Top 5 beautiful hidden destinations in Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh is a stunning state amidst the snow-covered beautiful Himalayas. The entire state is as fresh and as striking as a painting. The state, its beauty, its unique culture, the breathtaking mountains, and ambience, everything altogether attracts huge number of tourists to it. There are a lot of wonderful places to visit in Himachal, but there are somethings not everyone knows. So, here are the five hidden destinations, that you must give a visit to, when in the state.


1. Khajjiar:

A mini Switzerland within Switzerland seems fascinating isn’t it? Khajjiar, a small hill station amid the huge abode of snow, is what being cited about. The lush green meadows all around from where you can see the mountains touching the sky, the coniferous forest behind which extends endlessly, the combination is absolutely rare. If you are in search for places to visit in Khajjiar, a small yet picturesque lake named Khajjiar Lake in the premise of the hill station and a stream cutting the rocks and pebbles as it flows through, will take you on a trip to a dreamland. Khajjiar is a place to fall in love with especially if you are a nature admirer.


2. Renukaji:


Renukaji is a prepossessing architectural marvel; a temple dedicated to Goddess Renuka Devi. This astounding temple is located just beside the Renuka Lake, whose waters are so clear, that you can find your own reflection on its surface. The crystal clean water is a backscatter of nature’s true beauty. The divinity of the temple and the serenity of a very calm lake, encircled with dense alpine meadows, is a spiritual pleasance to be felt. Renukaji is a place which will take away your mind and soul closer to God. It deserves a visit; nothing is more calming than this.


3. GadaGushaini:


GadaGushaini is a tiny picturesque village in a valley flanked by mountains. The village is a gateway to paradise. A stream flowing through the village is a reflection of what Mother Nature has created for us on Earth. The mirroring water and the chatter of the calm stream will take away all your worries and leave you be what you really are; a moment of tranquil is felt from within the heart at this place. Dip your feet in the water as you sit on the boulders and let nature talk to you. The description of what this place offers is beyond words.


4. Shoja:


Shoja is yet another staircase to the promise land. The beauty of this place will possess you in and out. If you wish to come closer to Himachal Pradesh, then this place is a must visit. The state can be known even better along with its culture and traditions at Shoja. There are small wooden cottages, where you can stay, sit by, or enjoy a cup of hot coffee while watching the sun set from behind the mist and snowy mountains into its cozy home.


5. Jibhi:


A panoramic phenomenal beauty, Jibhi is where a fairy tale comes true. Watch water from streams of may be large rivers take such small steps, generating soft foamy cloudy bubbles, which disappears in a moment. The entire village is an empyrean. In addition to this, the local food, drink and small eateries, serve you the best of this place.


No doubt Himachal is called a Sojourn of Snow. The entire state is a pleasure to eyes.