Sweden Tourist Visa


Sweden is said to be quite a friendly land with its small housing cottages and vast wilderness. It is the largest of all countries located in the heart of Scandinavia. Home to some big brands like Ikea and Volvo, Sweden calls its visitors to spend their holidays exploring the dense mountains in the north and the golden beaches of the south. Indians visiting Sweden requires valid Sweden visa for Indians


There are seven major cities here and each one boasts of its style of culture, architecture, and history.


Sweden is known as one of the most welcoming countries in entire Europe.  It has wondrous countryside worth visiting and in comparison, to other European countries, Sweden is more forested and filled with thousands of lakes.


The marvelous panoramic views that are never-ending along with the majestic waterfalls found here are the exotic beauty nature is proud of right here in this blessed country.


Sweden Visa processing time


The total time it takes for a Swedish tourist visa to get processed is 10-12days.


The Sweden Embassy is in Mumbai.


Visa validity


The validity for a tourist visa is a short-term visa. It is valid for a period of 6months with a staying period of 90days (single/multiple entries).


It is the same for a business visa.


Document checklist for Sweden Tourist Visa


Passport with a 6month validity


3 blank pages (minimum) and all old passports if any


Duly filled visa application form


2 colored photographs (as per strict requirements by the Govt. of Sweden)


Covering letter (if self-employed, then must have company letterhead)


6months bank statement


ITR for last 3years


Flight tickets


Hotel booking


Daily itinerary


Travel insurance (min. 30000EUR)


Document checklist (as per different criteria)


For employed


Certificate sanctioning leave with company seal and sign


3month salary slip


For self-employed


Business registration license/MOA/Partnership deed


6months bank statement of the company fully updated


For student


School, college, or institution ID card


Bonafide certificate


For retired


Proof of retirement like a bank statement, pension, etc.


For minor


Birth certificate


No objection certificate from parents or guardian


Parent’s ID proof like a passport or national identification card like PAN card


For visiting friends & relatives


An invitation letter stating permission to visit and stay with them in Sweden


Inviting party’s proof ID like residence permit or passport


Address proof (any household bill)


For business purpose


An invitation letter stating details of visitation and extra business details from host company


Covering letter from your own company on the company letterhead


If sponsored


Sponsorship letter


Sponsor’s ID proof like passport, PAN card


6month bank statement (updated)


ITR of last 3years


How to apply


Applying for a Sweden tourist visa with us is quite simple. We help you get your visa once you apply with us in the following steps:


  1. Contact Fly for Holidays for processing Sweden tourist visa. Provide us with all the details about your travel.
  2. Make the payment online and submit all documents.
  3. We shall fill the visa application form for you and verify all your documents.
  4. Thereafter, we book an appointment for you with the Embassy.
  5. On the given date, you attend the biometrics (fingerprints and photographs) and submit all documents at the Visa Application Center.
  6. Receive your visa and start preparing for your trip.


Important points to remember:


  • Answer all questions truthfully when asked by the visa immigration officer.


  • Make sure to leave the place before your visa expires.


  • Convince the officer that you have family back in India and you will be returning home before your visa expires.


  • Have sufficient funds to support your expenses in Sweden.


  • Check the status of your Sweden visa application online using the VFS reference number and your DOB at the track your application section on the website (Sweden VFS).


  • If a third party is collecting the passports from the visa center, only the immediate family members like parents, siblings, or children are permitted to collect them.


More about the Sweden Schengen Visa


The Sweden Schengen visa/tourist visa allows you to visit all Schengen countries for a duration of 90days only. In case you wish to extend beyond that duration, you will have to apply for a Sweden National visa.


But with this visa, you can travel to 25 countries on the Schengen visa list which includes Sweden. It is a sticker that is affixed onto your passport. The sticker also shows if you have applied for a single or multiple entry visa under the heading ‘number of entries’.


It is quite easy to get a visa to travel to Sweden irrespective of the category or the visa type.

Contact us to help you get your visa to Sweden today!