4 Stages To Get Your UK Tourist Visa For Indians Ready.


The United Kingdom – this name is enough to identify the associate nature of this kingdom, as it is the unification of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the north-western part of the European continent. Are you excited to land yourself at such a unique & wonderful portion of the world? Then the UK visa would be a priority for every international visitor. Are you an Indian tourist? Then you just need to apply for the UK tourist visa for Indians.


The United Kingdom is one of the most visited travel destinations among the European continent by almost all nationalists. Citizens across the globe, visit here for numerous purposes. Tourism is the major reason for the visit. Beautiful natural landscapes, seascapes, waterfalls, mountain ranges and much more attract the visitor’s attention.


There are several stages, which you need to go through for applying for any type of UK visa and hence for UK tourist visa for Indians too. So let’s begin,


Step-1 Gather Document


Documentation is the prior & most essential aspect for any visa application & the same goes for the UK visa too. Here is a list of essential documents that require your application of a UK tourist visa for Indians.


  • Original valid passport with a minimum of 6-months validity.


  • Photograph as per the international standards – against the plain white background, matt finish view. It should have a size of 35 x 45 mm with 80% face covered and should not be much older than 3-months.


  • Return flight tickets (Not mandatory).


  • Hotel confirmation voucher.


  • Duly signed & filled application form.


  • Covering letter that should be addressed to the British High Commission.


  • Detailed Invitation letter


  • Bank statements of the last 6-months with the stamp & sealed by the bank and that should have enough financial funds & documents.


  • Day wise itinerary.


  • Copy of credit card.


If you are a salaried applicant, then you have to submit the following list of documents.


  • Appointment letter/ Offer letter.


  • Approved leave application letter with signed and stamped of the company on the company’s letterhead.


  • Salary slips of last 3-months.


  • 3-year income tax returns.


In case you are a self-employed applicant, then you have to submit the following list of documents.


  • The company’s bank statement required enough funds.


  • Registration proof of the company.


  • GST certificate.


  • 3-year Income Tax Returns.


If you have received an invitation from the UK by your friends, relatives or other family members then you have to submit the following documents.


  • An invitation letter stating a valid reason for an invite.


  • Passport copy from front & back.


  • Copy of valid visa.


  • Residential proof of the UK.


  • Proof of employment.


If your trip is being sponsored by someone then you have to submit the following list of documents.

  • Sponsorship letter


  • Relationship with an applicant.


  • Copy of valid passport of a person who is sponsoring.


  • Employment proof of a person who is sponsoring.


  • Bank statement of last 6-months with stamp & seal with sufficient funds.


  • Any other Financial papers


  • Last 3 Years Income Tax Returns


Step-2 Begin with a Procedure


Once you have gathered all your documents as per your visa case, the next step would begin with the UK visa application procedure.


UK tourist visa for Indians is the offline visa application procedure in which you have to visit personally and need to submit your documents to the UK embassy.


It is advisable to take the help of trusted visa agents for such offline procedures, especially when you are applying for the first time. Because visa agents have mastery in visa fields so they will help you mindfully for your visa application.


Your visa agent will begin with filling an online visa application form. This form contains your entire passport & travel-related information, family information therefore it is important to fill this form duly with requested information. As it ends with the preparation part, the next target will be of submission.


Step – 3 Submission


As we have discussed above, a UK tourist visa is an offline application procedure and hence you have to submit your entire visa-related documents in a physical form by personally visiting the UK VFS Center on the day of document submission and biometric appointment.


Step-4 Biometrics.


Biometric is also one of ritual that is demanded by visa application. Especially when you are applying visas for developed countries like the UK and the US. The United Kingdom is also one of the developed nations & demands biometric verification for its immigrants. This collected biometric information will be attached to your visa application. Once you have done with submission & biometrics, your task is almost over.


Step – 4 Receive your Visa


Once you have walked through the entire step of your visa procedure, you have completed your role. The UK embassy generally takes, 12-15 working days to reach the conclusion for UK tourist visa for Indians. However, these days can be changed due to various responsible factors like the workload of the embassy, public holidays, availability of staff members and so on.


Once your UK visa will be ready with the stamp on a passport, you/ your visa agent will receive a notification by registered means of communication you need to collect the passport from the VFS Center where the application was submitted or can receive at the home/office with the help of courier facility provide by the UK embassy.


The validity of the UK tourist visa is of 180-days. However, validating & granting of visa application will depend on the embassy’s discretion.


While holding a valid UK visa you can enjoy the most wonderful travel destinations and can store memories of UK trip with your love once in your heart, for a lifelong.



Now it’s time to take a breath and become a worry-free for your UK tourist for Indians application.