Australia – The home of the Kangaroo and beautiful land that is both a nation and continent and have found in the recent past. Being one of the most developed nations across the whole world. By being the most developing country India shares a good international relationship with Australia.

Australia visa for Indians plays an important role when you plan to travel to Australia for tourism purposes.


Australia Tourist Visa- Fly For Holidays


Australia is surrounded by and made up of many islands and this natural phenomenon attracts thousands of international visitors to the country and Indians are one of them. Its beautiful landscapes, wildlife, culture, heritage, tradition, music, food, and many other things are all significant reasons why travelers crave Australia. Australia is a country that demands very fewer efforts for Indian and other international guests to enter their geographical boundary legally, as compared to other countries.


How to Apply Australia Tourist Visa for Indians?


Online Australia Visa application for Australia tourist Visa for Indians is a hassle to proceed with. To follow the Australia Tourist Visa procedure or also known Australia Visa Subclass 600 carefully, it is important to take the help of trusted Visa agents. Fly For Holidays can help you in the entire Australia Tourist Visa process from filing an online Australia Tourist Visa application to submission of all the required documents for Australia Tourist Visa online which can reduce the chances of a Rejection of Australia Tourist Visa in India. It’s not an easy task to fill out an online Australia Visa application form for a Visitor Visa Australia.

It takes a proper analysis of Visa cases along with careful procedures while filling up a piece of appropriate information. A minor mistake can cause major legal issues and sometimes rejection of Australia Visa application. So it is always suggested to take the help of trusted Visa agents to apply for Australia tourist Visa.

However, It is important to follow Australia Tourist Visa guidelines while filling out an online Tourist Visa application form. It is also important to have proper scanning of all the documents for Australia Visa for Indian.


Australia tourist Visa requirements


Here is a list of Australia tourist Visa requirements for applying for Australia tourist visa for Indians.


Mandatory Documents – Visitor Visa Australia 

  • Online Application Form.
  • Personal documents.
  • Scanned Copy of all the pages of a passport.
  • Scanned color photograph with 35×45 mm, white background, and matt finish view and should have 80% face covered with a clear view.
  • Purpose of the visit.
  • Last 6 months’ attested bank statement
  • Any other financial documents
  • Income Tax Returns – 3 Years
  • Last 3 months’ salary slip
  • Leave letter / NOC
  • Offer letter / Appointment letter
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Accommodation


Invitees Documents

  • Evidence of relationship with inviter.
  • Scanned passport copy of the inviter.
  • Inviter’s employment status in Australia.
  • Tax papers of the inviter.
  • Residential proof of an inviter.
  • Invitation letter from an inviter with the stated valid reason behind the invite.


Sponsored Trip

  • Scanned Passport copy of sponsor.
  • Sponsorship letter mentioning the reason for sponsoring.
  • Employment proof
  • Bank statement for the last 3 months
  • Tax Papers
  • Residence Proof



What is the Process of Applying for Australia Tourist Visa?


While applying Visitor Visa Australia from India, it is important to carefully upload all the Australia tourist Visa requirements in the form of scan copies. After successful submission of the documents for the Australia Tourist Visa and payment of Australia Tourist Visa fees, you will receive an e-mail immediately, from Australian Immigration acknowledging your application.

Once an Australia Tourist Visa application has been received an applicant has to wait as the processing time for Australia tourist Visa is 10-14  working days for the final decision until the Visa application for Australia tourist Visa for Indians is done.

one will again receive a final e-mail for the successful approval of his Australia Tourist Visa application, from the Australian immigration with visa details.

An applicant just needs to take a color print of that visa and carry it along with them. With a valid Visitor Visa Australia/Visa subclass 600 one can stay a maximum of 180 days. However, the validity of Australia tourist Visa stay will be decided by the Australian consulate as per the reason to visit Australia.


Places to Visit for Tourists in Australia.

You can take a visit to many holidays destination during your Australia visits such as Sydney, Melbourne, Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Adelaide, Great Ocean Road, Byron Bay, Hobart, Canberra, Rottnest Island, and many other small and big popular destinations and can make your Australia journey memorable.


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