Apply for Australia Tourist Visa online and make your journey memorable. Before making any plans to Australia make sure you have an Australia Visa. A large number of people visit Australia for spending time with their family or to have a romantic trip. In which Indians are one of them.  Many Indians want to go for a foreign trip, but they mostly make a mistake in getting their Visas. To get your Australia Visa for Indians. Apply for Tourist Visa Australia with Fly for Holidays. Here are some Guidelines.


4 Steps for Australia Tourist Visa Australia visit Visa requirements.


  1. Fill out the online form.
  2. Upload the scanned documents.
  3. Pay the Visa fees.
  4. Get the Visa by mail.



Documents required to apply for Australia tourist Visa.


  • Online application form
  • Personal documents.
  • Scanned copy of all pages of a passport
  • Recently scanned passport sized photograph with plain white background, as per international law.
  • Purpose to visit.


If the applicant is invited by the family or friends, the documents needed:


  • Evidence of relationship with the inviter.
  • Scanned passport copy of the inviter.
  • Inviter ‘s employment status in Australia.
  • Tax paper of inviters.
  • Residential proof of the inviter.
  • Invitation letter from an inviter with stated valid reason behind the invite.



If the applicant is on tour to Australia, the documents need to submit.


  • Booking details.
  • Itinerary
  • Travel details.
  • Accommodation proof.
  • Copies of past 6 months’ bank statements with constant transaction details.
  • Income tax return for the past 3 years.


Employment Document.


  • Offer letter/appointment letter from the company.
  • Approved leave application letter with the sign and stamped on the company’s letterhead.
  • 3 months’ salary slip.



Documents that need to be submitted when the trip is being sponsored.


  • Scanned passport copy of the sponsor.
  • Employment proof of the sponsor.
  • Bank detail of sponsor
  • Details of income tax return
  • Financial papers like car paper, property, mutual funds, etc.



Fill in the form accurately and submit the scanned copy. Once the application is being submitted you will receive an email immediately from the Australia government. This process takes time up to 10-15 working days for the final decision from the Australia government regarding the Australia Visa for Indians and the Visa you receive will be Indian e Visa Australia.


Australia Visitor Visa Fees.


When you submit Tourist Visa for Australia from India price is AUD 620/- these fees are the consulate charges and do not include Fly for Holidays service fees. The service fees for Australia are

INR 2950/-.


Apply Australia tourist Visa with Fly for Holidays to get a hassle-free Visa process from the comfort of your home. Australia Visitor Visa application is an online process. When the Visa is received it is Indian e Visa Australia.


After receiving the final decision take a printout of that Visa and carry along with you. Visa is valid till 180 days, but the validity is decided by the government of Australia as per the reason to visit there.


Top Tourist Attraction in Australia.


Australia is one of the world’s largest islands but also a small continent. The country is large and divided into six states and two territories. Australia is very famous for Kangaroos and koalas but there are more than native animals which we don’t know about it. To explore and experience more of Australia, first, we all need to have an Australia Visa. Australia’s tourist Visa for Indians is most important to tour this place.


Australia’s most famous and the oldest-populous state is New South Wales (NSW). It was originally settled as a penal colony on the shore of Port Jackson. Sydney is the nation’s largest city which is very famous for its beaches, great walks, and worlds class dining. NSW of Australia is also popular for Blue Mountain and Hunter Valley wine region. In the northern territory lies the physical heart of Australia which is known as Alice Springs. Northern Territory is home to Uluru, Kakadu national park and Kata Tjuta. Uluru is the greatest natural wonder of the world; it is also a deeply spiritual place. Uluru is often referred to as the heart of “Red Center” and is one of the most recognizable places in Australia.


Kata Tjuta


Kata Tjuta is the ancient red rock formation from a dusky land to incredible sight in Australia. It is 30 km away from Uluru. Together these giant mountains become Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The biggest national in Australia is the Kakadu national park.


There are very few continents in the world to have three groups of mammals: monotremes, marsupials, and placentals in which Australia is one of them and is the home of more than 800 species. Even iconic Emu There are 4000 fish species, 2 types of crocodile species and 50 types of marines.


Apart from animals, the species of plants in Australia is also in a large sum. There are 24,000 native species of plants here. The common species you will find here are Acacia, also known as wattles, which are more than 1,200 species of it. The Golden Wattle is Australia’s floral emblem. Eucalypts are also known as gum trees, and it is commonly associated in Australia. There are 2,800 species of gum trees. Koalas feed certain species of gum trees. Proteaceae is the family of flowering plants which include Banksias, grevilleas and waratahs are Australia ‘s most popular native.

Once you are in Australia try not to miss the sunset and sunrise in Uluru and hike around the base of Kata Tjuta on the valley of wind walks. Hike to the top of Kakadu National park and witness the amusing waterfall and migratory birds. On 1st September each year, they celebrate battle day. Wildflowers are the most protected species in Australia so don’t tempt yourself to pluck it out, just amuse yourself with its beauty. To enjoy every little thing in Australia one must have an Australia’s tourist Visa without any delay.

Different Species in Australia


Melaleuca is locally known as paperbarks, tea trees or honey myrtles. There are 170 species of Melaleuca. This species is commonly found near watercourses and can grow in a variety of soils. Wildflower turns the grassland areas of Australia into the carpet of flowers from June to September. More than 12,000can be seen bloomed across western Australia. Haemodoraceae family is of more than 100 species including the rare and iconic Kangaroo Paw. kangaroo kaEremophila is a common name for this plant. It has a unique way to attract birds. Eremophila is commonly referred to as “Emu Bushes”. It is more than 200 species, which are endemic in Australia. They are commonly known for their colorful shrubs.


Even if you don’t want to go sightseeing or u have seen every place then you can go to see these different species of animals and plants that are found in Australia. The places that you must visit in Australia are the Great Barrier Reef, the turquoise color of water and red sand, Western Australia there you will know the oldest story of Australia’s living culture in Darwin. Every place in Australia has a story that will make you remember it throughout your life. Kangaroo Island is one of the places that you will find Australia’s nature, wine, wildlife, and kinds of seafood.


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