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This article is about 7 to 8 min read, but after reading this article, you will able to understand how to process Malaysia visa from India and what are the requirements for Malaysia Visa.


Ultimate Malaysia Visa Guide For Indians


About Malaysia Tourism


If you have already made your mind to visit Malaysia for any reason, then you should read this guide till the end, as I will be covering the smallest point which could help you get your visa for Malaysia.

Every year Indian visiting to Malaysia statistics is growing than that of the previous year. According to the article published by, Malaysian Tourism Board director Suleiman Suib has confirmed that traveler from India for tourism ranks in the top 10 Countries for Malaysia.


Entry to this country is only possible if a visitor has a valid Malaysia Visa


What is Malaysia Visa?


An official document issued by the Government of Malaysia to Indian Nationals for their visit to Malaysia.

This document is issued only after certain documents are provided by the traveler to the Malaysian Government. After thorough verification, a permit to enter the Country is issued for a specific period for General visit.


Malaysia Visa has to be shown at the time when you are traveling to Malaysia, also it is very important to know having a valid Malaysia visa does not guarantee your entry to Malaysia.


It means you will be inspected by the Immigration department in your home country, as well as by the Immigration Department of Malaysia, after screening your profile at both places your entry to this Country will be granted.


Fly For Holidays is an authorized agent of Window Malaysia Immigration to process Malaysia Visa, so you did not need to worry, as you are at the right place for processing your Malaysia visa. We have trained our staff thoroughly about the process and we keep them up to date about the policies and regulation of the Immigration department

Different Types of Malaysia Visa

Depending on your visit, I’m sure you will be able to cover your stay from one of the below-mentioned categories.

  • Malaysia eNTRI Note
  • Malaysia Single Entry Visa
  • Malaysia E Visa
  • Malaysia Sticker Visa

These are the most popular visa category which Indian tends to apply for their visit to Malaysia.


Apart from these visa categories, there are few more categories which are not common, but it exists.

  • Malaysia Student Visa
  • Malaysia Work Visa
  • Malaysia Dependent Visa

Let us breakdown each category with its description, procedure, and documentation.


Malaysia eNTRI Note: A most restrictive note with a validity of 90 days allowing an individual to stay 15 days in Malaysia.

For any type of entry, a document is named as a visa, but the Malaysian Government has named this type of document as an eNTRI note.

In other words this document act as a visa, but it is named Malaysia eNTRI note.


Malaysia Single Entry Visa:  This is one of the tourist visa categories which we do not recommend any applicant to apply, the reason is this visa allows only a single entry to Malaysia, but the cost that Malaysia Government charges are same as Multiple Entry Visa.

This visa is again valid for 90 days only for a visit with a stay period of a maximum of 30 days single entry in Malaysia.


Malaysia E Visa: This is one of the most popular visa categories, as it does not have any restriction neither, has a different procedure to follow. This type of visa is allowed to enter Malaysia multiple times with a validity of 90 days and stay of 30 days at each entry.

It means you will have to exit the country before the visa expires and before the 30th date of your entry into the Country.


Malaysia Sticker Visa: This type of visa is no longer applied by any applicant in India. Out of 10, not even 1 application opts for a Malaysia sticker visa. A few years back all applicants had to process the Malaysia Sticker visa only, as there was no other option.


Processing sticker visa is a bit tedious process compared to another visa category, as this visa is a completely offline process. Earlier Malaysian Government used to give multiple entries with a validity of 1 year and a maximum of 30 days stay in the Country each time, nowadays the Government gives multiple entries with 90 days validity and 30 days stay or maximum of 180 days validity and 30 days stay for sticker visa too.

So applicants prefer processing E-Visa which is an online process & hassle-free. We will discuss visa costs later in this article.

10 Important Facts about Malaysia Tourist Visa


  • Indians do have an option to get Malaysia Visa on arrival, however, it has few restrictions, also the visa fees is high when compared to pre-application.
  • Malaysia on arrival has the same restrictions that of eNTRI note but the cost is almost 4 times that of eNTRI note.
  • Malaysia eNTRI does not require any kind of Malaysia Government officer approval, it is instantly approved.
  • Do you know, Malaysia Government does not charge for eNTRI note, all charges are charged by VFS Global.
  • If you have a multiple entry visa, and your stay period of 30 days is over and still want to extend your stay in Malaysia then you need to exit Malaysia at least for 2 days and return for the next 30 days. In this case, you can visit Singapore by land and return to Malaysia provided you hold a valid visa to Singapore.
  • Malaysia Sticker visa holders are eligible to get their visas to convert into work visa.
  • Unlike, any other country if your Malaysia E Visa is rejected Malaysia Government refunds back their charges, however, VFS fees are still applicable.
  • Based on your documentation, Malaysia Transit Visa can be granted at the time of arrival with nominal fees, it means you do not need to re-apply the same.
  • Malaysia E visa can be processed only if you are based in India, this means they can make out where this visa is applied.
  • If you are traveling to Singapore first and later to Malaysia, it is important to apply for a Singapore visa first and then Malaysia, failure leads to rejection of Malaysia visa.


Malaysia eNTRI Note

Apart from Malaysia sticker visa, all other visa category is simple to process and quicker to get into your inbox.


Malaysia eNTRI Note: When applying with one of the best visa agents like Fly For Holidays, we guarantee you for your visit to Malaysia, yes you read it right we assure you for the Malaysia eNTRI note which could be processed quickly and with 100% approval.

So the next thing that you have to do is pack your bags and take a flight to Malaysia.

Below are the few points that you have to make sure that you are aware of.


  • You are allowed to take a flight which should be flying out from India directly to Malaysia else
  • Transit points can be Singapore, Thailand, and Brunei.
  • Your stay cannot be more than 15 days.
  • eNTRI note must be applied at least 48 hours before the flight.
  • Once you have applied eNTRI note, you cannot process again till 90 days.


What are the advantages of Malaysia’s eNTRI note?


With Fly For Holidays, An applicant can get a 100% approval for their eNTRI note. It is processed instantly so you can expect the note within 1 working day or even earlier than that.


What are the disadvantages of Malaysia’s eNTRI note?


With Malaysia eNTRI note, you cannot revisit it, suppose you are on tour for Malaysia and Singapore, then you have to first complete your Malaysia tour, then go to Singapore take a tour of Singapore and you have to make sure that your flight is departing from Singapore as you are not allowed to re-enter Malaysia again.


Must read our Malaysia Visa Case Study of our client.


What are Malaysia eNTRI note fees?


Malaysian Government visa fees are NIL, however, VFS Global does charge their convenience fees of USD 22.50 which comes around Rs.1,650/- and Fly For Holidays service charge is Rs.500/-.

Many of our clients say that few companies are offering them 80 to 100% cashback, why Fly For Holidays doesn’t?

Every company does charge initial payment, which is their service fee.

Once they send your eNTRI note, over the email, they will then ask you to make a balance payment of visa. If there is 80-100% cashback then why are they charging you?


They will be giving your money into your account, is it a bank account? No, it isn’t a bank account, they will be uploading in your user account.

Now when you see that money into your user account, you feel that you have wisely earned them into your account.

This is not true, because that money will be adjusted in your other travel bookings, wherein you are restricting yourself to make all travel bookings through them.


This ends up paying double the actual cost of those bookings because no Company in this World is going to bear your Visa or tour expenses of Malaysia or any other Country from their pocket.

We at Fly For Holidays, believe to keep outermost transparency with our customers. We do not try to manipulate things or restrict our clients for anything. We would be happy to book all your travel needs keeping 100% transparency with our customers.

Malaysia E Visa Single Entry: 

This is a single entry e visa which is valid for 90 days without any restriction. This visa is applied by a traveler who does not have any plan to visit Malaysia shortly and also does not require any kind of visa restrictions.


What is Malaysia E Visa Single Entry Visa Fees?

Malaysia e Visa Single Entry immigration visa fees are USD 25 & VFS Global charges is INR 1,150/-.


What are the advantages of Malaysia Single Entry Visa?


Unlike, eNTRI note, Malaysia Single entry visa has no restriction, an applicant can book on any flight departing from India and take transit to any Country and enter Malaysia.

With this visa, an applicant is allowed to stay a maximum of 30 days in Malaysia.


What are the disadvantages of Malaysia Single Entry Visa?


As compared to eNTRI note visa fees are costlier, though it doesn’t have any restriction this visa is valid only for a single visit.

It takes around 3 to 4 working days to process, subject to approval from the visa officer.

It is rather advisable to go ahead with Malaysia Multiple Entry E Visa rather than going with Single entry, as visa fees for Single Entry & Multiple entries are the same.


Malaysia E Visa Multiple Entry: 

As mentioned earlier, this is the most popular visa amongst all, as this visa has no restrictions and an applicant can visit no of the times to Malaysia with 90 days of the visa issuance.

This type of visa is applied online and will go to the Malaysia immigration officer desk for approval; again getting approval for this visa is not a big challenge.


What is Malaysia E Visa Multiple Entry Visa Fees?


Malaysia e Visa Multiple entry immigration visa fees are USD 25 & top of that VFS global charges is Rs.1,150/-.


Visa Fees Rs. 2,150/- Rs. 3,650/-


What are the advantages of Malaysia E Visa Multiple Entry?

With this type of visa, the advantages are high, some of which are as follows:

  • There are no restrictions in terms of transit points.
  • An applicant can travel multiple times to Malaysia within 90 days of the validity of the visa.
  • Earlier an applicant had to visit Center to get this type of visa, now the entire process is online. 


What are the disadvantages of Malaysia E Visa Multiple Entry?


Dis advantages of Malaysia E Visa Multiple entries are listed as below

  • The Malaysian Immigration officer has to review the application before it is approved.
  • It takes around 3-4 working days to process.
  • It can only be processed if an applicant is based in the Home Country.



Malaysia Business Visa:


This visa is applied when an applicant intends to visit Malaysia for official purposes. Attending a business meeting, conference, a seminar, etc. are the major reason to apply this visa category.


The rules and restrictions are the same as Malaysia single or multiple entry e visa, but when it comes to documentation for applying for a Business visa it is different than a tourist visa, we will be discussing Malaysia BusinessVisa documentation later in this article.

Business visa fees are the same as single or multiple entry visas, the only difference is documentation and category


Documentation required for applying Malaysia eNTRI note & Single/Multiple Entry & Business Visa


As this process is completely online, all the documents that we require to process your visa will be in the form of PDF & JPG format

  • Valid scan passport first and last page (Personal detail page & Address page). – JPG Format
  • One white background photograph (33X55MM-70% Coverage of Face taken against a white background) – JPG Format
  • Flight tickets (Include all flight booking) PDF File
  • Hotel Reservation (Blocked stay will be required for the entire stay)A-PDF File
  • If there are minors below 12 years of age than the birth certificate will be required. PDF Format
  • If you are traveling for a business purpose, then apart from the above documents you will have to submit an invitation letter that you have received from the Malaysian company whom you will be visiting too. PDF Format
  • A cover letter which has to be signed and attested by Indian Company on company letterhead. PDF Format

Good to know about the Procedure of Malaysia Visa


Everyone needs to know the below steps for processing the Malaysia visa.

  • Once you finalize the travel plan to Malaysia book a flight ticket & hotel stay, you can always book an entire Malaysia Tour Package at a reasonable price with Fly For Holidays.
  • Start scanning the documents of all the travelers, make sure scanning is clear and proper as a photograph taken by Mobile cameras or cam scanner will not be acceptable.
  • To make sure your visa is applied on the same day, we will require all the documents in a format that has been mentioned above.
  • Once we receive your documents our expertise will verify your documents and will inform you if anything is missing.
  • The next thing that you have to do is initiate the payment, so we can start the process of applying.
  • Once applied it will take 3-4 working days for the immigration officer to review and revert.


What are the reasons for Malaysia Visa Rejection?

When you apply with one of the best visa agents, you do not need to worry, if you prepare your documents as per the checklist mentioned here and talk to our visa consultant there are very few chances for rejection.

For your reference, we have listed all the possible points due to which visas are rejected.

  • If your passport is not valid for 6 months from the date you exit from Malaysia.
  • If you have failed to give all flight tickets.
  • If you haven’t booked a hotel reservation for the entire stay.
  • Third country visa, if you are entering or exiting to the third country than a valid visa is required, failure may lead to visa rejection.
  • If your passport is banned from international travel due to some suspicious activities.
  • If you are re-visiting Malaysia very frequently.
  • If you have been involved in any criminal activities in Malaysia during your past travel.
  • If you have been deported from any country in the past due to any reason.
  • Planning a long stay in Malaysia will make immigration officers think about suspicious activities as normally people tend to spend 8 to 10 days in Malaysia for tourism.

Can I reapply if my visa is rejected?

Yes, you can re-apply immediately if your visa is rejected, the only points that you have to make sure that is appropriate.

It is important to understand that several country immigration officers do not provide rejection reason, Malaysia is one of them e.g. Chinese Consulate gives in writing about the reason of China Visa Rejection, wherein Malaysian Immigration does not give any reason for the same.


In this case, we will have to review your past application thoroughly, also we do recommend our customers to inform us whether their Malaysia visa was rejected in the past.

Based on reviews, our visa expertise will guide you on whether to reapply or not.

Getting approval for the rejected visa is simple, as long as the reason for rejection was based on insufficient documentation, which is provided later while reapplying.


This advice can be given in person, as it differs from case to case. Be rest assured, it will be our responsibility to get your Malaysia visa approved. (subject to Malaysian immigration department)But at the same time it your responsibility to give us in detail your details and the way you tried to apply.

This was all about the Malaysia Tourist visas types which are processed online, where people can communicate with our expert and get their visa work done in a few steps over the phone and email.

Malaysia Sticker Visa:

Another visa category which is called Malaysia Sticker visa is also applied for an applicant who wishes to visit Malaysia for tourism or business.


Demand for this type of visa is no longer available, as a process, procedure, and documentation are tedious than e visa. E-Visas were started post-2015, before which Indians had to apply for a sticker visa.


These days many of them are unaware of this visa category, as everyone wants to get their work done easily and why not. People who wish to visit Malaysia frequently for Business purpose or an applicant whose immediate family member is working & residing in Malaysia tend to apply this type of visa.


What is the major difference between e visa and a sticker visa?

The major difference is the validity of the visa, e visa is approved only a maximum of 90 days from the date of issuance of visa; whereas sticker visa can be approved for 365 days as well depending on the travel history and request (subject to immigration approval).

Another major difference is visa fees since it has a longer validity; visa fees cost around Rs.7,500/-


What are the documents required for processing the Malaysia sticker visa?

Since this is an offline process, all the documents will be required in terms of hard copy. Below is the list of documents that are required to process Malaysia sticker visa


  • Original valid passport, it should be valid at least 9 months.
  • 2 Recently clicked photograph taken against a white background with 70-75% coverage of face printed on matt finish paper.
  • Duly filled & signed application form with all correct details.
  • A cover letter explaining your visit to Malaysia. The following points are to be covered. Name, passport number, any person traveling along with you, if yes his name and passport details. Where you will be staying in Malaysia, entry and exit dates & number of days stay in Malaysia
  • 03 Months attested bank statements; it should be signed and authorized by a bank officer.
  • Confirmed return flight ticket.
  • A document that proves your stay in Malaysia – Hotel or residence.
  • In case you have a person inviting from Malaysia, then ask him to send an invitation letter – it should cover his name, passport number, residence address, mobile number & email, along with these details he has to mention about his current employment status in Malaysia. He will also have to write how is he related to you, the reason for inviting and complete personal & passport details of the applicant.
  • An applicant has to ask him to send a few documents over the email e.g. Passport copy front & back, residence card copy, employment pass, invitation letter, and residence proof.
  • If you are requesting long term for business purpose then you will have to follow the same process, but instead, you will have to ask your inviting company to send an invitation letter on company letterhead sealed and signed by an authorized person of the company.
  • Apart from the invitation letter, a cover letter will be required to be prepared on the Indian company letterhead, again it should cover the same details, but it has to be authorized & attested by an authorized person of the Indian Company.


Note: Any request or any message that you feel you have to give to the Consulate has to be mentioned on an official cover letter, the only document wherein the applicant can communicate with Malaysian immigration.

After considering all the points, the Malaysian Immigration officer will conclude your visa application.


The procedure of applying for Malaysia Sticker visa

Once you have all the above documents in place, you will have to get in touch with our visa expert, who will then verify your documents over the what’s app or email.

This is an offline process, but it does not mean you have to visit the center, our executive will be taking care of all your visa worries and we will be processing your application.


Once verification is done, we will then arrange a person who will be visiting your place to collect all the documents.

Once we receive it in our office, the next what we do is acknowledge it to you over the email that we have received your passport and other documents for processing Malaysia sticker visa.


We will then submit your application to the Malaysian Consulate. It takes around 6 to 7 working days for the Malaysian immigration department to conclude the application.

We will be checking online for the status of the application, the day it is ready for collection, our executive will visit the center and collect the passport.

The next step for you is to make the payment of visa fees and service charges of Fly For Holidays, so we can get it delivered as soon as possible.


Is there any chance of Malaysia Sticker Visa Rejection?

Yes, earlier it used to get easily approved but these days there are high chances of sticker visa rejection. The reason is why you need a long term visa. If your visit is short then you can process an e visa which has 90 days validity, for all the travelers whose primary purpose is a tourism and intended stay is less than 15 days will not go ahead with sticker visa.


Then it is very important to understand and prove that what is the reason why you need long term validity, failing to prove this,  is the main reason for sticker visa rejection. Apart from this, an officer can also reject your visa due to insufficient funds in the bank account. If they feel doubtful about inviter’s documents or his current status in Malaysia.


This was all about Malaysia visas, its different types, procedure, and reason for rejection of the visa. It is always necessary to take the proper guidance and support from the trust-worthy visa agents.


Conclusion: Planning a short trip to Malaysia, It offers multiple types of visa as per your convenience and travel plans to visit Malaysia. eNTRI Note, Single Entry, and Multiple Entry are the most preferred visa types by the Indians who intend to visit for tourism purposes, meeting family & friends, or for business purposes with the processing fee of less than 30 USD and processing time of 3 – 4 working days.


Fly For Holidays is Online Travel Company based in Mumbai, but we provide Visa Services online and offline for major cities in India like Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Goa, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Trivandrum, Delhi, Surat, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Jaipur, Kolkata and many more. Do not hesitate to reach us and talk to our experts for your visa application.




  • Out of 10 Visa applications, we process 8 visa applications are for the Business visit.
  • China visa is not restricted to visit any particular city in China, you can visit any part of the Country.
  • If found, applying inappropriate visa category lead to visa rejection in a future application.
  • Overstaying in China is not permitted, if caught it can lead to heavy fines or blacklisted forever from visiting China.
  • China visas are processed in only 3 cities of India e.g. Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata. The Government has bifurcated application jurisdiction wise.
  • Compared to a Tourist visa, Business visa rejection chances are more.
  • Major countries Government does not refund visa fees if your visa is rejected, but the Consulate of Chinese does not charge, in case they refuse your visa.


Above mentioned are few basic points that you have to keep in mind before initiating the visa process, now let’s get into more details about the documentation, procedure of applying and chances of rejection for the Chinese visa.

For your better understanding, I have listed documentation for a Chinese visa in the below-mentioned table.


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Malaysia Visa Guide FAQ's

What is Malaysia Visa?
It is a legal document issued by the Malaysian Immigration Officer to the applicant who has the intention to take a short trip to Malaysia.
Can I apply for Malaysia Visa without a passport?
Indian applying for Malaysia Visa requires a valid passport, without a valid passport, the process of visa cannot be initiated.
What is Malaysia on Arrival visa fees?
Malaysia on arrival visa fees is USD 100, if you pre-apply in your home country it cost you less than USD 30.
Why should I apply for the visa from Fly For Holidays?
Fly For Holidays is an authorized visa agent approved by window Malaysia for processing Malaysia Visa. Our staff is well experienced and we keep them up to date about the Government Policies.
After issuance of a visa, is it mandatory to travel to Malaysia?
No, it is not mandatory to travel to Malaysia if your visa is issued. You can travel anytime during your visa validity or if for any unseen circumstances you are unable to travel it won’t be an issue.
With a valid Malaysia visa, How long can I stay in Malaysia?
Depending on the visa you have applied for, e.g. Malaysia eNTRI note allows an applicant to stay a maximum of 15 days from the date of arrival in Malaysia & all other visa categories allow an applicant to stay a maximum of 30 days.
Is it possible to extend the Malaysia visa in Malaysia?
No, visa extension for a tourist visa is not possible in any case. The applicant has to come back to the home country and initiate the process again.
Which type of visa has no restrictions?
Malaysia e visa & sticker visa has not a restriction for a traveler to visit Malaysia.
Is it mandatory to submit a third country visa?
Yes, if you are entering or exiting to the third country than it is mandatory to submit the same, failure could result in rejection.
Can I reapply immediately if my visa is rejected?
Yes, you can reapply immediately if your visa is rejected; make sure to submit all the documents as per checklist.
Is biometric necessary for a sticker visa?
No, biometric is not required in any Malaysia visa category.
Is it mandatory to book confirmed flight tickets and hotel reservations for the entire stay?
Yes, since it is a tourist visa, Malaysian immigration wants to make sure that you are exiting the country as per the plan provided.
Is it mandatory while leaving Malaysia our applicant’s exit country must be India?
No, you can exit to any other country as long as you have a valid permit for that Country and the same is attached with your application.

Terms & conditions


Grant of visas are at the sole discretion of the visa officer at the consulate. We at Fly for Holidays will provide you guidance and advise to submit your visa application to the best of our knowledge and as per our information and experience. Possible time taken to process visas and turnaround time as advised by us to you is as per an estimate that is provided by Consulates. Applications are reviewed based on the information and documents submitted by you. Fly for Holidays is not responsible for the validity ,approval or rejection of your visa application at any point of time


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