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Switzerland is one such country that tops the bucket list of every tourist. Switzerland gives the feeling of heaven on earth. Lush green fields, mountains, beautiful churches, fresh air, disarming landscapes form this beautiful country called Switzerland. Switzerland is famous for chocolates, watches, etc. and the view of this country is just amazing and breathtaking. It provides various experiences in terms of culture and adventure. Read More

The mountains of Switzerland are known for adventurous activities like skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. Tourists also enjoy shopping, folk entertainment, design, art, and nightlife. Switzerland is well known for its world of opera and world-class theatre. The snow-covered conical shape trees make the towns of this country extremely beautiful. Switzerland is one of the expensive European countries but it is a surprisingly impressive place.


1. Zurich

It is the capital of Switzerland. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and all commercial activities take place in this city. It is reputed for the field of Banking and Finance. This city is home to museums, art galleries, and international brands.


There are many activities to do in this city from museums to churches, from theaters to lake Zurich, and from parks to other outdoor activities. Zurich is the best place for party lovers as it has the best nightclubs here. Some of the building museums etc are more than the 1000 year old in Zurich.


2. Geneva


Geneva is a beautiful city near Lake Geneva at the exit of river Rhone. It ranks 2nd as the most populated city in Switzerland. French is the commonly used language in this city.


Locals also communicate in English, Spanish & Italian language. It is covered with pyramid-shaped mountains. Geneva has an abundance of natural beauty in every nook and corner depending on which place you choose to go. Geneva is famous for jet’deau . Jetd’eau is a fountain mostly found on lake Geneva and it can be seen from anywhere in the city.


3. Lucerne

Lucerne is situated in Central Switzerland on the edges of Lake Lucerne. Lucerne is the capital of the Canton of Lucerne. It is encircled by the regional mountains of Rigi, Staserhorn, and Pilatus.


The view of the mountains, lakeside view, and the cool weather all add up to the beauty of this city which keeps attracting tourists throughout the year. There are no. of bridges in this city as the river Reuss passes through the city and drains the lake.


Chapel Bridge is one such famous and oldest 200m long wooden bridge. The inner view of the bridge depicts the historic paintings of Lucerne. Museghmauer is a wall constructed to protect the city in the 14th century and it is also one of the attractions in this city. Another such attraction is The twin towers of the Church of St. Leodegar.


4. Basel

Basel city is so situated that it forms a bend in the Rhine river. This city is roughly situated on the touchpoint of German, French, and Swiss borders. It is one of the beautiful cities and the river Rhine adds to the natural beauty of the city.


The city is blessed with beautiful natural scenery. Across Switzerland, Basel has a greater number of museums. This place is worth visiting during the Spring season as you get to witness the beautiful cherry trees blooming. You will also find some traditional and modern shops in this city.


5. Zermatt

Zermatt is situated in the southern part of Switzerland and at the foot of Matterhorn which is one of the snow-capped highest peaks. It offers activities like skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, mountain biking, etc. to its visitors.


You can also spend your day shopping and having street food. Bahnhofstrasse is the main street. The other attractions like Matterhorn Museum and Mountaineer’s cemetery are quite famous. The city runs on only electric and solar-powered buses hence you will not find any cars, trains, etc. You will find people either on bike or walking.


6. Interlaken


Interlaken is situated in Bernese Oberland between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz and it is the gateway to the famous Jungfrau region. Interlaken is known for its mountainous scenic beauty. It has 2 rail stations, the main one is Interlaken Ost and the other one is Interlaken West which is smaller.


These stations provide transport facilities like trains, boats, and buses. If you want a close view of the Alps then you must definitely visit Jungfraujoch and Schilthorn. Jungfraujoch is an expensive excursion but it is unique and worth the expense. There are two ways to reach there via Lauterbrunnen or via Grindelwald.


It is one of the highest train stations in Europe and one of the major attractions which is at 3454 m above sea level. From Schilthorn you can get a 360-degree view of Bernese Oberland. It is at an altitude of 2970 m.


7. Glacier Express


Glacier Express is the king of all trains. It is referred to as the slowest train in the world as it passes through valleys having small widths, approx 291 bridges, firmly closed curves, and 91 tunnels.  While your journey it will take you through bridges and tunnels and across the beautiful landscape.


It reaches 2033 m above sea level which is the highest point while heading towards Oberalppass. It is an eight-hour journey from Zermatt to St. Moritz. The scenery is worth watching during the winter and spring seasons as there is lots of snow during these seasons. During the ride, you can witness the beautiful snow-capped mountains, awesome rock formation, fierce stream, etc.


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Switzerland Tour FAQ’s

1.Is Switzerland an expensive country?
The answer is Yes. It is an expensive country hence many people don’t have this country on their bucket list. Zurich and Geneva are the most expensive cities in Switzerland. But the beauty of this country and the experience of Glacier Express is worth the expense.
2.What is the best time to visit Switzerland?
The best time to visit Switzerland is in the month of April to June and from September to October i.e in winters and spring season as the weather is quite pleasant during this time. The accommodation and flight tickets are also cheaper in this months.
3.What is the currency used in Switzerland?
Swiss Francs is the currency exchanged in this country however money can also be exchanged at any banks or train station. Euro is accepted by supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, railway ticket machine and the change is given in Swiss Francs.
4.Is Switzerland a safe country to travel?
Yes Switzerland is a very safe country to travel. You can even travel alone to this place, it’s that safe. You have to beware of pickpockets otherwise this country ranks low in violent crime.
5.What languages are spoken in Switzerland?
Switzerland doesn’t have any particular language to communicate but the locals communicate in Swiss-German, Romansh, Italian and French.
6.How hygienic is Switzerland?
There is no problem in having food and water from anywhere in this country as the restaurants are controlled by strict rules. You can drink water from any tap in this country even from the public fountain.
7.What is one stop shop for visitors in Switzerland?
Though Switzerland is quite expensive it is famous for watches, Swiss Army knives, cheese and chocolates.