The US has always been the most popular country in the world. The United States is in North America and it’s the largest one. Going once in a lifetime to the US is everyone’s dream. Some people get a chance to fulfill it by going on a trip, to study, for business and to work, but to fulfill a dream of visiting US one should have a US visa for Indians and should know what US Visa type you need according to your reason of visit.


US Visa type in India:


There are many types of US Visa, sources say that there are hundred and eighty-five US Visa types, but the major of US Visa types are US Business Visa, Work Visa, US Tourist Visa, and Study Visa. All these visas play an important role in their field. So, when you plan to visit the US choose a proper US Visa type according to your reason for visit.  Let’s have a detailed look of these Visas, the purpose, documentation, and process.


1.US Business Visa:


The US is well known for being the second largest trading nation. It’s the largest importer and the second-largest country in exports of goods. The US is a very powerful country in every way. The largest stock market takes place in New York City not only this but as per the technology-wise too. All these things played an important role in making the country powerful and the dream of many people.


Traveling to the US for the purpose of Meeting, conferences or for training from India, must have a valid business visa. B-1, non-immigrant is a valid Visa to travel from India to the USA for business related purposes. Before applying for the visa, you must check the eligibility for a US business Visa.


So, if you are planning to go to the US for business and you need a business visa, you must have a valid passport for 6 months after entering the US. You must have proof that you are financially stable in your country and eligible for a business meeting or conference that is arranged by your company in the US.


Documents Required for US Business Visa.

  • Original passport (current and expired)
  • Cover letter Mentioning the purpose of Business visit to the US on the company’s letter.
  • Last 3 years of the company’s income tax return.
  • Last 6 months of the company’s attested bank statement.
  • Invitation letter to attend business, like a meeting, conference, or training session.
  • Detailed profile of the inviting company.
  • If you are an employer from an Indian company, then you must attach your salary slip of the last 3 months and an attested personal bank statement of the last 6 months and NOC from the company.


Photo specification for all types of visas.

  • 2×2 inch of photo dimension
  • Recent photo, not older than 6 months.
  • Color photo.
  • Clear photos with hair tied and ear should not be covered.
  • face should be visible by 80%
  • No headgears except for religious purposes.
  • Glasses should not be worn.


Procedure and process:

The form should be filled in on the US website. The name of the form is DS-160. The official website is the CEAC website. The category for US Business Visa is Non-immigrant B1. Before filling in the form keep your passport, invitation letter and employment details ready. After completing the form, you must pay the immigration fee which is 13,440/-, that should be paid online. Save the payment receipt.

After the payment, you will have to take 2 appointments, one for biometric that is for photograph and fingerprint and biometric you will have to go to VFS center. Another one is an interview which will be conducted by the consulate officer, which will happen at any one center among the 5 centers in India. On biometrics appointment take your original passport with an appointment letter and DS-160 form printed copy.

On the day of the interview, carry everything that you carried on the day of biometrics along with biometrics receipt and any related documents. The interviewer will ask questions that are related to the DS-160 form answer honestly, your visa approval will depend on the answers you will give, so be honest.

US Business Visa processing time is for around 7-8 working days after the interview. The entire process takes 25-30 days to in case of any extra documents required. but it is advisable to attach more documents to make it simple and easier.


2.US Tourist Visa:


Whether it is Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco or California, the US has always been the first place to think for a trip with family or friends. America is not just famous for the places, but it is also famous for monuments like Statue of Liberty, Golden gate bridge, Walt Disney resort, Times Square and many more.

But to explore each and every little thing you need to visit it more than once but even after exploring the whole US one will never get satisfied with mesmerizing views and sceneries of the US and going you must have a US Tourist Visa for Indian.


Documents for Tourist Visa:

  • Original passport (old and new)
  • 2 photographs
  • Cover letter mentioning the purpose of the visit.
  • Last 6 months of bank statement attested by the bank.
  • Employment proof/ retirement letter if retired.
  • Travel itinerary and accommodation for the entire trip.


Documents for Visiting family or friends.

  • Invitation letter
  • Passport copy.
  • Green card
  • Valid visa
  • Residence permit.
  • Residence proofs
  • Employment proofs


Procedure and process:


Fill in the online form from the site as mentioned in the Business visa. the category for a tourist visa is Non-immigrant B1/B2 form. The rest of the procedure is the same. After filling in the tourist visa form that is DS-160 you must pay an online fee and then book 2 appointments, a biometric and an interview. After completion of all the processes and submitting a form, the process will take at least 8-10 working days after the interview with the consulate officer.


The entire process from filling out the form till you get a visa will take 30 days max depending on the availability of the appointment dates. The eligibility of applying for a tourist visa is you must have a valid passport for 6 months after entering the US. You must have proof that you are financially stable, you must hold a passport that is valid and the validity of it should be of at least 6 months. Need to prove the purpose of visiting the US is only tourism or visiting a family member or friend and you will return to your country after touring.



4.US Work Visa:


The US is a dream place for many and many of us wants a chance to work there, so for giving people the opportunity to work in the US, the government has introduced US Work Visa For Indians but for that, there are multiple criteria if you fulfill those criteria you can have your dream job.


The work visa is of two types that will depend on what type of work you will be doing. The candidate who will apply for a work visa will fall into the category of Non-immigration Visa temporarily. All the candidates belong to H, L, O, P and Q categories. So before applying for Work visa, you need any of your employer or an agent to file a petition and the I-129 and get it approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration service, once it is approved your employer or agent will be notified with the additional form I-797 then you can apply for a work visa. there are many types of a work visa before applying for that read the description of work visa and know in which category you belong to


Documents for Work visa:

  • Form DS-160
  • Valid passport (old and new)
  • Application fee 190 USD
  • 1 photograph of 51mmx51mm of dimension with white background and 80% of face coverage
  • Holders of an L-1 applicant need to pay a fraud prevention and detection fee.
  • Appointment letter
  • Copy of I-797 is not required during an interview.



4.Study visa


A degree from a US university means a lot so that the US has allowed students from around the world to study and complete higher education. The US has all types of universities for courses and for programs that a student is interested in. For that, you must apply for US Student Visa for Indians


The students or a citizen who plans to study in the US come under the category of F-1 and M-1 visas. Before applying students need to get the application approved by the school or university, once the application is approved the institute will hand over the necessary approval documentation which is required for applying for a study visa. After all, this student can apply within 4 months from the start of I-20 and need to travel within 30 days. Read for a description of the visa.


Documents for student’s visa

  • Ds-160 form
  • Application fee of 160 USD
  • Original passport (old and new)
  • 1 photograph of 51mmx51mm of dimension with white background and 80% of face coverage
  • Approved and signed form I-20 from school.
  • Interview appointment letter
  • Documents showing your financial and family ties of the home country to compel that you will return after completion.
  • Financial documents to prove that you have enough funds to support yourself.
  • Original as well as Xerox copy of bank statement or passbook.
  • If financially sponsored then you need to prove the relationship by giving the birth certificate, bank statement, tax paper.
  • All the educational documents.



The non-immigrant visa applicant should identify their category and based on the category candidate need to fill the visa. After determining the category and filling the visa form you need to fill up the DS-160 form with accurate details, once the submission of the form is done it can’t be undone. So, after all the process of determination of category and filling up DS-160 you need to pay an online fee then schedule an appointment of biometric and interview.



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