Visa For Germany


Many Indian tourists visit Europe, specially the Schengen area among which Germany is one among the top on the list.


There are plenty of reasons to travel to this beautiful country. Right from its vibrant cities to the serene countryside, Germany is the ultimate destination for arts and events. The Oktoberfest and Berlin Film Festival are quite famous here.


If you are interested in traveling to Germany, you will need help with all the documentation and visa requirements that are needed as well as the entire visa application process.


Scroll below to find out what does Germany ask Indian tourists to submit for a Germany tourist visa to their country. This guide will help you with all the steps you need to follow to obtain a German visa.


Types of German Visas


It is not only for tourism that people travel to Germany. People go to Germany even for studying and working, for medical treatment and also for business. Getting a visa depends on your purpose to go there for a specific time period only. According to that, the visas are classified into the following types:


  • Tourist visa for visiting – visiting family, friends and relatives; vacation purposes, sightseeing in the country and to learn about the culture.
  • Student visa – for students who have enrolled and are accepted in a German university.
  • Business visa – for Indians who want to do business here.
  • Medical treatment visa – for patients who want to see medical treatment, if not available in India.
  • Student applicant visa – for Indian students who are still figuring out a program or are awaiting a confirmation letter from the university to study in Germany.
  • Work visa – for those who want to work here.
  • Language course visa – for those who want to master the German language from the origin country.
  • Job seeking visa – for those wishing to enter Germany in the search of getting a job.
  • Airport transit visa – for those traveling to another destination but have to pass through a German airport to change flights.
  • Guest scientist visa – for Indian scientists or scholars who are invited in Germany by an institution to carry out research.
  • Training or internship visa – for those who are a part of any training or internship in their respective field.
  • Trade fair and exhibitions visa – for Indian citizens who are participating in a trade fair or exhibition for their respective professions or business.


The visa type will determine the length of stay and purpose to remain in Germany. The visitor is allowed to remain only for that specific time period, depending on visa status.


German Visa Requirements

Indian citizens need to submit the following documents mentioned below to apply for a German tourist visa.

  1. Application form needs to be filled correctly with details matching your documents. Do not forget to sign the form at the end.
  2. Original passport with 3month validity and a single blank page for the visa.
  3. Two photographs as per requirements set by the ICAO.
  4. Accommodation proof and return ticket to show where you will be staying in Germany. It can be a hotel, rental place or even at a friend’s or relative’s house. The ticket should display arrival and departure date from Germany.
  5. Travel insurance covering your planned stay anywhere in Germany.
  6. Invitation letter where the inviter is asking you to come and stay with him/her/them at their place in Germany.
  7. Sponsorship letter and proof if there is a sponsor who is paying for your trip to Germany long with proof like bank statement, residence proof, etc.
  8. Travel itinerary to show a detailed plan of what you will be doing and where you will be going while in Germany.
  9. Financial proof to prove that you have the funds to show that you are financially stable to spend for yourself during your stay in Germany.
  10. If employed must provide

employment letter, bank statement, leave letter, ITR

  1. If self-employed

Business license, bank statement of company, ITR

  1. If student

Institution enrollment proof, NOC from school/university

  1. If retired

Pension statement or bank statement, proof of retirement


Application Process

After filling the form and setting all your documents in order, the next step is to finalize the application process. To obtain your visa, you must submit your application in the following steps:


  • Book an interview appointment online with the visa center, embassy or the Consulate. You can even take our help at Fly for Holidays with appointment booking.
  • Make sure to reach for your appointment on time. Be there half an hour before your time slot.
  • Attend the appointment with all documents in hand.
  • Submit biometrics i.e. your fingerprints and digital image there itself.
  • Answer all the questions truthfully when asked.
  • Wait for a response.
  • Collect your visa.

In case of visa rejection, contact the embassy/consulate to find out details and what can you do to re-apply for it.


Visa Fees

As of February 2020, the visa fees for Indian passport holders is RS. 7087 (80EU) per head. For children this rate may differ (check the website). These fees are for all Schengen visa types. But there are certain categories of people who are exempt from these fees. They include-

  • Children below 6years
  • Indian pupils
  • Undergraduates and postgraduates along with teaching staff who are accompanying any teaching staff undertaking trips for educational training or studying purposes.
  • Non-profit organization representatives (25years and below) taking part in any events organized by the NGO like seminars, conferences, sports, cultural or educational programs.
  • Any researcher traveling with the EU community from a third world country for carrying out scientific research.

Note that the German visa fees in INR is as per the current exchange rate. It changes daily and is subject to notice.


Processing Time


It takes 10-15 working days to process visa for Germany visa for Indian citizens by the German Embassy in New Delhi, India.

However, it may get delayed which depends on the number of applications or if there is a problem with the applicant’s case in a specific situation.

It is advisable to file for a visa at least 6months before you depart for your trip. The latest to file would be 3weeks so as to avoid any delays on the processing side.

The maximum length of stay after obtaining a German visa is 3months. This is different from visa validity. Violation of this rule can lead to deportation or a ban to enter Germany in the future.


There will be an extra charge for visa processing at the visa application center. This fee is an extra payment besides the actual visa fee. However, the fee amount can vary from the different type of visa category.

You can track your visa application on VFS Global Germany if you submit at a German Visa Application Center.x`