Legoland Theme Park


We all have heard about the game LEGO and some of us had even played with it. The game is manufactured by the Lego group. The game is a plastic construction, an interlocking plastic brick which creates mini-figures and other creativities like vehicles, building, robot, etc.


The pieces of construction can be remodeled, by breaking the model and reusing it to make a new thing. The Lego group is in Billund, Denmark. It’s a private company.


Not just the Lego game but the group also has online services, an online store, an instruction booklet for all the Lego sets.


There is also the networking site in which the user needs to complete the tasks and he will be rewarded with a badge, blueprints, ranks, etc. the next is the theme park.


There is a theme park which is called LEGOLAND and is operated by the Merlin Entertainment Group, a British theme park company. The main focus of Legoland is on the construction of the toy system, Lego.


There are a total of eight Lego amusement parks. The first was built in Billund, Denmark in the year 1968. The second was in the Windsor named Legoland Windsor resort in 1996.


Later on in Germany, Japan, Legoland MalaysiaLegoland Dubai, California, and Florida.


Legoland is especially focusing on families with children under 11 age. There are roller coasters in Legoland. It is designed in a way that children be able to sit and enjoy the rides. All the Legoland park has a mainland, a model village.


The Legoland Malaysia


The Malaysia Legoland starts with the ticketing and the passes once you collect the tickets and the passes you may proceed with other things. While you enter Legoland Malaysia you will find different shops like a mini-market where you will get personal and handy stocks to keep you refreshing, the big shop is where you will get all the Lego toy sets even the merchandise like mugs, sweatshirt, and many more.


It is the largest shop which is located beyond the main entrance, the brick shop where you will find Coll and excellent kinds of stuff with a wide range of Lego sets and accessories.


The café where you will get all the refreshing items. From freshly baked cakes to sweet dessert everything is available in the café.


After shopping and getting refreshed the next you may go to the Lego technic section. In this section, there is a wide range of things you can do and enjoy. The aqua zone where you will enjoy the surfing and the thrilling water bombs.


Asian Deli here you will get the delighted and the delicious meal such as nasi lemak, Assam laksa, chicken curry as well as roasted chicken wings, and many other items.


Cool hut after eating and enjoying the water surfing you will be thirsty so here is where you will get drinks that you want like milkshakes, juices, frozen drinks, and ice kukang.


There is also Lego academy and the Lego Mindstorms where you will get an educational workshop in the fully air-conditioned room. It is quite entertaining. In Mindstorms, you will get a chance to create a Lego robot.


This will give you some excitement as well as a thrilling experience. Getting worked up at the Lego academy and the Lego Mindstorms here comes something thriller technic twister and the great Lego race.


In technic twister, you enjoy the speed of the coaster with a mixture of slow and fast and spinning in a circle. In the great Lego race, you will experience a combination of a roller coaster with VR technology. The coaster with VR headgear will give you the virtual experience of going up ad down, back and forth.





The next section is lego kingdom in this you will find different types of castle experiences you will get a feeling of being a king or a queen in this section of Legoland Malaysia.


There is a small restaurant-type shop which is called castle fried chicken where you will get a tasty fried chicken and popcorn chicken. It’s a specialty of this section.


Then comes a castle stage in which you will enjoy the music and dance. Next is dragon apprentice which is specially designed for the children in the shape of a dragon which gives them a thrilling as well as the best experience of a dragon.


Experience the foods of the king in the king’s grill and get refreshed and energetic. Then comes the king’s market in which you will all the royal outfit, merchandise for the handsome and beautiful prince and princess, and the royal accessories.


Then there is the merlin challenge, the royal joust, the dragon in which the children will experience the thriller, victory, and a twisting journey. The last thing in this section comes to the forest-men hideout. Guests who love adventure and thriller at the same time than they should try this out.


The next section is the imagination. In this section, there are lots of music and movie you will get to experience. In this, there are build and test, DUPLO express, Duplo play town, kids tower power, Lego studio, observation tower, and pizza mania.


The next section island of adventure. In this, you will get back to the time of dinosaur and pharaoh. Here are adventure’s depot, beetle bounce, burger junction, dino island, lost kingdom adventure, and pharaoh’s revenge.



you will learn and experience boating in the boating school, driving in the driving school, driving school retail shop, junior driving school, be pilot in the Lego city airport, enjoying a live performance on the lego city stage.


Experiencing the train journey in the Legoland express. Dining in the market restaurant where you will have a wide range of options from pasta to fried chicken.  There is also resue academy, snack corner, stage shop, and the shipyard.


On the mainland, all the famous masterpieces are showed in 17 Asian countries like Singapore’s merlin, twin tower, taj mahal, and even Johor’s unique landmark are Made up Of 30 million lego bricks.


Experience and learn the new techniques of ninja at the Lego Ninjago World. Apart from these, there is also a Legoland water park and Legoland hotel in Legoland Malaysia.


Legoland Dubai        


Legoland Dubai was opened on 31st October 2016. The theme park was originally scheduled to open in the year 2011 but it got delayed and opened in 2016. It is the first Legoland that opened in the middle east. This theme park is quite similar to Legoland Malaysia.


Beetle bounce, boating school, build and test, dragon apprentice, Duplo express, kid power tower, city airport, Lego Mindstorms, Lego technic twister, merlin challenge, Pharaoh’s revenge, and  rescue academy these are the similar rides and themes to the Legoland Malaysia


Legoland Dubai has more rides and themes that are different from others. That is Duplo valley, this place is for the toddlers to play and run around. It consists of small slides and colorful houses, Duplo animal farms which are oversize.


In the factory tour, you will get a chance to learn hoe the Lego is produced and you can receive a set of your Lego bricks. Lego friends clubhouse is an air-conditioned indoor themed place for the children to make friends and experience all the products of Lego.


Lego master builder academy is another indoor learning workshop where you can make your own Lego model and learn something new. In Lego studios 4D you will watch movies in 4D with special effects.


Lost kingdom adventure, finding the treasure, and eliminating the other person with a laser gun on riding car. Unleash your skills and get the treasures.


Seaport is a playground for the children. It’s a marine-shaped playground, where children can run, walk, play.


There is plenty of places for parents to sit and watch their children playing. Take the underwater adventure in the Submarine adventure. It’s a family adventure space.


You can see 100s of different types of fishes, and sharks. The police headquarters is an indoor area with fully air-conditioned.


This place is for all age groups of children. The theme in this area is lego city and you can help the police to capture the thieves. The last in Legoland Dubai is wave racer in this you have to ride the ski and have to dodge the surprise water bombs.


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