Ultimate Dubai Visa Guide For Indians


After reading the Dubai visa guide, you will be able to understand are different types of Dubai visas for Indian Citizens, what is the procedure for applying for Dubai Visa.

Few unknown facts about UAE and doubts which every traveler has in their mind before applying for Dubai Visa.


About Dubai Tourism

Believe it or not, Dubai and its culture have room for each one on this planet. Compared to any other city in the World, Dubai has made tremendous growth in the last few decades and is one of the fastest-growing cities.


Dubai has a reason for everyone to visit and explore heaven on earth; whether you are visiting Dubai for Holidaying or visiting friends and family or official purposes.


It always can satisfy what one expects from. The purpose might be different but each visitor visiting Dubai required to hold a valid Dubai Visa.


What is Dubai Visa


Visa is a legal document issued by the Government for any Foreign National to enter their country.

Dubai Visa, is a Government certified & authorized legal document that is issued by the Government of the United Arab Emirates for any Foreign National who is willing to enter the UAE for a short or long-term visit.


This document has to be presented at the Immigration Department at your Home Country of Airport and the Dubai Immigration Counter in UAE.

Post verification of your Dubai Visa, the door to this Country will be opened for you.


Dubai Visa is an online process and for the same, you will have to reach an authorized Visa agent who has processed Dubai Visa in the past.


Processing time depends on the category or type of visa you are looking for. In general, let’s say if you are looking for Dubai Tourist Visa, it is usually approved in 2-3 working days of the UAE Government.


The next thing you have to do is send all your scanned documents on our email ID and our visa expert will email your Dubai Visa PDF copy to your email ID, what’s next? Take a print out and pack your bags as you are all set to Fly Dubai


Do Indian Citizens Traveling to Dubai Needs a Visa to Visit Dubai


Indian citizens who are willing to visit Dubai require a valid Dubai Visa that has to be processed in India before traveling.


When comparing to any other country, Indians do have some privileges for Dubai Visa processing, some of which are: Indians do not have to visit the center as the entire process is over the email, does not have to submit the biometrics and there are no personal interviews.

Since it is an online process, the visa which is issued by the UAE Government is E Visa (Paper Visa).


There are some exceptions for Dubai Visa for Indian Citizens, but those are limited to an applicant who has a valid US Visa. We still recommend getting it processed from India, as there are many factors which you should know for Dubai Visa on Arrival.


  • On arrival Dubai Visa has a stay of a maximum of 14 days, it means if you are planning to extend your stay than it won’t be possible with this type of visa.
  • A queue at Dubai Airport will be separate for on Arrival visa, which will be much longer than people who already have a visa. You may end up waiting for a couple of hours to get on arrival stamping.
  • You will have to answer a few questions about your stay in the UAE and justify your exit to the immigration officer. They may ask you about your stay, your return flight ticket to a third country, and UAE local currency.
  • This type of visa is chargeable. On Arrival, fees are AED 100.


Facts and Figures

Do you know there are daily direct flights to the UAE from every international airport in India?

Mumbai has more than 15 daily direct flights to the UAE, carrying more than 2500 passengers daily


Different Types of Dubai Tourist Visa


As discussed earlier every individual traveling to UAE has different reasons, years back there were only limited visa types for the traveler to choose from, however recently UAE Government has come with different types of UAE Visa which allow Indian Traveler to Visit UAE worry-free as per their travel plans.


Let’s discuss different types of Dubai Visa which are available for Indian travelers to visit.


  • Dubai Tourist Visa
  • Dubai Business Visa
  • Dubai Transit Visa
  • Dubai Student Visa


Dubai Tourist Visa is issued by the UAE Government for Indian Nationals who have intentions to visit Dubai for touring & sightseeing purposes.


Family traveling on vacation, or visiting their friends and family to UAE are those people who apply these types of Visa. A tourist visa is highly preferred and issued for travelers as it allows them to plan a trip according to their stay.


Tourist Visa is further divided into two subtypes, for i.e- there are two subcategories in Tourist Visa depending on the length of Stay.


  • Dubai Tourist Visa- Single Entry 14 Days Stay
  • Dubai Tourist Visa- Single Entry 30 Days Stay
  • Dubai Tourist Visa- Single Entry 90 Days Stay
  • Dubai Tourist Visa – Multiple Entry 90 Days stay


14 Days Dubai Tourist Visa: The name itself gives you an idea that this visa is valid for 14  days to stay. A person who has a plan of short stay of visiting Dubai for touring, get together or visiting relatives tend to apply this type of visa, as their purpose is properly served and they do not have the intention to extend or wait back after their planned stay is over.


This type of visa has a validity of 58 days from the date when it is issued and allowed for 14 days stay which cannot be further extended in any condition.


It means you will have to return to your home country once your 14 days stay is complete.


30 Days Dubai Tourist Visa: People looking for a longer stay up to 30 days apply this type of visa. Visiting immediate family members and spending quality time with loved ones tend to apply for 30 Days stay visa.


Also, this type of visa has 58 days validity from the date of issuance; you can visit Dubai anytime in 58 days and stay for a maximum of 30 days. The same policy applies for this visa, it cannot be extended further and the applicant has to return to the home country.


90 Days Dubai Tourist Visa: This is a long term stay Dubai Visa, as it allows an applicant to stay in Dubai for a maximum of 90 days i.e- 3 months. Family visiting their immediate family member to spend their Vacations are the one who applies this type of Visa.


This visa is valid only for a single entry in UAE and cannot be further extended in any conditions. In case if you wish to come back before 30 days then you may end up wasting your money and this visa cannot be utilized for future travel. Bifurcation of Dubai Visa fees


90 Days Dubai Tourist Visa(Multiple Entry): This type of visa is a little costly but very useful for those who travel very frequently to UAE, as this visa allows them to travel multiple times till the validity of the visa.

Dubai Tourist Visa Fees for Indians


Single Entry Rs.6,300/- Rs.6,500/- Rs.18,500/-

Dubai Multiple Entry Visa Fees for Indians 


Rs.17,500/- Rs.39,500/-


What is the Processing time for Dubai Tourist Visa?


Processing time for Dubai Tourist Visa is normally 3 to 4 working days of the UAE Government. UAE Government work from Sunday to Thursday from Morning 9 am to evening 5 pm UAE local standard Time.


UAE Government does not work on Friday & they work for 4 hours on Saturday.


Let’s take an example if you mail us the documents on Monday morning, you will probably get your visa ready by Thursday evening.


People traveling in the family are likely to get their visa in just 2 working days single traveler may have to wait additional 1 or 2 working days as Government will conclude after considering a few criteria that they have set it.


If you do not receive your Visa by Thursday evening then there are fewer chances to get your visa on Saturday as their working hours are less on Saturday, but you will surely get it by Sunday evening.


Is there any Dubai Express visa facility for Indians?


If you have a last-minute travel plan to Dubai then you don’t need to worry about it as you can get your visa processed in 24 working hours of the UAE Government.

There are a few things that you should know before applying a visa express service.

  • Priority will be given to your application; however, the decision to conclude the application factors will be considered and it may delay if they find any information provided is appropriate or false.
  • It has to be filed on a working day of UAE Government, failure to which may force to delay your travel plan, as Dubai Consulate will review and approve your application on a working day.


Additional visa fees apply to the processing of the Normal visa application. Approximately Rs.1,000/- has to be paid over and above the visa fees


My Travel Plan is Canceled, Can I Cancel my Dubai Visa?


If your travel plan is canceled due to any reason, you may cancel Dubai Visa, however, cancellation fees are applicable.


Yes, you read it correctly, if you wish to cancel your Dubai Visa then you will have to pay cancellation fees separately.

Cancelation charges are AED 200 which has to be paid by the applicant who wishes to cancel their visa.


It is advisable to keep your visa as it is. It is not mandatory to cancel the visa if your plan is canceled. Most of the Countries do not charge fees for the cancellation of visas, but UAE Government does charge to Indian Nationals for the Cancellation of visas.


Why Cancellation fees are charged?


Since every work requires human effort, Government charges visa cancellation fees in terms of service charge.


What are the Dubai Visa Rejection Charges


In addition to visa fees, there are no additional charges levied by the UAE Government for Dubai Visa Rejection.

Dubai visa fees and all other charges are non-refundable, in case your visa is rejected by Dubai Embassy.

What are the reasons for Dubai Visa Rejection?


Several factors are considered before approving or rejecting the visa. National security is the primary goal of any country, so while reviewing the application below factors are likely to be considered by the Dubai Embassy.


  • A single traveler who intends to visit Dubai for a longer period. This type of travel is a suspicious journey as; they may term this travel as Illegal migration in the country. Illegal migration is the biggest problem for any nation. If any individual between the age of 20 to 30 traveling alone to Dubai without any travel background may have a rejection for his/her application. There are several states in India that have a high level of unemployment and poverty has reached the next level. Application from those states are been reviewed by the Senior officer and a decision will be taken after considering all the factors.
  • If Dubai Embassy finds any suspicious travel on the passport, for – traveling to Dubai repeatedly. UAE Government understands that traveling to Dubai is a wish come true to every individual, however traveling several times to the same destination would have an alarming situation, unless any specific.
  • If Consulate finds any blacklisted application, this could be the major reason for rejecting the visa, as all Government has access to the systems which gives the data about every individual by passport number. If you have deportation from any Country due to any reason may lead to rejection, subject to Embassy discretion.
  • Every year there are many thousands of illegal cheap labor which migrates to UAE from many Country that includes India and Neighboring country of India. UAE can easily make out by Passport place of issue and Date of birth.
  • Any criminal activity that has been reported in UAE against you, that will impact the decision making for your application. The government of the UAE has all the records of Criminals. Even though if you apply with a new passport and do not disclose details about your old passport, they will be able to trace all the information.
  • Overstaying in Dubai is illegal on a Dubai tourist Visa. It is mentioned on your visa to leave the country before the visa expires, so we can welcome you again. There are more than 1000’s of Indians who are marked every year as overstay in UAE. Each day as overstay in Dubai is illegal as well as there is a heavy penalty on each day overstayed. It depends on how many days you have overstayed in Dubai, but it will impact the decision on your current visa application.


To make sure, your Dubai Visa Application is filed correctly, you have to approach the best visa agents in India who have good knowledge about processing Dubai Visa.


Let us tell you, Fly For Holidays has process more than 4000 + Dubai Visa Application, out of which we have a success ratio of 99.8% which assures our customer of quality service.


If you do not believe us, please refer to our page on Google, we have more than 250+ positive reviews of 4.8* which has to help our customers to understand the satisfaction level of our customers.




  • Dubai Visa is not restricted to visit only in Dubai but allowed to visit all the 7 Emirates of the Country.
  • Dubai Visa is the Document that is valid for travel, however, entering into Dubai is solely the immigration officer’s discretion at Dubai Airport.
  • Been an Indian citizen, it is not necessary to process a Dubai visa from India; we can process the application even if you are not based in India.
  • Dubai Tourist visa cannot be extended in any case or transferred into any other visa category.
  • Visa is merely issued only for tourism or visit purposes if you take employment on a tourist visa, it may lead to imprisonment, fines or deportation or all.
  • Processing Dubai visa requires only two documents, bio pages of passport and latest photograph. For a longer stay, Emirates ID can be asked of inviter for safety purposes.
  • If you do not exit the UAE and stay back illegally, UAE Government will fine a penalty of AED 9000 to the agent who has issued your visa, as they are strictly against illegal migration.
  • It is of utmost importance to choose your visa category properly, failing may lead to strict action. For – if you have filed a Dubai Tourist visa and found doing Business. Going out for touring on a Business visa is acceptable, but doing business on a tourist visa is illegal.
  • There is no restriction of booking of Air tickets on any airline; however, it is mandatory to hold valid tickets while traveling to UAE, as it can be asked by the Authorities at the Airport.
  • OK TO BOARD has been now stopped by major Airlines, it is only required if your passport has an ECR stamp. All major -passport’s issued after the year 2017-18 are NON-ECR.


This was all about Dubai tourist visa types and a few interesting facts. As mentioned earlier, Dubai Immigration has offered various types of visas for Indian nationals; so far we were able to cover one major category of the Visa.



Dubai Tourist Visas are processed only by Dubai-based Travel Agents.


Irrespective of Nationalities, globally all Travel agent has to approach Dubai based local travel agents to get your visa processed.


Like any other country visa, you can get it processed from your home country visa agent, but with Dubai visas, it can only process by Authorized Dubai-based travel agent who has been approved by the UAE Immigration department. They have a limited quota to process the visa. Hence it is always advisable to start the visa process at least a week in advance to avoid the last-minute rush.

E.g. each agent can process only 50 Dubai visas in a day.


Your local travel agent will get in touch with the registered agent in Dubai to get your visa process completed. Your local travel agent will play the role of the mediator.


You need to make sure all the details provided are true to your knowledge as all the details will be verified by the agents in Dubai.



The next visa category which has lately become more fruitful and has served many Indian traveler’s purposes is Dubai Transit Visa.


Dubai Transit Visa is a visa issued to applicants who are willing to travel to Dubai for a couple of hours and visiting a third country. Travelers intend to visit the third country but having a layover/transit in UAE for specific hours.


Dubai is one of the top-rated Tourism destinations and the Government of Dubai is looking forward to promoting more.  After much research with Airlines and other sources they started another visa category that is Transit visa, earlier transit visa was not so familiar to the people, however lately when the Government started awareness about 48 hours & 96 hours transit visa, people then started to plan the trips according to visa.

These visas allow you to move out of the airport and explore the nearby tourist destinations while in Dubai.


Till today if you have flights that have a layover of fewer than 8 hours in UAE, then you do not need to apply for a transit visa, however, if your connecting flight is after 8 hours then you have to apply for Transit Visa in your home country.


The Fastest and ever-growing mindset of Indians has made them settle in various Countries of the World. Majorly Indians are settled in most developed countries like the US, Canada, the UK & other parts of Europe.


Indians are migrants in these Countries but their hearts are still in their home country, this is the biggest reason for Indians traveling to their home country to meet their loved ones.


While booking a cheap flight ticket they do have many options to travel, but the most preferred airline will always be a Gulf-based Airline. E.g. Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar airways. The reason has been journey time is less and when comparing Airfare with other European & the US based carrier gulf based carriers have a reasonable price to pay.


This is the biggest reason why Dubai Transit Visa has come into the light and it became the love for a person traveling to the third country.


How Indians residing in Foreign Countries can Visit Dubai on Dubai Transit Visa?


As mentioned earlier, Dubai Transit Visa is issued to people who are residing in the home country, transiting in the UAE but the final destination is the third country.


So here’s the thing that Indian’s can do to explore a beautiful destination, as Dubai is always top of the list for the traveler to visit.


If you are working in the US and visiting your family for a month, so while planning and booking air tickets what you have to keep in your mind is to book a air ticket that has a layover of


  • 1) less than 48 hours
  • 2) less than 96 hours.



Dubai Transit Visa Fees for Indians 2021

Rs.2,000/- Rs.3,000/-


Important Point to keep in mind while booking a flight ticket:


Do not book a flight which has a stopover while going to India instead you have to book a flight which should have a stopover while going to the US.


The reason is very simple; you will have to apply for a Dubai Transit visa in your Home Country (India). So once you are in India you can apply for Transit Visa and visit UAE.


Types of Dubai Transit Visa


Depending on your travel UAE Government has made it easier for Indian Nationals to choose from. It means there are two different types of transit visas that are offered by the Government of UAE.


  • Dubai Transit Visa 48 Hours: This visa allows the applicant to stay 48 hours in UAE and has a validity of 30 days. They cannot extend this visa while in Dubai.
  • Dubai Transit Visa 96 Hours: This visa allows the applicant to stay 96 hours in UAE and has a validity of 30 days. They cannot extend this visa while in Dubai.


Before booking a flight ticket you have to make sure that your transit time is fewer than 48 or 96 hours else you will have to apply for a normal Dubai Tourist Visa.



To promote tourism The Government has kept process simple and easier. It is a little bit different than that of a Tourist visa, but if you read this carefully it would be easy to process.


Dubai tourist visa is a completely online process, sending all the documents over the email and get a PDF copy of visa over the email in 2-3 working days, however with the Dubai transit visa it is opposite to it.


You will have to prepare documents as per the checklist mentioned below:

  • Original valid Indian Passport (Validity should be a minimum of 6 months).
  • Two recent photographs recently clicked against a white background having coverage of 80% face and it should be matt finish.
  • Confirmed flight tickets to the third countries. It is a mandatory document to submit and has to make sure that your flight is departing at least before 96 hours.
  • Confirmed hotel stays in UAE for the entire period.


These are the only required documents to process Dubai Transit Visa. The Government has to make sure that you are exiting the country before the visa expires.


Once all your documents are ready, you will have to call us so our person will be collecting the documents from your place or office. Once we receive your documents in the office, our visa expert will then review your documents and send an acknowledgment email confirming that the visa application process has been initiated.


If all your documents are in place, it will be submitted to the Centre very next day, if any documents are missing from your end than it might get delayed.

The entire process takes around 4-5 working days of the UAE Government and Indian working days.




  • A short tour can be planned and explore a new country altogether.
  • The process is very easy as compared to other country’s visas.
  • Comparing with Dubai tourist visa fees, transit visa fees are very cheap.
  • You do not need to plan separately, a trip is en route.
  • A trip could be a budgetary trip, wherein you plan your itinerary and transportation on your own.
  • OK to Board is not required for a processing Transit visa.


What are the disadvantages of the Dubai Transit Visa?


  • You can process only if you are in India.
  • Stay is restricted until 48 or 96 hours only.
  • The Entire process of visa is offline, which could be at times tedious and lengthy.
  • You are only allowed to take UAE based Airline.


10 Facts about Dubai Transit Visa that everyone has to know:

  • Few Nationalities can avail Dubai Transit Visa on Arrival by paying appropriate transit visa fees at any UAE Airport. Indians are not allowed to get a Dubai transit visa on Arrival.
  • On Arrival 48 hours Transit visa can be further extended until 96 hours.
  • Indians cannot extend their stay period than requested, e.g. if you hold 48 hours transit visa, you have to make sure that your connecting flight is within 48 hours of landing in UAE.
  • Transit visas are sponsored by UAE based carriers like Emirates, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia & Etihad Airways only.
  • All documents have to be submitted physically to the Centre for processing. Transit Visa doesn’t offer online services, unlike tourist visas.
  • There are no travel restrictions in terms of visiting any places in UAE.
  • Visa fees are reasonable. Dubai tourist visa cost is INR.6,300/- wherein Dubai Transit Visa Fee starts from INR 2,000/-
  • Entry is allowed only from India, an applicant cannot enter from any other countries including entry through the land.
  • Visa fees are nonrefundable and extension is not possible.
  • Transit visa has a separate counter at all UAE airports which enables to complete immigration process quickly.

I hope we were able to cover as many points for Dubai Transit Visa.

With this, we were able to complete two major visa categories that are offered by the UAE Government for Indian nationals.

UAE is not only famous for touring and visiting family and relatives, but also welcoming for Entrepreneurs who are willing to start their startups in the UAE.


People who wish to visit UAE for an official purpose has to apply for Dubai Business Visa. This visa type has the same type of validity & stay period of Dubai tourist Visa but has a separate category than that of a tourist Visa.


Dubai Business Visa: It is important from the UAE Government’s point of view to make out people who are visiting their Country for touring and Business, also any paid activity under Dubai Tourist Visa is not allowed.

If you are caught breaching the rules you may be deported from the Country or pay the penalty and been deported.




As mentioned processing Dubai Business visa is as simpler as processing Dubai Tourist Visa, the only difference

is you should have an inviter who has to be based out of UAE.


A formal invitation letter will be required from UAE based company on their company letterhead stating about your official visit to their Company.

Inviter’s Emirates ID Card

Inviter’s Passport Copy


It should be made by authorized personnel of the company covering important points like introducing you & briefly mentioning about the core business of the company, how you know the person you are inviting to, your full name as per passport, passport number along with his company name and designation will be required.


It should also cover the duration of the stay and who will be bearing the expenses of lodging and boarding during your stay in Dubai.


Last but not the least, inviter has to mention his name, designation & his official Landline & Mobile no of his work phone, also letter should be attested with company seal and signature. Make sure to print this on letterhead and get it from UAE Company on your email ID.


Likewise, you will have to prepare a personal cover letter that has to be made covering the same points and following the same format from India.


Once all these documents are ready you can scan these documents and send it across to one of the best visa agents in town to process your Dubai Visa Application online.


Here is the list of documents that we will require to process your Dubai Business Visa

  • Your current valid scanned passport
  • Recently click a picture, again we require a scanned copy of the same.
  • Scanned copy of your PAN card.
  • Scanned copy of the Dubai Invitation letter which you have received from UAE based company.
  • Emirates Card copy
  • Inviter’s Passport Copy
  • A Scanned cover letter that you have prepared on your company letterhead covering all the relevant details.



Depending on the entries you are expecting in the upcoming  90 days you will have to plan it accordingly and get it processed.


The reason is there is a huge difference in fees for 30 days single entry and 90 days multiple entries, apply for multiple entries only if you are expecting a visit of more than 7 in 90 days.

These are the most important Dubai visa categories in which Indians get it processed for their travel.


There are other visa categories apart from these, e.g. Dubai Student visa & Dubai Work Visa. Dubai student visas are not issued much as tourists and business visas as Indians prefer higher studies for their children in the US, Canada, the UK, etc.



You have to make sure that you are starting the Dependent visa process only after marriage, without a legal marriage certificate your spouse visa won’t be approved. Marriage cards and other proof are not acceptable, this will create a doubt in approval officers’ mind and ultimately it will lead to rejection.


Conclusion: UAE is a welcoming nation for Indians and processing any type of Dubai Visa from the above list is simpler than ever, it is really important to reach the right visa expert to get things processed easily.


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Dubai Visa Guide FAQ’s

What is Dubai Visa?
It is an official document that is issued by the UAE Government which will allow a person to enter their country and stay for the period mentioned on the visa.
What are the different types of Dubai Visa?
There are several types of Dubai visa which are available for Indian Nationals, based on the purpose you can choose from Tourist, Business, transit, work, and study.
How many days are required to process Dubai Tourist Visa?
The entire process is online, it does not take more than 3 to 4 working days of the UAE Government; however, turnaround time is totally at Dubai Embassy discretion.
Can I look for a Job on Dubai Tourist Visa?
It is illegal to look for a job and work on the Dubai Tourist Visa. If found working or breaching the rules, you may be deported by the Government.
Can I extend my Dubai Tourist Visa?
The extension is not possible on Dubai Tourist Visa, you can exit to Kish Island which is near to Dubai. Till the time your Dubai visa is processed, you can stay in Kish Island and return to Dubai.
Are there any chances of Dubai Visa Rejection?
No, there are very fewer chances of getting Dubai Visa rejected, as long as you have given all correct information in the application and if you do not have any bad remark on your passport. Though the Final decision is always the embassy’s discretion.
What is overstaying in UAE?
If you do not exit the country before your visa expires and each day you stay in UAE after your visa is expired is considered as overstaying in the Country.
Can I get Dubai Tourist Visa processed from anywhere?
Yes, processing a Dubai visa is an online process all you have to do is send all the documents over the email and relax. It is not mandatory to be in your home country to get the visa processed.
What is free zone transit time for Indians in UAE?
Indians can transit through UAE without any visa until 8 hours. You have to apply for a transit visa only if your flight is after 8 hours from the UAE. But you cannot exit the airport in these transit times as you do not hold a valid visa to exit the airport.
Can I apply for Dubai Transit Visa from anywhere?
No, Dubai Transit visa can only be processed from India, as it requires an original valid passport and other documents, also travel has to be commenced from India. You need to provide the air ticket for the destination country proving your exit from Dubai.
How many different types of Dubai Transit visas are available for Indians?
Mainly there are two transit visa types. 1) 48 Hours Dubai Transit visa and 2) 96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa.
Are there any restrictions for the Dubai Transit visa?
Yes, there are few restrictions when it comes to the Dubai Transit visa. You have to make sure that you exit the country before 96 hours of your entry and tickets can be issued only on UAE based Airlines such as Emirates, Gulf Air, Fly Dubai, Etihad and Qatar Airways.
Can Indians get Dubai Visa on Arrival?
Yes, Indians do have on arrival facility for Dubai, however, an applicant has to hold a valid US visa, also they will be inspected by on arrival immigration officer for the entry.
What are the documents required for Dubai Business Visa?
Apart from bio pages of passport & photograph, we will require an invitation letter from UAE based company confirming about your travel to UAE & a cover letter from Indian based company confirming about your travel to UAE.
Can I get a refund if my Dubai visa is rejected?
No, all charges related to Government Visa fees and Fly For Holidays service charge is nonrefundable

Terms & conditions


Grant of visas are at the sole discretion of the visa officer at the consulate. We at Fly for Holidays will provide you guidance and advise to submit your visa application to the best of our knowledge and as per our information and experience. Possible time taken to process visas and turnaround time as advised by us to you is as per an estimate that is provided by Consulates. Applications are reviewed based on the information and documents submitted by you. Fly for Holidays is not responsible for the validity ,approval or rejection of your visa application at any point of time



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