Singapore Visa For Indians


Singapore is a popular destination for Indians who want to enjoy its diverse culture, modern attractions, and natural beauty. However, before you can travel to Singapore, you need to apply for a Singapore Visa from India. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about Applying a Singapore Visa for Indians, including the requirements, the process, the fees, and the tips to make your Singapore Visa application successful.

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What are the types of Singapore Visa for Indians?


There are different types of Singapore Visa for Indians depending on the purpose and duration of your visit. The most common ones are:

  • Singapore Tourist Visa: The Singapore Tourist Visa is a Type of Visa Processed for those who is willing to visit Singapore for Tourism Purpose. This Visa allows you to stay in Singapore for up to 30 days for tourism or social purposes. You can apply for a Singapore single-entry or multiple-entry tourist Visa depending on your travel plans.
  • Singapore Business Visa: The Singapore Business Visa is a type of Visa that allows foreign nationals to enter Singapore for the purpose of conducting business activities. This Visa is intended for individuals who are visiting Singapore to attend business meetings, conferences, seminars, or negotiations, or to explore business opportunities in Singapore. You can also apply for a single-entry or multiple-entry business Visa depending on your needs.
  • Singapore Transit Visa: Singapore transit Visa allows you to transit through Singapore for up to 96 hours without leaving the airport. You need this Singapore transit Visa if you have a connecting flight from Singapore to another country and your layover is more than 4 hours.



Documents requirements for Singapore Visa for Indians in 2024


Singapore Tourist Visa requirements:

  • Original Passport with Six Months Validity.
  • Three Months’ Bank statement with the applicant’s name and account no on it (PDF Statement will work).
  • Two Recent photographs (as per the specification)
  • signed Singapore Visa application form (Form 14A)
  • Personal Covering letter.
  • Confirmed hotel reservation
  • Confirmed flight ticket.


Singapore Business Visa requirements

Above mentioned Document +

  • Covering Letter on Indian Company Letter Head duly stamped and Signed.
  • Invitation Letter on Singaporean Letterhead duly stamped and signed.


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How to apply for Singapore Visa for Indians in 2024?

  • You can apply offline through an authorized agent or through the nearest Singapore consulate or embassy in India.
  • You need to submit the original copies of your passport, photo, flight ticket, hotel reservation, cover letter, Form 14A, and any other supporting documents to the agent or consulate.
  • You need to pay the Singapore Visa fee plus the service fee of the agent or consulate using cash or demand draft.
  • The agent or consulate will process your application and send it to ICA for approval.
  • You will receive a call or an email from the agent or consulate with your application status and collection details.
  • You need to collect your passport with the Visa sticker from the agent or consulate if your application is approved.


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Singapore visa fees for Indians in 2024


The Visa price for a Singapore Business Visa for Indian nationals can vary depending on the type of Visa and the duration of stay.

  • Singapore Business Visa Fees: The Singapore Business Visa Fees for Indian nationals is (approximately INR 3,244/-).
  • Singapore Tourist Visa Fees: The Singapore tourist Visa Fees is (approximately INR 3,244/-)


However, please note that Singapore Visa cost are subject to change and it is always best to check with the nearest Singapore embassy or consulate in India for the most up-to-date information on Singapore Visa fees and requirements.


Fees Rs. 3,244/- Rs. 3,244/-



Singapore Visa Expert Advise

How to Get Singapore Visa for Indians?

Singapore Visa Process With Fly For Holidays

What is the Processing Time for Singapore Visa from India in 2024?

The processing time for  Singapore Visa from India varies depending on the mode of application, the volume of Singapore Visa applications, and the completeness of documents. Generally, Singapore Visa takes about 7 to 10 working days for processing Visa applications. However, it may take longer during peak seasons or if your application requires additional verification. Therefore, it is advisable to apply for your Visa at least 30 days before your intended date of travel.



Covering letter for Singapore Visa for Indians.

Any applicant applying for a Singapore Visa must submit the cover letter with their application. Cover letter must be addressed to the Singapore High Commission.

The cover letter must have the following details:

  • Your name according to the passport with the correct passport number. If you are traveling with any of your family or friends make sure to mention their name and passport number.
  • Mention your travel dates and where you are going to reside while you are staying in Singapore.
  • If you will be staying in a hotel mention that or if you have an invite then mention all the required details of the invitee.
  • Details of your current employment.
  • Mention the details of who is going to bear the expenses of your trip to Singapore.
  • List all the documents you will be attaching with your application.
  • You can even mention any of the other details of your travel if you are unable to mention in the Singapore Visa form
  • Lastly end your Singapore cover letter with correct mobile number and mail id.


Singapore Visa on Arrival

Singapore does not offer a visa on arrival for Indian passport holders. You can apply for a Singapore tourist visa online through the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website or through an agent in India. A Singapore tourist visa is valid for one to three months and allows you to stay in Singapore for up to 30 days per visit. You also need to complete an SG Arrival Card before clearing immigration.



What are the tips to make your Singapore Visa for Indians application successful?

To increase your chances of getting a Singapore Visa for Indians, you should follow these tips:

  • passport is valid and in good condition.
  • photo meets the specifications and is clear and recent.
  • flight ticket and hotel reservation are confirmed and match your travel dates.
  • cover letter is well-written and explains your purpose and duration of visit clearly and convincingly.
  • Form 14A is filled correctly and signed by yourself or your agent.
  • enough funds to support yourself during your stay in Singapore and provide proof of income or bank statements if required.
  • a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate if applicable and provide proof of other vaccinations if required.
  • do not have any criminal record or immigration issues in Singapore or other countries and provide proof of clearance if required.
  • apply for the right type of Visa according to your purpose and duration of visit and do not overstay or violate the Visa conditions.

How To Fill Singapore Visa Form Online 2023? Step-by-step Guide for Filling 14A Form for Singapore.

Singapore Visa Sample

Singapore Visa FAQ's

Do we need Singapore visa from India?
Yes, all Indians traveling to Singapore need to have a valid Singapore visa. It is mandatory for the Indians to apply for Singapore visa before you travel. An applicant can apply for the visa as early as maximum 30 days before their travel date. Indians traveling to Singapore have to apply for the visa depending on the jurisdiction the applicant is based.
Is it possible to Get a Singapore visa on arrival?
No, the Singapore tourist visa-on-arrival facility is not available for Indian Citizens.
What are the Mandatory documents required for Singapore tourist Visa for Indians?
Mandatory documents to apply Singapore Tourist visa are: Original Passport with validity of 06 months. Application Form. Covering Letter. Photo Graphs. Bank Statement for the last three months.
What are the Singapore visa photo requirements?
The Required Singapore visa photo size (35 X 45 MM 80 % face Matt finish White Background).
When can I apply for Singapore E Visa?
For Singapore e-visa, Singapore Consulate accepts applications within 30 days of travel.
What are the additional documents required for applying for a business visa?
Singapore Consulate Requires Original covering letter from Indian company on letter head addressed to ‘The Visa Officer,Consulate General of Singapore, Invitation letter from the Singaporean company addressed to The Visa Officer, Consulate General of Singapore. Are there any additional documents required for applying 2 years multiple entry visas? No, there is no additional documents required for applying for multiple entries, however validity or granting of visa is solely embassy discretion
What if I have been invited by my relatives or friends staying in Singapore?
Singapore Consulate will require Invitation letter Scanned passport copy front & back Residential card (NRIC Card). Residential address & contact details.
What are the additional documents required if my resident state differs from the passport issued state?
Singapore Consulate accepts applications Jurisdiction wise if your resident state differs from passport issue state than applicant has to justify by attaching their current city residential proof. Acceptable documents for current city residential proof are Leave and License agreement, Mobile or landline bill (Vodafone or Airtel bill or any other vendor), Letter from society on society letterhead, stating that the applicant is staying in this apartment from past “N” number of months (Signed and stamped by building secretary).We will help you with a society letter format What additional documents are required if the minor is not traveling with their parents? Singapore Consulate will require NOC from their parents stating that they have no objection to their child traveling along with their relatives or friends. Along with NOC. Consulate also requires a student’s school or college ID card and a copy of the passport or Aadhar card of their parents. We will help you with the NOC format. NOC documents are required, when a person’s age is 15 to 20 is traveling without their parents.
How long Singapore tourist visa for Indian citizens is valid?
The validity of the visa is Solely on Consulate discretion, however, with Singapore Tourist visa you can stay a maximum of 30 days in Singapore.
Where are Singapore consulates located in India? Which Cities are Considered as Outstations?
Singapore Consulates is located in New Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai, all other cities in India are considered as an outstation application. Delivering passports from other cities to one ofthese locations will be considered as an outstation application & for this courier charges of INR 650/- is applicable. Courier charges may vary witha different location.
How do I apply if I am not located in one of these cities?
Delhi Consulate process visa for the states & union territories of Assam,Chandigarh,Delhi,Haryana,Himachal Pradesh,Jammu & Kashmir,Jharkhand,Kolkata,Rajasthan,Uttar Pradesh.andSingapore Consulate in Mumbai processes visa for the states of Goa,Gujarat,Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Singapore Consulate in Chennai processes Singapore visa for the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.
Are courier charges included in Visa Fees?
additional charge of approximately INR 650/-.These charges are the inclusion of the TO & FRO charge. We havetie up with a courier company where in-person from courier company will visit your place or office and collect the documents & will deliver it to our office.
What would be the next step, if my documents are ready?
You can simply use our –Contact Us “Tool” to Arrange documents pick. In case of urgent travel, we would highly recommend you to give us a call.
Will the courier company charge me extra for coming to the place or office?
Yes, courier charge are extra for this service .
Can I put all the passport of myself & my family in one envelope?
Yes, you can do so,to avoid making more envelopes & cutting down the courier cost,you can prepare one envelope & put all thepassport in it.Courier company accepts at least five to seven passports in one envelope.
How can i pay Singapore Visa Fees?
You can pay by cash, cheque, NEFT, deposit in our company’s bank account& credit card (Additional 2% extra charge will be levied, if paid by credit card).
Once applied, when will I get to know about my Singapore visa status?
Singapore visa processing duration is 3-4 working days, however, it depends on Consulate as it varies from application to application.
How can I cancel my Singapore Visa Application?
Once applied we cannot cancel your application, as Singapore Embassy will not accept the same.

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