How to get a UK Visa From India


The UK is a popular destination among Indians to visit for holidays or to visit family and friends or just to travel and explore the beautiful city or countryside. Along with preparing an itinerary and making bookings for your trip, getting a Visa is of topmost priority hence it is necessary to get a detailed description of how to get a UK Visa from India and the procedure that goes into processing a UK Visitor Visa for Indians. This visa is also called the Standard Visit Visa.


So how to get a UK Visa from India?


  • Filling up the Application Form – the first step is to fill your application form. Make sure all the details entered are correct since incorrect information can lead to visa rejection. If you need help, you can contact us at and our visa consultants can help fill up your form for you. However, note that the agency charges a small service fee for this.


  • Payment for the Visa Processing Fee – after your form is filled, you will need to make the payment online via debit/credit card. The amount will depend on the visa duration you have applied for.


  • Getting your Document Checklist ready – there is a list of documents needed which is termed as document checklist (listed below). You need to keep all these documents ready to support your visa application. You will need to carry originals and copies while you visit the VFS center on your scheduled appointment day.


  • Visa Processing – it generally takes around 2weeks to process the visa. That is the reason it is always good that your application gets submitted at least 3weeks before you can depart from India.


  • Collection of Documents – once the filling process is done, an acknowledgment will be issued and it needs to be shown when you go for documents when submission.


  • Visa Status – you will be notified about the status of your application within 3weeks of filling it.


UK Visa Rules For Indians


  • Keep additional documents handy like hotel bookings, flight bookings (tentative is allowed), passport copies, etc. These aid in making your visa application stronger.


  • When you go for the interview, carry printed copies of your passport, visa application form which needs to be duly signed by you, and the visa fee receipt as well.


  • It depends on you but it is always advisable to apply and carry UK Travel Insurance. It will help protect you from any unforeseen situations as you travel. You can purchase it online.


  • There will be no refund for visa application fees If your application gets rejected. It is best to avoid this by being careful at every step.


  • Your application can get rejected if your passport has an expiry lesser than 6months of validity. It needs to have a minimum of 6month validity.


  • One can apply for this visa maximum of 3months before the departure date.


  • Take note of the GWF Number on your application. It is essential at appointment time.


  • You will also need to submit your biometric details at your appointment center which includes a digital face photograph and your fingerprints. It will be taken there.


  • Biometrics are necessary otherwise your visa won’t be processed.


  • You can apply for a priority visa service to get your visa faster. But that will cost you a little extra money depending on the package you choose.


  • The officer will go through your documents and ask questions based on them during the interview.


  • These are the basic rules you will need to bear in mind on how to get a UK Visa from India.


Details needed:


Your Personal details


Travel dates


Accommodation details


Approximate trip costs


Your annual income


Home address and duration of stay


Parents details


Other country travel details according to the passport


Employment details


Sponsorship details if any


Personal information of any family in the UK


Partners details if any


Immigration, civil or criminal offenses details committed if any


Rejection of UK Visa


Getting your visa rejected is of utmost concern to any applicant. The rate at which visas are getting rejected is very high nowadays. There are many reasons that visas tend to be rejected. These include:


  • You do not have a proper reason to return to your country


  • Your documents are invalid


  • You falsely claim any piece of information


  • A weak balance in your bank account


  • If the applicant has a criminal record


  • Unable to prove employment in the home country


How to avoid visa rejection?


  • Make sure your documents are all there and are valid


  • Avoid showing that you are facing any issues


  • Avoid making mistakes in the form


  • State everything truthfully


  • Apply for necessary health insurance


  • Maintain a sufficient bank balance


The applicant can choose to re-apply for a visa after getting rejected. This can be done as soon as the earlier visa got rejected or on completion of the appeal process. This appeal procedure takes around 12weeks. It goes up to the judge who takes a decision. If it is agreed with, the applicant needs to fill everything all over again. To avoid your application from getting rejected again, make sure to fill in all relevant information correctly.


Document checklist for UK Visa




  • Original passport


  • Visa application


  • Document checklist


  • Savings account statement


  • Electricity bill


  • Cover letter


  • ITR for 3 years or Form 16 for 3 years


  • 3months salary slip


  • Bank statement (6months & attested by the bank)


  • Leave letter/NOC


  • Joining/employment letter


  • Rent agreement proof


  • Invitation application


  • Any other financial documents (Fixed Deposits or Property Papers)


  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)


  • Rent Agreement (if applicable)


Note: Above list of documents may differ after checking all your documents.




  • Current bank account statement


  • Registration of company certificate or proof-like GST or establishment


  • Partnership status


  • Savings account statement (6months & attested by the bank)


  • Electricity bill


  • ITR (precisely minimum 3 years) even for partnership and private limited company. But if under proprietorship then the company


  • owner’s ITR will do.


  • Rent agreement proof




  • Sponsorship letter


  • Sponsor’s passport


  • Employment proof/document


  • Savings account statement of a sponsor (6months & attested by the bank)


  • Electricity bill


  • Rent agreement proof




  • Offer letter/contract proof


  • Savings account statement (6months & attested by the bank)


  • Electricity bill


  • Rent agreement proof




  • Original NOC letter from school or college along with ID Card copy


  • Original NOC letter from parents


  • ITR for 3years


  • Bank Statement of 6months


SPONSOR IS RESIDING IN LONDON (working or citizen with Indian passport)


  • Invitation/sponsor letter


  • Passport


  • Residence proof like electricity bill


  • Bank statement (6months & attested by the bank)


  • Employment proof


  • Council tax bill



Types of Tourist Visa:



6months – Single/Multiple Entry, Consulate fees, Service charges, all taxes (10,750INR)


2years – Multiple Entry, Consulate fees, Service charges, all taxes (34,500INR)


5years – Multiple Entry, Consulate fees, Service charges, all taxes (68,000INR)


10years – Multiple Entry, Consulate fees, Service charges, all taxes (98,000INR)


The Visa is applicable for visiting family and friends, leisure and tourism, for medical reasons as well as other non-business activities.

T&C – rates differ as per season charges to get a UK Visa from India.


Processing UK Tourist Visa from India during Covid


Since the situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better, services at VFS Global have resumed but not on a large scale. There are schedules to follow and the agency is taking a limited amount of visas for processing.


The visa centers can open only after the Embassy or Consulate approves of re-opening. Since they have now, they are taking precautions to ensure that the staff is not at risk too. Although it has not been an easy time, they are giving services.


Interviews are being conducted but at a precautionary rate. If you are scheduled for an interview, make sure not to cause any inconvenience but be present at least half an hour prior. Comply with all the necessary rules laid down at the center.


Going to a new country as a tourist, make sure you are well aware of the rules. Read all the rules that need to be followed when you reach the UK. You may have to quarantine yourself for 14days.


All in all, make sure to stay safe and well aware of the process all the way through.