How to process USA Visa From India


The United States of America comprising rapidly grew for urban tourism and New York is the most visited destination followed by Los Angeles, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Chicago. Visitors visiting the US need to have a US Visa.


Visiting the US once is always in the bucket list for the Indians but getting through for the visa is the most important and the deciding factor wherein many Indians fail to get through.


Applying for the US visa requires the applicant to know the eligibility which includes holding a valid passport, good financial status, social ties, employment status, and the purpose of the visit to the US.


How to apply for the visa?


The Visa process for the US is time-consuming as it takes around 45 days in all to get the visa. Before starting on filling up the visa form you need to have all the details beforehand. DS-160 form is filled online, after that next step will be payment, and scheduling two appointments one for biometrics & another for an interview.


Biometrics appointments are available easily but the interview date is almost 25 -30 days later after the submission of the form. Hence applying the visa must be planned accordingly.


Process for the US visa


  • The first step is to fill the online form DS-160 that includes the details of the applicant’s passport, family, employment, finance, education, travel history, travel plans, and inviter’s details if any.


  • DS-160 is filled on the US Department of State Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website and visitors need to select the Non-Immigrant B1/B2 category.


  • DS-160 can be filled in parts it is not mandatory to fill the entire form at once but you need to note down the reference number once you start filling the form as it will help log in to the website later for completing the form, payment, and scheduling the appointment.


  • Once the form is filled make sure to recheck it and verify if all the details mentioned are correct and true as once submitted you won’t be allowed to make any changes.


  • The next step will be to submit the form, on submission of the form US Immigration fees of INR -11520/- is to be paid online. On making the payment receipt number will be generated which needs to be saved as that will be used for scheduling an appointment.


  • The applicant needs to schedule two appointments, one for biometrics at the VFS center and another one at the Consulate/Embassy for the interview.


  • On the day of the biometrics, appointment the applicant needs to carry the original passports, DS-160 form, appointment letter, and payment receipt.


  • On the visa interview day, you need to carry the original passport, DS-160 form, biometrics receipt, appointment letter, and all other required documents as per the application. Make sure to reach 15 minutes prior to the appointment timings.


  • All the answers given during the interview must be true and correct any false or misleading answers may lead to rejection of the visa.


  • If you clear the interview the consular will collect the passport and inform you that the visa is approved. In case if the visa gets rejected passport will be returned immediately.


  • If the visa is approved applicant needs to wait for 4 -5 working days to get the visa stamped. The passport needs to be collected from the VFS center or can opt for the courier service.


  • Children below the age of 14 and senior citizens above the age of 80 years are not required to appear for biometrics or interview.


Documents required for US Visa for Indians.


  • Original Passport (Current & Expired)


  • Cover Letter addressing to the US Consulate


  • Bank Statement


  • Income tax returns


  • Employment Proof


  • Retirement letter if retired


  • College/School ID Card, Fee Receipt of the current academic year


  • Travel Itinerary


  • Hotel Booking


  • Visiting family/friends – Invitation letter, Passport copy, Green Card/Valid Visa, residence & employment proof.


Documents required for Employed Applicants


  • Offer Letter/ Appointment Letter


  • Leave Letter/NOC from the company


  • Salary slips


Documents required for Self Employed Applicants


  • Cover Letter on the company letterhead with stamp and sign


  • Income Tax Returns


  • Company Bank Statement – Attested


Documents required from Sponsor


  • Sponsorship Letter


  • Proof of Relation, Passport Copy


  • Bank Statement


  • Income Tax Returns


  • Employment proof


Photo Specifications


  • Dimension must 2-inch x 2 inch


  • Not be older than 6 months


  • Color Photo.


  • Face visible with hair tied behind and ears must be visible


  • White Background & matt finish


  • 80% face coverage


  • Glasses to be avoided


US Visa Renewal


  • All those applicants who already had the US visa and need to renew it in the same category are not required to appear for the biometrics or interview but the applicant needs to apply for the renewal either 6 months before the expiry or within 1 year after the visa expiry date.


  • Renewal visa applicants are required only to fill up the DS-160 form on the US Department of State Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website, make the payment of INR 11,520/- and schedule the appointment for the dropbox.


  • However, for certain cases consulate may ask to appear for the interview.


  • While visiting the VFS for dropbox applicant needs to carry original Passports, copy of DS-160, 2 Photographs, Appointment receipt.


  • Visa will be received within 5 – 6 working days and can either be collected from the VFS center or opt for courier service


US Visa Fees


Visa Type Purpose Stay Period Validity Fees
B2 Tourist/ Visit 06 Months 10 years 11,520
B2 Renewal – Tourist / Visit 06 Months 10 Years 11,520


Points to remember


  • Details filled in the DS-160 form must be true and correct.


  • Documents submitted must be genuine. Fake or misleading documents will lead to the rejection of the visa.


  • Any of the incomplete documents or incomplete information provided will delay the process of the visa. Hence it is necessary to take proper guidance before applying for a visa.


  • US visa refusal may cause a problem for applying for other visas as well as a US visa.


  • Make sure to start the application at least 90 days before your intended travel date.


  • Visa received is generally for 10 years multiple entries however applicant cannot stay in the US for more than 6 months on each visit.


US Visa application is done through the DS-160 form and the applicant is required to visit the VFS center for biometrics and the US Consulate/Embassy for an interview with the consular. Visa charges are INR 11,520/-