All You Need To Know About Canada & It’s Visa.


Canada is a place with lots of beautiful attractions. The citizen residing in Canada welcome with a wide smile and an open heart. People not only visit Canada for spending time with family but also to make their career and to settle down. Whether you want to settle down, make a career or want to get a chance to visit as a tourist, one must have a Canada visa.


Canada is in the Northern part of North America, and it is half covered with forests.  It is the world’s second-largest country by total area. The capital of Canada is Ottawa with three largest metropolitan areas Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Most of the famous heritages are here in Canada, not just the places but also people from there are very talented.


We all know singers like Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, actors like Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne Johnson is well known for being a wrestler “The Rock”, who later started his career in acting. All these celebrities are from Canada not only them but our well known “Khiladi of Bollywood” Akshay Kumar is an Indian- Canadian actor. Though he was born in Amritsar he is still holding his Canadian citizenship. We all admire these people in some or other ways.


Top places to visit in Canada


When we dream or plan about going out somewhere for a vacation we all have the desire to see Niagara Fall, Egypt, Maldives, Paris, Tofino, Churchill and many more. But most places are located in Canada like Niagara falls, Churchills, Tofino. Canada is the place for everyone, people who love adventures for them a place like Churchill is best, people who enjoy beaches for them Tofino is good and people who love having fun in the snow for them a place like a whistler ski resort is best.  Once you are in Canada watching Niagara falls are must, not to be mention because we know Niagara falls are on the wish list of everyone.


One can visit throughout the year. Visiting during early winter will make one more comfortable and can see the snowfalls. Early winter means during October and November because the temperature over there will be something many of us, Indians can get along but during the month of March-April, the climatic temperature drops to -1 or -2, which is unbearable. To explore each and every place in Canada one must hold a visa. So we mandatorily need a Canada visa for Indians.


There are mainly different types of visas, it all depends on what type of visa you intend to have. Tourist visa, study visa, business visa, permanent visa.  If you want to spend your vacation or want to visit any of your friend or family member you need a tourist visa, if you want to go study in Canada you will need study visa if you are planning to do business but you are a resident of Canada, you need a business visa and if you are planning to settle in Canada you need a permanent visa. Let me be more specific on the visas.


Tourist visa, business visa, meeting a family member or friend visa come under Canada’s temporary resident visa. A study visa is known as a Canada student visa which also lies in a temporary resident visa. A permanent resident visa is for people who are already in Canada but don’t have a PR Card. A work visa is of two types that are open work visa and employer-specific work permit. Here we are going to help you with the questions rising in your minds. Continue reading to know how to get a Canadian Visa For Indians.


 Let’S Start With Documentation And Process For Canada Tourist Visa / Visitor Visa.


  • Original passport which should be valid till 6 months.


  • Download an online tourist application form and fill it.


  • Three recent passport size photographs with white background.


  • Hotel confirmation.


  • Day wise itinerary


  • Updated bank statement for six months.


  • Offer letter or appointment letter


  • Six months of salary slips.


  • Leave letter from the company


If You Got An Invitation From Canada Resident.


  • Invitation letter from the resident of Canada


  • Invite’s passport copy visa copy.


  • Employment prove


  • Residence proofs.


Documentation for Business Canadian visa for Indians:


  • Original passport with the availability of at least 6 months when you enter Canada


  • 2 blank pages in the passport.


  • Financial stability in your home country.


  • Prove your purpose to visit or to return the home country on completion of holidays.


  • Adequate business proofs.


Documentation For A Sponsored Business Trip


  • Last updated personal bank statement attested by the bank.


  • Last 6 months company statement attested by the bank.


  • Any other financial documents.


  • Income tax return for the last 3 years.


  • Income tax return for the last 3 years for the company


  • Cover letter by the company and the reason to visit with duration.


  • Job profile in the company


  • Last 3 months salary slips.


Documentation For Self-Employed Business Trips


  • Last6 months updated personal bank statement attested by the bank.


  • Last 6 months company statement attested by the bank.


  • Personal Income tax return for the last 3 years.


  • Income tax return for the last 3 years for the company


  • Cover letter by the company and the reason to visit with duration.


  • Company registration certificate.


Documents From The Canadian Business Office.
  • Invitation letter from the company letterhead with details of inviting person, purpose, and duration to stay.


  • Company profile.


  • Registration certificate of the company


  • Passport copy of the signatory.


Process For Business Visa


  • There are two online forms on the internet download those forms and fill it accurately.


  • The first form is of family information form. In which details related to your family should be filled appropriately.


  • The second form of personal information form. In which you have to fill your details.


  • Next is to prepare a detailed company letterhead with and signature of authorized signatory addressing to The Canadian High Commission with your personal and employment details.


The process for a visitor visa will take at least 25-30 working days once the application is fully filled with proper documents attached. So planning to visit Canada one should be prepared with the documentation and process in advance.


Visa is applicable for 90 days on a one-way entry visa. As for the business visa process, it takes at least 30-35 working days. So it is advisable to start your documentation and process in advance time of 60 days before the intended travel date.