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Malaysia is one of the countries in which you will find a wide range of ancient traditions, customs with modern culture. If you are looking for some adventure, peace, and relaxation then you must go and visit Malaysia because one will find everything you need in this pretty country. There are lots of things to do and to learn in here. To have fun in Malaysia one must have a Malaysia Visa.


Malaysia is situated in south-east Asia which has 13 states. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. There are 130 languages spoken here but the official language Is Malay and the script they follow is Latin script/alphabets. Laksa is one of the common dishes that you will find in Malaysia. Laksa is a spicy noodle and the drink you need to try is Teh Tarik which is very popular.


If you are planning to visit Malaysia, first you should get your Malaysia visa then you must go between December to April, this is the best to visit. Even in the driest season, Malaysia has a tropical monsoon climate so it is advised to carry an umbrella with you. An island that you should see while in Malaysia are Langkawi island, Perhentian island, Penang, Kinabatangan.


Langkawi Island: This island is known for its sandy beaches and the turquoise blue water. It is made up of 99 islands. If you want alcohol, cigarettes, and chocolate then this is the best place. This island is well known for its excellent diving world. There is also Langkawi Geopark which is a UNESCO heritage site and it attracts numerous visitors.


Perhentian island: There are plenty of things to do on this island except for fishing which is strictly prohibited because this island is a part of the marine parks. The things you can enjoy doing here are jungle trekking, marine park, beach hopping, stay in the resort, pray at a mosque or watching movies, go on drinks and do lots of shopping.


Penang: This is the finest thing to visit in Malaysia. There are lots of things that one should visit like reclining Buddha, Wonderfood museum, Burmese temple, fort Cornwallis and waterfront village. Apart from all this don’t miss out on the major attraction of this city that is rainbow skywalk and the street of harmony.


Kinabatangan:  This island is located on the east coast of Sabah and is well known for its Rainforest and wildlife sanctuary. This is the most romantic place in Malaysia. While in Kinabatangan, enjoy the morning cruise to see the best of wildlife.


Now to explore all this thing you must visit Malaysia, and you need a Malaysia visa. There are different types of Malaysia visa, you need to choose wisely which category of visa you need. Types of visas are single-entry visas, multi-entry visas, and transit visas.  Single entry visa is valid for 3 months from the date of issue with the stay of 15 days. The multi-entry visa is valid for 3 months but each visit must be of 30 days max. A Transit visa is for the people who want to enter Malaysia and travel through it.


There is also a Malaysia visa on arrival for Indian passport holders. On Arrival, Visa was introduced on 10th October 2015.  Visa on arrival for Indian means People  arriving directly from India, Singapore, Thailand and should hold a valid visa from these countries then only they will be able to get visas on arrival. This visa can be used for a 7-day stay and this cant be extended. You should also have a confirmed return ticket to India. To travel to Malaysia you have to get Malaysia e visa or entry visa.

Documents for Malaysia visa on arrival for Indians



  1. Valid Indian passport with 6 months of validity with 2 empty pages
  2. Tourist visa from Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia
  3. A valid return ticket to India.
  4. 1000 USD as Proof of financial stability.
  5. Scanned photographs
  6. Flight and hotel reservations.
  7. If minor: birth certificate.


Following are the Airport where you can get Visa On Arrival


  1. Kuala Lumpur international airport
  2. Kuala Lumpur international airport 2
  3. Bayan lepas international airport
  4. Kota Kinabalu international airport, Sabah
  5. Sultan Islam, Senai Airport, Johor.
  6. Miri airport, Sarawak.


  1. Immigration control post, Sungai tujoh Sarawak
  2. Immigrations, customs, quarantine and security complex (ICQS) Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah
  3. Tuas (Singapore) – sultan Abu Bakar complex (second link) (Malaysia)

Sea route.

  1. Immigration control post, Labuan international terminal ferry.


To get the eNTRI  Malaysia visa on arrival you have to register themselves on the electronic travel registration and information system (eNTRI). This can be done with the Malaysian mission office in India. Once registered the tourist can travel to Malaysia within 3 months. Avoid getting a visa on arrival because it cost 100 USD where the eNTRI visa will cost you around 2150 INR per person. Visa on arrival allows you to stay for 7 days where an online visa allows you to stay for at least 15 days. You have to be in a queue to get a visa on arrival whereas in eNTRI visas you don’t have to be in the queue. The process of Entri visas is 3 days max.


According to the Malaysian government, they have started giving a free- visa to Malaysia for 15 days in 2020. People who hold Indian passport can travel visa-free. This announcement was done in the federal government gazette on 26th December 2019.  For this Indians only need to register themselves on the electronic travel registration and information system (eNTRI). This can be done with the Malaysian mission office in India. Once registered the tourist can travel to Malaysia within 3 months. The visa can’t be extended you have to return to the country after 15 days. You can revisit after 45 days Malaysia again, for 15 days.

Malaysia on Arrival Visa Fees


On Arrival Tourist 7 days USD 100 Rs.0/-

Points to Remember

  • You need to have adequate funds to support your stay and justify the same to immigration officer.
  • You should have confirmed return flight ticket to third country and accommodation proof.
  • You should be able to prove that your entry is totally for tourism purpose and you will not be engaged in any other activities.
  • You will follow all the rules and regulation of Malaysian Government.
  • You will exit the country before the visa expires.

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Malaysia On Arrival Visa FAQ's

Is it possible to get Malaysia Visa on Arrival for Indians?
Yes, Indians are eligible to get Visa on Arrival, provided you meet all the criteria of the same.
How long can i stay in Malaysia with On Arrival visa?
You can stay maximum of 7 days in Malaysia.
Is travel insurance a mandatory document for Malaysia Visa on Arrival?
No, Travel Insurance is not a mandatory document for Malaysia Visa on Arrival.
Do i need to have confirmed return flight tickets?
Yes, confirmed flight tickets & hotel bookings are required for On Arrival visa.

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