Canada Student Visa From India


Indian Students dream of studying abroad and Canada ranks top in that list. These students are required to apply for Canada Student Visa which enables them to study there.

People often come here to spend quality time with their families as well. It is the best place to explore during winter to enjoy the ski and snowfall. Apart from studying and touring people also wants to settle down here or to own their businesses. But for everything you want to do in here you should have a Canada visa for Indians.

Canada Student Visa for Indians


Canada has been openly welcomed by everyone. There are numerous reasons why you should study in Canada and in what ways Canada is best for you. Degrees that you receive from Canadian universities have a very important meaning worldwide and the chances of jobs by having this Canadian degree are very high. Canada is the 1st place in the world that linked all the libraries and schoolwork to the internet. It is well disciplined in the field of education.


The degree courses are from all the specialization humanities, health, research, and technologies. Apart from these there are even specialized universities for English and French in which they offer lots of side activities like skiing and camping. Canadians are quite strict about education that is why their degree worth the degree of US and UK but at a lower cost than them. Not just the cost is important for studying abroad but safety is also important and Canada is one of the Safest Country in the world. The crime rate is very low here and they focus completely on student’s health and safety. So to be in Canada with this amazing and mesmerizing environment you need to have a Canada student visa


The Canadian government also helps people who have recently graduated or have a diploma certificate and looking for some work experience with some work programs. In scientific research, Canada is on 4th rank worldwide. So Canada is very strong in industries like engineering, digital media, video games, and telecommunications.


Some different religions and cultures being followed in Canada but still, the common thing about them is they are friendly with everyone. They also offer lots of scholarships and job opportunities, so studying in Canada will ease your life and open many doors of your life, but for studying in Canada you should have valid Canada student visa, it very important to choose what visa category you want for that you should know for what reason you are going in Canada. For studying purpose you must have a student Canada visa not Canada tourist visa. you should know your category very well. Otherwise, it will be very problematic and will cause lots of damage.


So before applying for Canada student visa for Indian, the student must apply to the universities they want to join in. once the application is confirmed from the university but you must keep in mind apply in the university before the semester starts which means 4-5 months earlier.


Eligibility for Canada student visa

  • Approved by the university
  • Sufficient funds
  • Proof of no criminal background.
  • Medical certificates stating you are fit and fine.


Documents required for Canada Students Visa 


  • Valid passport ( that should be valid till you complete your course)
  • Proof of Approved Letter from the university
  • Proof of funds like bank statement attested by the bank itself
  • 35 mm x 45 mm Passport size photographs (recent photograph)
  • Immigration medical examination (IME)
  • An exam score of English language proficiency
  • Cover letter in detail
  • Transcript Certificates, diploma certificates, etc.


What is the immigration medical examination?

Not going in the details about all the documents you need but except the immigration medical examination because many of the people don’t know what it is and where to do it. So immigration medical examination is a medical check-up you need to do before boarding to Canada. This check-up is done by the jury doctors and for the check-up, you need to book an appointment and visit the doctors which will be listed in the appointment list. This is a compulsory medical check-up without this you can not leave the country. This test should be done 1 week before they start their visa application. The physician will examine your chest x- rays and laboratory test. Once the examination is complete then the result will be sent to CIC and then it will be uploaded. After that, you can proceed with the visa application form.


Procedure and process for Canada Student Visa in India

Download the form online or you can take the application from the Vfs global Canada Visa application centre in India and need to submit it there itself. So it depends on you whether you want to fill online or to visit the application center. If you are applying online then you have to pay online application for Canada student Visa fees, and for payment, you have to use the credit card only and the scanned documents. After completing the form you will be going for the interview remember there will be 2 appointments one will be biometric and others will be appointed. In biometric you have to go to the Vfs global Canada Visa application centre for photographs and fingerprints, this is used for security purposes. In an interview appointment, there will be questions and answers. Officer will ask you questions related to your application form be honest don’t hesitate or lie. For both, the appointments take all your documents along with the online fee receipt and in interview appointment include the biometric receipt that will be given by the biometric officer after the completion of biometric. After completing the interviews, This process takes up to 35- 45 days for the visa response.


You can take a legal Guardian along with you for the admission process,  Apply Canada Tourist Visa here, and get complete Canada Visa online guide. 


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Canada Student Visa FAQ’s

How Earlier Can I Apply For The Canada Student Visa?
It take around 7-8 weeks to process the visa, we advise you to start the process at least 60 days before your intended travel.
How Long Can I Stay In The Canada On Student Visa?
It totally depends on your Course duration you have enrolled for.
Do I Need To Have Travel Insurance While Applying For The Canada Student Visa?
No, Travel Insurance is not a mandatory document for applying for the visa. However, you may have to do some medical test for visa purpose.
Can I Reapply If My Canada Student Visa Gets Rejected?
Yes, you can reapply immediately on the rejection of the visa. However, while reapplying make sure to submit appropriate documents and justify your reason why it is important for you to Study in Canada.

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