Best University in the U.S for MBA in finance


Studying abroad gives you an edge over others and the US is one of such countries where the students opt for and some of the students who passed out from best business schools for MBA in finance earn roughly around $ 1,70,000. The top business schools in the field of finance prepare the graduates to work in business administration and management. Following is the list of the best university in the US for MBA in finance:


  1. Wharton School of Business
  2. University of Chicago
  3. New York University
  4. Columbia University
  5. Stanford Graduate School of Business
  6. Cornell SC Johnson School of Business
  7. Harvard Business School
  8. Yale School of Management
  9. Chicago Booth School of Business
  10. Georgetown McDonough School of Business.


For opting in one of these schools to complete their MBA Indian students require US Student Visa for Indians and the process they need to follow is by applying F or M visa to study here based on the course of the study and the type of school you plan to attend.


How to apply for MBA in finance?


You need to follow several steps to apply for the US visa and the order of these steps may vary according to the US consulate or embassy. The new student visa is issued up to 120 days in advance before the start of the course of study and these students are allowed to travel within 30 days from the start date on Form I-20. But before applying for the visa all applicants are required that their application must be accepted and approved by their school or program and once the application is accepted institution will provide the necessary approval documentation which is used to apply for a student visa.


F-1 Visa


The most common type of student visa is F-1 and incase if you wish to go for academic studies in the US at an approved school at accredited US college or university or private and secondary school or approved English program then you need to go for an US F-1 visa and also you need to apply for this visa if your study program is of more than 18 hours a week.


M-1 Visa


If you opt for the non-academic or vocational program or training at the US institution then you are bound to apply for an M-1 visa.  This visa includes cooking classes, language programs, cosmetology, mechanical education, or any other program that falls under vocational studies.


Documents required for Applying for Student Visa 


Irrespective of the visa you apply the visa fee is $ 160 and the following is the list of the documents required for a Student Visa for Indians.


  1. DS-160, a non-immigrant visa application form is to be filled
  2. Valid passport for traveling wherein the passport must have the minimum validity of 6 months beyond your intended stay in the US and if more than one person is included in the passport then each person who needs the visa must apply for a separate application.
  3. A recent photograph was taken within 6 months having the dimension of 2×2 inches with a white background and matt finish.
  4. Additional visa reciprocity fee may be required if the visa is issued which depends on the nationality. With the help of the department of state’s website, you need to find out if you need to pay this visa fee and the amount.
  5. Approved original and signed Form I-20 from the US school or program.


Apart from this, you are required to submit an interview appointment letter to confirm that you have booked this appointment by using this service and you can also bring all the supporting documents which you need to inform the consular about your application.



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Reasons for selecting US to do MBA


Us is often recognized as the gold standard of business education although Asian and European universities are as challenging as the US. The US is still the popular destination for the students due to the following reasons:


  1. Quality of MBA programs – US business schools such as Wharton, Harvard, and Stanford are consistently top MBA ranking universities. When you complete MBA from a top university it continues to pay off long even after graduation and it stands out on your resume for the lifetime.
  2. Value of 2 years – While top universities in Europe and Asia offer 1-year programs at affordable prices still many students are attracted to the traditional 2-year program and the most favored place for it in the US.
  3. Top faculty – US business schools aim to stay ahead of others and remain the worlds leading business education providers and doing MBA in the US will expose you to the latest research and industry insight with experienced faculty. The quality of the education you receive here will set you up to hit high in life once you graduate.
  4. Launching the career – Once you are done with MBA in the USA your top job profiles include the roles of marketing manager, finance manager, management consultant, etc. The top-ranking schools here have built strong relationships with the employers enabling schools to serve as the gatekeepers for good jobs.
  5. Salary potential – The base salary for the grads in the US is $1,15,000 according to GMAC and some of the high-paying jobs can be found in the stateside of the US. However, salary may differ according to the business school you attend.


Apply for the best MBA school in the US and bear the fruits for a lifetime.