France Tourist Visa


France, a country with one of the seven wonders of the world ‘Eiffel tower’, Beaches, Sea Side resorts, the world’s largest &renowned museums, and Fashion Capital makes is the topmost visited country in the world. France is also honored with 37 UNESCO heritage sites making it different and the most loved country for domestic visitors, Europeans & visitors from throughout the world.


Eiffel Tower has the maximum paid visitors in the world so it has Disneyland which is equally loved by all the visitors of all age groups. Disneyland Paris is the largest Disney Park outside the US.  Disneyland Paris has two theme parks, eight resorts, golf courses, railway stations, and a large shopping mall which encourages more visitors every year making it the most visited theme park in Europe.


France is one of the Schengen countries and while holding any of the country’s valid France Tourist Visa it will allow you to visit France as a visitor/tourist. Indian visitors who wish to visit France for tourism purposes or meeting family & friends need to apply for France Visa for Indians.


Before applying for the France visa you need to decide the itinerary if you are visiting other Schengen Countries wherein maximum stay must be in France irrespective of your entry and exit points.

Eligibility for the France tourist visa

  • You need to hold a valid Passport of 3 months from your intended date of exit from France.


  • 2 Blank pages in Passport.


  • You need to prove the purpose of your visit to France


  • You need to prove you hold sufficient funds to cover your stay in France


  • You need to prove economic & social ties in your home country.


  • You will return to your home country before the visa expires.


How to Apply For France Tourist Visa?


  • The tourist visa for France is an offline process hence the applicant is required to visit the center for submission of the documents and biometrics and the visa received will be stamped on the passport.


  • On the scheduled appointment day you have to visit the VFS center submit the documents as per the checklist, biometrics, and make the payment for visa processing. If your biometrics are valid then a representative or a travel agent can submit on behalf of the applicant.


  • Children below 12 years are not required to give biometrics. Applicants who have visited Schengen Areas in the last 59 months do not require to give biometrics.


Process For France Tourist Visa


  • France tourist visa offers offline services by submitting the passport and the required documents.


  • While preparing for the application it is always advisable to take the guidance and support of the travel agent to avoid delays or rejections.


  • Once you have decided on the itinerary and travel dates you need to start collecting the documents. If you have an invite you need to collect those documents in advance as it will be needed for filling up the online form & to prepare a cover letter.


  • The visa form has to be filled online. All the details in the form must be filled in true & correct.


  • The cover letter must have all the details regards to the purpose of your travel, employment details, and who will bear the expenses of the trip. Inviter’s details if you have an invite. If you are traveling with the family then the Name of all the travelers and relation with Passport Number is mandatory.


  • The invitation letter must have the inviter’s Name, Passport Number, Contact Number, Mail Id, and place of residence in France. Inviter must mention the Name, Passport Number, and relation to the invitee in the letter.


  • Once all the documents are arranged you need to schedule an appointment at the nearby VFS center.


  • On the day of the appointment, you must reach at least 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.


  • At the center, there will be a representative to assist you in the collection of documents, biometrics, and payment.


  • At the counter, you need to submit the documents to make payment and then proceed for the biometrics process. Once this process gets over you will be handed over a payment receipt with reference number, your name & passport number which is to be preserved for further communication.


  • Payment has to be made in cash or by card at the counter.


  • The processing time for the visa is 05 – 07 days. You can track your application online by visiting the VFS website with the help of the reference number or call them and check it.


  • Once the passport is ready for collection you need to carry the original receipt given by the center and one Xerox of government ID proof of the applicant.


  • You can opt for courier service by paying the charges if you do not wish to revisit the center.


Visa if approved will be valid for 90 days or as per the conditions mentioned on the visa.

Documents required for the France tourist visa


Mandatory documents

  • Original Passport
  • Visa Form
  • Document Checklist
  • Appointment letter
  • Photo
  • Cover Letter
  • Travel itinerary
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Bank Statement
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Travel Insurance
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)


  • Appointment letter/ Offer letter
  • Leave letter
  • Last 3 months salary slips

Self Employed

  • Company Registration Papers
  • GST Certificate
  • Company Bank Statement
  • Company Income Tax Returns


  • School/College ID card
  • Current Academic Year fee receipt or,
  • Bonafide Certificate

Sponsored Trip

  • Sponsorship Letter
  • Sponsor’s Passport Copy
  • Sponsor’s Bank Statement
  • Sponsor’s Income Tax Returns

Inviter’s Documents

  • Invitation letter
  • Inviter’s Passport copy
  • Inviter’s Visa copy
  • Inviter’s Residence proof
  • Inviter’s Employment proof

Additional documents may be asked by the France consulate apart from listed in the checklist as some of the documents may vary according to the case.


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Processing Time


  • The turnaround time of the application processing is at the consulate’s discretion. Processing time for the application is 05 – 07 days however it may differ based on the application. It is advisable to submit documents are per the checklist to avoid delays & rejection.


  • Consulate accepts applications 90 days before your intended date.

France Tourist Visa Fees


Visitor Tourist 90 days Rs.6,400/- Rs.1,500/-


Where to apply?

  • All the documents when ready are required to submit at the VFS center as it is an offline process with On-Paper application. You need to carry all the documents in the original/copy at the center.


  • New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Cochin, Goa Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Puducherry, and Bangalore VFS center accepts the application on behalf of the consulate.

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France Tourist Visa FAQ’s

1.How earlier can the France Tourist Visa be applied?
You can apply for France Tourist Visa 90 days before your intended date of travel or at least 30 days in advance before your intended travel date.
2.How long can I stay with a valid tourist visa in France?
You can stay up to 90 days or as per the conditions mentioned on the visa.
3.Is it mandatory to book travel insurance before applying for a tourist visa for France?
Yes. Travel insurance is a mandatory document for applying for France Tourist Visa with the coverage of 30,000 Euros.
4.Do I need to have confirmed Air Tickets & Hotel Booking while applying for Tourist Visa?
Yes, you need to submit a travel itinerary and accommodation proof covering your stay in France. If you are invited by a friend & family then hotel accommodation is not required if you will be staying with them. However, the consulate does not ask for confirmed air tickets & hotel bookings. Internal travel bookings are not mandatory.
5.Are the visa fees refunded in case of the visa getting rejected?
No, Consulate fees & VFS fees are nonrefundable.
6.Can I reapply again for the France Tourist visa if my visa gets rejected?
Yes, you can reapply immediately if your visa is rejected. However, it is advisable to reapply if you can provide the required documents mentioned in the rejection letter or the circumstances are not the same as earlier.
7.Is there any express service available for France Tourist Visa?
No, there is no express service available for France Tourist visa hence it advisable to apply for the visa at least 30 days before your intended travel date.

Terms & conditions


Grant of visas are at the sole discretion of the visa officer at the consulate. We at Fly for Holidays will provide you guidance and advise to submit your visa application to the best of our knowledge and as per our information and experience. Possible time taken to process visas and turnaround time as advised by us to you is as per an estimate that is provided by Consulates. Applications are reviewed based on the information and documents submitted by you. Fly for Holidays is not responsible for the validity ,approval or rejection of your visa application at any point of time


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