Apply For Switzerland Visa From India


The Covid-19 situation is improving and India is slowly showing up on the list of countries where Indians can now visit for tourism.


One such beautiful country that is allowing Indians to arrive for tourism in Switzerland.


Switzerland tourist visa is now open for tourists, be it for families, couples or even friends to arrive here and explore the beauty and nature in this landlocked mountainous country.


So are you interested in finally going to a foreign country as heavenly as Switzerland but don’t know how to go about it?

Here is a guide on how to get your Switzerland visa from Mumbai with our help.


People have canceled their holiday plans since India was and still is in the red zone due to the Covid-19 pandemic, preventing the issuance of visas to many countries.


Now the Government of Switzerland has given the good news that they have finally opened tourism for Indian travelers.

With the Swiss visa being started for Indians, the only condition for an Indian traveler who arrives in this country for tourism is that he/she needs to be fully vaccinated with both doses.


That is the only requirement for an Indian traveler to travel to Switzerland.


Switzerland accepts the Covishield vaccine.


Unlike other countries that have opened doors to Indian travelers, they have made it compulsory to quarantine for a 10-14-day period along with taking an RT-PCR test before travel. But the Swiss Government has wavered off this rule for Indian travelers.


An important note to remember is that although the Swiss Government has nodded its head against this rule, the airline you are choosing to arrive in Switzerland may ask you to carry along a negative RT-PCR test.


After obtaining a visa, the next point to tackle is reaching there by flight. Previously there were direct flights to Zurich. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, direct flights (also called bubble flights) have been canceled.


There are connecting flights to reach Switzerland via Paris and Amsterdam. Vaccinated Indian travelers will need to choose between any one of the two choices to reach the desired destination.


It was a decision taken by the Switzerland Embassy and Consulate in India that opened doors for acceptance of visas which commenced on 28th June 2021. The rules to accept Indians travelers, only those who are fully vaccinated, were decided upon by the Federal Council of Switzerland on 23rd June 2021. Another point that was taken into consideration was that any traveler who enters from the Schengen area will not require to quarantine either.


The Swiss embassy has started issuing visas and the traveler needs to book a prior appointment to get his/her visa.


“The Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi is accepting all visa categories currently for persons arriving from third world countries like India, who can prove, that they have been fully vaccinated. Booking of a prior appointment is mandatory for all application types. VFS Global Services is operational and accepting visa applications at the centers in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Cochin.” (quoted as stated on the official website of the Swiss Embassy in India).


Besides, those Indian travelers who wish to enter Switzerland from the US, Albania, and even Serbia are permitted entry with no restriction.


Final points to remember while traveling to Switzerland (new rules):

  • Individual needs to be fully vaccinated with both doses.
  • Covishield is accepted by the Swiss Government.
  • No quarantine is required.
  • No RT-PCR test is required.
  • Basic sanitation guidelines like social distancing and wearing a mask at all times needs to be followed.
  • Check with your chosen airline if a negative RT-PCR test is compulsory.
  • No direct flights are operating between India and Switzerland.
  • Entry from the Schengen area is permitted only to fully vaccinated travelers.
  • US, Serbia, and Albania are the 3 countries from where Indian travelers can enter Switzerland.

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