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Famous as the “The Honeymoon Paradise” in the world a land of natural beauty, Seychelles is a leisure destination that lies in the westward part of the Indian Ocean. A chain of 115 islands, the island nation is recognized for its beautiful natural beauty, magnificent shores, and luxury resorts. It is a place to the world’s oldest ocean islands and largest uplifted coral atoll… Read More

Seychelles is endowed with warm weather throughout the year making it a hotbed for beach activities such as diving and snorkeling in its clear turquoise seas. Seychelles is also a center for ecotourism and endemic wildlife spotting contributing an incredible variety of flora and fauna with some of the most unusual trees, birds, and maritime life.


The whole population is centered in the inner Seychelles region which consists of three islands of Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue. Collectively these islands form the business, social, and tourism hub of the country. Do not goof out on the occasion of exploring the Seychellois Creole cuisine and the country’s capital Victoria, a city that can be explored entirely on foot in less than a day.


Due to its hard-to-reach location, Seychelles is a bit, unlike other island countries. This tropical destination provides beautiful scenic soft white sand beaches and spectacular blue waters.


Places to visit in Seychelles



The largest island in-country, Mahe is the social, cultural, and economic center of the country. With the International Airport located here, every person traveling to Seychelles steps foot on the island.


Mahe’s most important feature is the huge granite mountains that overlook the bays and cover the entire center, running from north to south and successfully dividing the island into east and west. These two sides of the island consist of several stunning bays that are captivating in their own beauty and look even more mystical with the backdrop of the lush mountains.


The scintillating Mahe island was named after the French Governor, Mahe De La Bourdonnais, and is home to Victoria, the capital of Seychelles and the smallest capital city around the globe.


The initial name of Mahe meant the “island of abundance” which absolutely represents the island as Mahe is residence to over 60 beaches, falls, hiking trails, freshwater springs, dense forests, and every venture that you can think of that is obliged to make your stay unforgettable and of course spectacular blue waters.


La Digue Island


La Digue Island is often contemplated to be the island you must visit when taking a trip to this country. Out of the 115 islands that make this wonderful country, La Digue is the fourth biggest in the area and the third most populous in the country.


Yet, that is not much as the population of this island is a mere 2000 inhabitants that live mainly in the settlement of La Passe. This gives the rest of the island virtually uninhabited which lets the island retain its true excellence.


Places to visit: Anse Source d’Argent, L’Union Estate, La Passe, etc.


Praslin Island


The second-largest out of 115 islands in the country, Praslin has always been one of the more natural yet laid-back islands, with tropic forests, nature parks, and a host of shores. This luxurious island has always been a people’s favorite, as it succeeds to fuse the vibrant culture, as well as wildlife into its island life in the most wonderful place.


Praslin is also a fabulous place for travelers and adventures with paths and treks of all kinds of difficulty. The island also has its museum and art gallery which further help express the story and culture of Praslin.


Located in the northeast of Mahe, Praslin is also the proud occupant of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The population of 6500 people in Praslin mostly occupy three main villages – the Baie St Anne where the central jetty is located and where most visitors enter Praslin from. The next is the Grande Anse on the south shore which holds the airstrip, and the last is the Anse Volbert or the Cote d’Or in the north part which holds the long 2.5km seaside strip.


Places to visit: Baie St Anne, Grand Anse, Anse Volbert, etc.


Bird Island


Bird Island is one of the several granitic islands in Seychelles that collectively form the inner island group. It is approximately 105 kilometers from the country’s capital and is known to be one of the most attractive well-kept natural islands.


Bird’s surroundings and habitat are kept intact through all these years and are one that country can gladly brag about. True to its name, the island is known for being a haven for many kinds of birds who live here.


Bird Island was earlier called the Ile aux Vaches which translates to the Island of the Manatees. The reason for this name was indeed the Manatees that were found in large quantities in the encompassing waters of Bird. Today, the island is a famous spot that encourages ecotourism and has bestowed a huge role in keeping.


Takamaka Bay


The Takamaka bay tour involves touring the famous distillery established here. With a tour that takes up about half an hour to three-quarters of an hour, you can learn the memoir of the distillery, the method of making the famous Takamaka rum. In the end, you can try and obtain the drink from here.

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Seychelles Tour FAQ’s

What is the best way to travel to Seychelles?
The best way to reach the island nation is by air from a flight via middle east.
What is the food like in Seychelles?
The Seychelles is a popular tourist destination with some excellent restaurants and cafes you can get variety of cuisine from Italian to Chinese or Thai. There are some local dishes and the fresh seafood is worth tasting.
Best time to Visit?
The best time to visit is in the months of April, May, October and November although the people visit her throughout the year.
Is Seychelles a safe destination?
Yes, it safe to travel not only that but all around the year some solo travelers visit here to explore this beautiful destination.
What is the climate like?
It is a tropical country with warm climate most of the time in the year