This privacy policy applies to the use you make of our website, Fly for Holidays and our offered services as listed in our Terms and Conditions. This does not apply to any kind of third party websites that might be linked to them. It also does not apply to any kind of relationship you have established with suppliers or vendors who are listed on our website.


The following terms- WE, OUR, US refers to Fly for Holidays and YOU, YOUR, USER, CLIENT, CUSTOMER, GUEST refers to you, a person who uses our website. The term PERSONAL INFORMATION means all the information you provide us with which we collect and store that is associated with your identification such as name, mobile number, address, email id and other such personal data tied to this information. The procedures related to the use of such information and its collection are also stated to ensure safe utilization of our website for you.


We have applied security practices that are equivalent with the information being protected with the management of our business. We make sure that our security is of a higher standard in comparison to normal industry standards. But due to certain unguarded environments of the internet, we cannot ensure 100% security of the information given to us by you. By accessing our website, you are acknowledged to be bound by our privacy policy and you give us your consent that whatever personal information is given to us by you will be collected, used, processed and shared according to the rules laid down by us. In case you disagree with it, we ask you not to avail our services nor access our website.


It is essential to let you know that although our terms and conditions are separate they still form a vital part of our website and should be jointly read with our privacy policy.


All information provided by the guest is kept confidential and only necessary information is given to the airline and hotels. If any law or government authority over the company asks to disclose any information, we shall do it with your knowledge.



The basic information we need to collect from you is your name, email id and mobile number. The rest important information comes when you hand over your documents like passport, address proof and that is kept confidential until it is needed by the booking authorities but is done under your agreement. We also make use of your email id to send you updates, newsletters, new offers only if you subscribe for it. There is always the choice of unsubscribing later on but you need to inform us about it. If on email, you can unsubscribe on the link attached at the bottom of the emails received from us. Suppose we start SMS services, if you do not want to receive any, you may contact us to cancel your name from the SMS alert list.




The information you give us acts like you have made an account with us and not the actual log in-log out account in real terms. We assure you with full confidence that your private information is fully secured by us and it won’t be made public to an outside/third party.


Only the necessary information which is needed is asked by us from you and if authorities need to use your information for purposes otherwise, we will ask for your approval before such use. The information collected will solely be used for the required services which you asked for, inform you about updates and offers, error corrections and otherwise detailed to you at the time of collecting the information.




Suppose you contact us for providing feedback, for queries, registering a complaint or any other reason, we will record any kind of personal information that you provide us with so that we can help respond constructively and help you out.




The complete website and its contents are owned by Fly for Holidays only. Our logo, services, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property is exclusively owned by us whether registered or not. You can neither display nor use our IP in any manner without our prior permission.




We do not forward any private information given by you to third parties apart from banks and any authority that might require the necessary information. They are only required to provide you the services you asked for and not to share anything beyond that.


There is a possibility of us sharing your personal information with our affiliates (joint ventures or parent company) now or in the future. In this case, we will need them to honor this privacy policy. If any other company obtains our company or our assets, they will gain possession over your information and need to abide by the rules and have the rights to the information as mentioned in the policy.


The only time that the need arises to disclose your provided information to a third party in good faith is when action needs to be taken if illegal activities are suspected, our terms and conditions and privacy policy needs to be enforced, search warrant or court order is a must due to legal processes or to ensure protection of our recognition, property or that of the public making use of our services. We are refrained from questioning the validity of any legal or governmental requests.




When it comes to third party, they are merely provided for your needs and are not a part of any sponsor or partnership with our company and hence we don’t share any of your private information to them. Although their privacy policies may be different from ours, you ought to read their policies too.




As you agree with this policy and use our services on Fly for Holidays, we have the chance of making changes and modifying your personal information and preferences before we can proceed with document processing or making payments.




All the personal information provided by you is kept confidential and protected by us. We restrict or limit any information given to the vendors and suppliers who needs to use it for their bookings and other necessities. By reading this policy, you acknowledge that we are not responsible for any intercepted information that is sent via the net, and no claims can be made by you regarding or relating to the use of such information in an unofficial system.




Our privacy policy can change at no specific time without notice. Hence you need to review this policy often to become aware of the changes made. These changes will be functional for those already using our services and even for fresh applicants. Note to remember: you are entirely responsible for updating your own personal information in case you make changes and need to update us with your new email id and mobile number. Suppose you have continued using our services after changes have been made to the privacy policy, we shall consider that you have agreed to the changes made and are bound by its terms and conditions.




If you face any issues and wish to complain regarding breach of confidentiality or in relation to your personal information or website content, you need to give in writing or email the company at the earliest. The same applies for complaints after tour completion. However, if you wish to do so, it needs to be done within a 7day period and after 7 days no complaints will be entertained by us.


Page Last Updated: 15th January 2019