters, it is the driving soul of the whole small country. From roaming on the streets nudging with shops and lively markets to learning about the Maldivian tale, you would love every moment absorbed in the capital city of Male.


Banana Reef


Banana Reef, one of the oldest reefs discovered in the Maldives is adorned with beautiful caves, noble cliffs, gorgeous coral growths, and compelling overhangs. The Reef is populated by various species of aquatic animals making Banana Reef a hotspot for divers.


The calm and friendly currents linked with great clarity prove to work well for amateur divers. It is also actually a suitable option for master and skilled divers because it allows them to go farther and investigate the vivid world beneath the surface of the waters better.


The diving range – starts at 5 meters underwater and goes as deep as 30 meters underwater! Visibility remains clean in these clear waters up to 30 meters, and the water is quite accommodating too, ranging between a warm and soothing 24 degrees Celsius and 29 degrees Celsius. You can go scuba diving in these magical waters or even try snorkeling by the northern end of the reef.


Maafushi  Island


As soon as you step on the beautiful Scenic Maafushi Island in the Maldives the person will know how it feels like to sojourn in a slice of heaven on earth.


It is one of those islands where people go to restore their fatigued souls and relax in the peace that envelopes this tourist destination. The sudden change of pace from the hectic hustle of the city to the utter sense of serenity is sure to ease the troubled nerves and help people unwind.


Located to the South of Male, the Island is large when compared to the rest of the islands situated in the surroundings. Every year, this vacation spot welcomes a larger number of tourists, and to cater to their demands, Maafushi is dotted with intimate and cozy guesthouses, which are not only affordable but are also extremely comfortable. In addition to these snug guesthouses, Maafushi is home to diverse places to explore. From historical monuments to sandbars, from diving agencies to restaurants, the island invites you to embark on a combination of activities.


Vaadhoo Island


Located on the famous Raa Atoll and housing some of the best resorts and bucket list-worthy sites. One of the islands that form a part of the island nation is Vaadhoo Island. This magnificent island may have roughly 500 residents but the natural phenomenon occurring here – known as the Sea of Stars – is one that captures the attention of people around the globe and leads them straight to the shores which serves them with one of the most memorable sights they must have experienced.


The Sea of Stars is the name given to the mesmerizing waters of Vaadhoo Island when they glow a brilliant blue during the night under the moon. The water is said to glitter and glows in such a manner that it shows the stars beneath which the waves lap. This sensation occurs due to the various phytoplankton that can be found in the sea and glow in the cover of the night. Although the light released in the sea is almost mesmerizing.

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Maldives Tour FAQ’s

Where is the Maldives Islands?
The Maldives is an island nation with a total of 1192 islands, located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of Trivandrum (India). It is close to India and Sri Lanka.
Do i need Visa for Maldives?
No, you will be issued a free 30-day tourist visa upon arrival for all nationalities as long as you have all the valid documents.
What kind of food are served?
You can find all variety of dishes since its mostly famous for international tourism as well as cuisines.
What should i pack?
All you need is a valid passport, summer clothes, sun block, flip flops, and a camera and you are all set. Being in the tropics with a fairly consistent climate, the water temperate is usually 28° – 30°C throughout. Perfect swimming temp any time of the year so also throw in a swimming costume.
When is the best time to visit?
From December to April is the Best time to visit the Island since its dry and the weather is suitable for the tropical nation. People also visit from May to November since the prices are comparatively low but also monsoon sets in during that period.