How to Successfully Apply for the UK Visa


Today, the UK stands as a great place for all visitors, and if you are not a British or national citizen of one of the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), it is very possible that you need a UK Visa to be granted entrance. The UK Visa For Indians is the official authorization for people who wish to travel or settle in the United Kingdom. This entry authorization certificate is placed in the passport or travel document.


The job of the British immigration or visa officer is to decide whether the applicant complies with the entry requirements before moving to the United Kingdom. This visa will inform the immigration officer at the port of entry in the United Kingdom about the purpose of your trip, the authorized period of stay, and the date when you can enter the United Kingdom.


Those who Need The UK Visa Online


The term ” Visa Nationals ” covers those persons who require a visa each time they wish to enter the United Kingdom, although it is possible that some may “be in transit, without a visa.” For Indians, you would also need the UK Visa For Indians. Also, as a general rule, you can leave and enter the United Kingdom as many times as you wish, as long as your visa is valid and in order.


Types of UK Visas


Visa for tourist stays This as a short-term visa that allows for tourism visits only. Taking up a job or studying is not allowed with this visa.


Visa for business travel:


This type of visa allows for short-term stays for participation in business meetings or conferences, trade fair visits and for truck drivers delivering goods. Taking up a job or studying is not allowed with this visa as well.


Visa for language travel: This visa serves for those who desire to travel to the UK for a language holiday of up to 11 months and do not want to work there at the same time.


Tier 1 visa: This is a visa for highly qualified people who want to work in the UK. It also serves entrepreneurs and investors.


Tier 2 work visa: This is a visa for qualified persons with a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS).


Tier 4 student visa: This is a visa for long-term stays for study purposes, with a limited work permit. Upon application, a valid Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) must be submitted.


Tier 5 visa: This is a visa for internships, short-term work, athletes, entertainers, artists as well as volunteer work for charitable purposes, with sponsorship certificate (COS).


Transit visa: This is a visa for people traveling to a third country via the UK. Travelers staying for 24 or 48 hours may be exempted from the visa requirement, provided they do not pass the border check.


Family visa: This free visa is issued only to foreign applicants who are married to, or have a first-degree relationship with an EU citizen and who can demonstrate a commonplace of residence with them. The visa is only valid if the applicant and his spouse/child travel together to the UK and leave together. To a limited extent, it is possible to work or study with this visa.


Family visit visa: This is a visa for applicants who wish to visit family members in the UK.


How to Apply?


To apply, you must complete the application form for the UK Visa Online and then obtain a printout. Once completed and printed, you must deliver it to the British representation of your country together with:

• An original passport (without passport cover), on which will be affixed the visa

• A copy of pages 2 and 3 of the passport (on A4 sheet)

• If you do not have a sponsor in the UK, you will need to make a dated and signed letter confirming that you do not have a sponsor in the UK.

• An identity photo in color and on a light background, to be glued or stapled on the application form

• A copy of a confirmation of the flights of entry and exit of the UK

• A copy of a hotel booking confirmation covering at least 2 nights


Keep in mind that the documents that are requested (requirements for visa application) are not optional, and the Visa Officer will rely on the documents you provide on the day and time of making your request to make a decision. The officer may also ask you to bring other documents that may not be listed but are necessary for him to make a decision about your request.


Also, you must bring originals and copies of all your documents. If you do not bring the copies, the originals will not be returned to you. As a matter of necessity, you must read the application form carefully and ensure that it’s correctly filled. If it was filled on your behalf, its best to verify the information before taking it to the embassy since errors in the data can cause problems in your visa application.


UK Visa Fees


Upon submitting the above-listed documents, you must pay the UK Visa Fees and wait for a Visa Officer to make a decision regarding your application. If the Officer needs more information, he will return in a fixed time to present an interview. In most cases, a decision is made on the same day.


The UK Visa Fees usually include the VAT, and if applying through an agency, the charges may vary due to contractual arrangements. For this, the fees would be exclusive of all other service and consular fees. This may also include the application package, translation, and completion of the online application form, printout of applications and appointments, as well as a list of documents to be brought to the appointment, and all cover letters.


The total price of your order depends on the services you requested This may also include the application package, translation, and completion of the online application form, printout of applications and appointments, as well as a list of documents to be brought to the appointment, and all cover letters. The total price of your order depends on the services you requested and the number of travelers. The fees are additional to consular fees, fees for the consular provider and for third-party providers.


With regards to the requirements above, be sure that you:


Have clearly answered all the questions required in the form (s)


Have written with LEGIBLE LETTER and with black ink.


Have signed and dated the form /s, in the place where it is requested.


All the corroborative documents that you submit are original documents.


Have submitted your application with sufficient time, although, as a rule, no more than 3 months, before you must make your trip, unless you are applying for residence in the United Kingdom.


Where should I make the request?


In general, you must apply for authorization to enter the British diplomatic mission in the country where you normally and legally reside. This is particularly important when your application is related to your stay in the United Kingdom for a long time or with your residence in the United Kingdom. If your stay in the country where the application is made is only temporary, the UK visa office may not accept your request, or it may take too long before a decision on your application is made.


In the event that you must travel a long distance to reach the British Embassy, please contact the visa office before starting your trip, in order to be provided with important information that may affect you and to avoid setbacks if the documents you submit are not complete.


What Happens When I Apply?


The entry authorization officer (Visa Officer) will verify if you have provided all the information necessary to make a decision. If not, you may be asked to return with additional information before your request is accepted.


In some missions, it may happen that the entry authorization officer considers that your application is likely to be unsuccessful, he will offer you the opportunity to withdraw it before you pay the UK Visa Fees. This procedure is called ‘selection,’ and you have no obligation to accept his advice. If you choose to go ahead, your request will be received, and you will be provided with the corresponding receipt.


Will I Need An Interview?


The entry authorization officer may wish to ask you some additional questions about your application and make a new interview, which, if possible, will take place on the same day you submit your application.


Verify your Visa


When you are given the UK visa, you must verify it, checking that your personal information is correct, that it allows you to travel when you wish, and that it is for the purposes for which you wish to visit the United Kingdom. You can also request that the visa be for a later date (maximum of three months), when you do not intend to travel immediately.


What happens if I am denied the Visa?


93% of applicants from around the world receive the visa they have requested. In the event that you are denied a visa, the reasons why your visa was denied will be explained to you in writing. In order to make all decisions fair and in accordance with the Immigration Rules of the United Kingdom, the Director of Entry Authorization (Consul) would conduct a review of the denied requests in the space of 24 hours.


In certain cases, you will have the right to appeal against the decision. At the time you are notified that your visa has been denied, you will be informed if you have the right to appeal, and if so, you will be advised on how to make the appeal. In the event that you have previously been denied a visa, you can still make a new application. However, if the reasons for the refusal have not changed, you may be denied again.


Information for the entry of minors


Please note that border guards may require proof of guardianship or consent of all guardians to prevent the possibility of child abduction by a guardian or unauthorized removal of the child from the guardian. This applies in particular to the entry of minors traveling with a guardian of a different surname or without a legal guardian. In that regard, the inclusion of appropriate documents or cover letter is recommended.


In all, the UK is a wonderful destination which never ceases to impress its visitors. Today, this destination tends to welcome a large number of people daily, and as a result, the authorities have put in place a relatively flexible visa policy that allows nationals of many countries to enter easily. As an Indian who desires to visit the UK, you ought to possess the UK Visa For Indians as earlier highlighted as well.


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