Top 5 Things to Do in Kanpur

Kanpur, the industrial capital and the third largest city of Uttar Pradesh is situated along the banks of Ganga River. The city is famous for its diverse industries being an important hub for textiles, electronics, leather, automobiles and more. Talking about the climate of the city, it is quite similar to the weather of New Delhi. In summer the temperature can go up to 48 degree Celsius and in winter it drops down to as much as 0 degree Celsius.


Besides having such climatic conditions, the city houses a lot of amazing places and thousands of tourists visit Kanpur every year to experience the mesmerizing beauty of the city. Below listed are the top sights to explore and the activities to enjoy in this gorgeous city.


1. Rejoice at Blue World Theme Park:

Of all the places that you visit in Kanpur, this place is surely the most fun! This place is also known as the Blue World Kanpur water park and offers amazing fun rides, water rides, and the food court to satisfy your hunger.  If you are visiting Kanpur, then the name of Blue World theme park should be in your what to do list. The laser and musical fountain show are also extremely enjoyable.


2. Get a glimpse of wildlife at Allen Forest Zoo:

If you are in Kanpur, Allen Forest Zoo, popularly known as the Kanpur Zoo is a perfect fun place where you can spend some refreshing time with your family. It is the largest open green space that you will find in Kanpur. It was founded by a member of the British Indian Civil Service, Sir Allen. It houses a beautiful lake, the forest of ancient trees and wild animals such as Asiatic lions, jaguar, Asian tiger and more. The zoo provides a train ride and a golf cart ride to travel around the zoo. Visit this place and spend some time with nature and animals.


3. Enjoy a nice family time at Moti Jheel:

This artificial and beautiful lake offers wonderful boat rides. Moti Jheel is an important reservoir for Kanpur’s drinking water. Its gardens and the children park have made it a perfect place for a family picnic and romantic strolls. For the food lover, they can enjoy mouthwatering North Indian foods here as well.


4. Participate in outdoor activities at Adventure Sports Club:

Are you a person who loves outdoor adventure activities? For you, Adventure Sports Club has a lot more options. The club which is started by a few students of IIT Kanpur who keep organizing different outdoor adventure activities like mountain biking, paragliding, rock and wall climbing, and more. If you are looking for a thrilling experience in Kanpur’s wilderness, just check their website for the latest adventurous trip and make your plan.


5. Enjoy shopping and leisure at Sisamau:

Located just around 5 km from Kanpur, this place is idea for those women who love to shop while on a trip. The Sisamau shopping center in Kanpur offers a variety of Indian women’s wear. You will get a wide collection of sarees, dupattas, salwar kameez and chicken fabrics in the shops located at Sisamau. So, get ready to spend some money here to buy some amazing stuff. While you are visiting Kanpur you should not miss these places.