How to Get Malaysia Work Visa?


Malaysia is one of the multicultural and multi-religious but the main religion here the majority of people follow is Islam. It is located in Southeast Asia and it is well known for its beaches and rain forest. It’s a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European that’s the reason why it is called a multicultural country. People who tend to go to Malaysia need to have a Malaysia visaVisa is mainly of different types of visas in Malaysia, Single entry visa, multiple entry visa, transit visa, and work visa.




People who want to work in Malaysia need to apply for a work permit or Malaysia work visa. Make sure before you apply for a work visa you must find a Malaysian company that is willing to hire you. After that, on your behalf, the employer has to apply for a work permit or work visa. If your company authorities have issued the work permit then you can start working in Malaysia. If not then you have to apply from your country. There are different types of work visas according to your category that means your qualification, your skills,  you have to select and apply for the same. The types are:


  • Employment pass: The employment pass is given to the people who will work in the Malaysian company on a higher position like technical or managerial positions. Before the approval of the employment visa, your employer that is in Malaysia has to approve it by the Expatriate committee or the relevant agency to hire you, once they approve then you will get employment pass. This type of Malaysia work visa is issued for 1-2 years that will depend on the work duration and it is renewable. For an employment visa, you must have a proper diploma or certification qualification as well as experience in it.
  • Temporary employment pass: This pass is used for two purposes one is Foreign worker Temporary pass and the other is Foreign Domestic Helper.
  • Foreign worker Temporary pass is for the people who are only allowed to work in manufacturing, construction, plantation, etc., people from the approved nation can get this pass.
  • Foreign Domestic Helper is for the female worker from the approved countries. This worker works in the house of the employer-provided the employer has children and old parents to take care of.
  • Professional Visa Pass: Malaysia provides Professional visa pass for the people who want to work temporarily that means for up to 12 months in Malaysia but they are still hired by Malaysian or foreign company.



  • The passport should be valid at least for 18 months.
  • The person who is coming to Malaysia for work must be of 27 years or above except from the IT background which requires 23 years of age.
  • A work visa is usually issued between 6 months to 5 years





  • Original Passport (old and new)
  • Recent photograph, the face should be neutral no smiling and frowning, no glasses, hair tied in it, no headgear.
  • Invitation letter from the organization mentioning the purpose to visit and period.
  • Cover letter from the applicant, mentioning the accommodation, clearly specifying in it the reason to visit.
  • Original contract paper.
  • Proof of identification and nationality. (government ID)
  • Valid visa copies
  • Submit the attested bank statement as a financial identification to prove you can accord the funds.
  • Visa application form.




Malaysia’s work visa is processed by the Malaysian immigration department.  The employer must apply for the visa depending on the category of work and visa.  the employment visa should be applied with the Malaysian embassy in their home country. Fill the visa form IM.47 and submit to the embassy. Medical tests will be required in their home country to check their health status. Once the employee receives the approval, they may travel to Malaysia by airlines, the employer requires to report to the nearest Director General Office within 14 days of employment of expatriate. Once all these formalities are done you will be the legal employer of the company.


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Malaysia Work Visa FAQ's

How long entire Malaysia Work Visa Process take?
It is advisable to start the process at least 6-8 weeks before your planned travel, however it totally depends on Malaysian Government.
What will be the validity of the Malaysia Work Visa?
It all depends on the contract that you have signed with your Employer.
How long can I stay in Malaysia with the Valid Work Visa?
Normally the validity of work visa is 2 years, however it can be further extended as per your work contract with the company.
Do I need to book Travel Insurance for applying Visa?
No, Travel Insurance is not mandatory for applying for the visa.
Is police clearance certificate mandatory for applying Malaysia Work Visa?
Yes, PCC is mandatory for applying any country work visa.
Are the consulate charges refunded in case my Work Visa is rejected?
No, Consulate Charges and other charges are nonrefundable in case visas is rejected.

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Points to remember:

  • You are not allowed to work illegally in Malaysia as it may lead to detention, arrest or high penalty
  • Tourist visa holders are not allowed to work in Malaysia for that you should apply for Malaysia work visa
  • Malaysia has a very strict law so choosing to work in Malaysia without the work permit is not an option.
  • Be sure with the recruiting agent or agency, ask for the proofs.
  • Read the employment contract carefully.
  • Do not pay the agent any fees except service charges.


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