Canada Visa Reopens for Indians


Canada is a gigantic country with stunning places to visit. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, travel to this beautiful country was entirely shut.


As of September 2021, Canada has reopened its borders for visitors.


An Indian tourist can now apply for a Canada visit visa.


The current condition in India being stable has led to Canadian Government to lift a month long ban to allow travel to Canada from India, with strict Covid travel requirements.


Indian tourists can now apply for a Canada visit visa for purposes like tourism/temporary resident visa, business purpose and even for a Can+ visa.


There are flights operating directly to Canada from India since 31st October 2021. Air Canada has started a direct flight from Delhi to Montreal. There are connecting flights from Montreal to other main cities like Toronto and Ontario. Currently, frequency of flights from Delhi to Canada has increased to ten per week.


Travelers from India need to abide by the following requirements to travel to Canada:


  • Tourist visa holders with the eligibility to enter Canada need to board a direct flight from India.


  • It is compulsory for the passenger to show proof of negative Covid-19 test report from an approved laboratory at the airport.


  • The test report cannot be taken 18+ hours at the airport before departure.


  • Prior to boarding, the passenger needs to present the test report with a QR code that has been issued by the lab to the check-in operator.


  • Inability on your part to meet any of the above requirements will result in refusal in boarding the flight.


Canada Can+ Visa


Canada can+ visa is a visa type wherein if you have traveled to Canada within the last 10years and are still holding a valid visa.


In short, CAN+ is only for applicants who hold a valid US visa that covers their stay in Canada.


This visa type is a program set by the Canadian Government which only works for the visit visa category.


It speeds up the process of tourists who have visited Canada in the past 10 years or still holding a visa or have a US passport. Such cases require less documentation. It even helps the officer to take quick decisions on cases of can+ visas, thus helping him focus more on complicated cases.


There is no necessity to fill different application forms for a Canada Can+ visa. This decision is in the hand of the officers.


The online visa form is the same for Can+ applications. You just need to provide proof of your travel history or your valid US visa.


Documentation for Can+ Visa

  • Photograph (digital photographs if you are applying online or two hard copies if you are applying from visa application center. Photo specification of Canada visa is same as Indian specification).
  • Passport copy with details of name, date, place of birth, issue and expiry date of the passport.
  • Copy of entry and exit stamp of Canada or valid visa of US to prove that you visited the countries in last 10 years.


These documents need to be attached COMPULSORILY when you apply for Canada can+ visaYou need to visit the VAC center for submission of documents & biometrics. On completion of visa process, you will receive a sticker visa.


The process takes 10 -12 days. For collection of passport you need to visit VAC where it was originally submitted or you can opt for courier service by paying nominal charges.


Canada Visit Visa


Canada Visit Visa is an offline process. You need to visit the nearby VFS Center to submit documents and biometrics. Hence, you need to make an appointment and visit the center to submit the documents.


The first step will be to fill up the form. There are 2 online forms that need to be filled:


  1. Family Information Form – This form has details related to the Family which include spouse, children, and parents’ details with their current occupation and address.


2. Personal Information Form – This form includes details of your passport, education, employment, travel purpose, plans, and inviter           details if any.



Eligibility for Canadian Visit Visa

  • You must hold a Passport with 6months validity when you enter Canada


  • 2 Blank Pages in Passport


  • Financial stability in your home country


  • Prove your purpose of visit and return to home country on completion of stay


  • Residence and family, social and economic ties in home country


Documentation for Canadian Visit Visa


Original & Old Passport


Canada Visa Photo – 35 X 45 MM 80 % Face white background matt finish


A personal cover letter (will be made by us)


Application form (will be filled by us)


6 Months attested bank statement (A4 Size paper only)


3 Years ITR


Salary slips for the past 3 months


A letter from the company stating the purpose of visit or leave letter


Invitation Letter


Passport copy


Residence Proof


Employment proof


In Case of Invitation from Canada Resident (family or friend)


Invitation Letter from resident of Canada (it will be prepared by us)


Invite’s Passport Copy Visa Copy


Last three months Bank Statement


Employment Proof


Residence Proof (residential card and driving license)



Canada Visa Fees


Canadian Visa Fees is RS. 13,000/- apart from Consulate charges, Fly For Holidays service charge is RS. 2,000 + 360 (GST).


Can+ Visa Fees is RS. 1,3000/- apart from Consulate charges, Fly for Holidays service charge is RS. 2,000 + 360 (GST).


Visa fees can be paid by two modes: online and in cash at the VFS counter.

  • For online payment, you need to carry the payment receipt generated on the Canadian website after making the successful payment.


  • You will then have two receipts: The consulate fee and the Biometrics fee receipt.


There is no additional charge for Canada can+ visa but you may have to pay the amount of visa application fees.


Note: Canadian Government fees (visa fees), VFS charges and our service charge are all NON-REFUNDABLE.


Points to remember:


It is advisable to start the process at least 60 days in advance before the intended travel date.


You can apply for Canada Visit Visa 90 days before the intended travel date.


Also, the time taken by the consulate may increase in case of insufficient documents or incomplete forms.


In case of rejection, you can reapply immediately. However, you need to make sure to present your application with correct and mandatory documents to avoid further rejection.


It takes a month (only working days) for the Canadian High Commission to take a decision on your visa. But it varies from case to case.


The validity of the visa is 180days if granted, but that again depends on the decision taken by the Canadian Consulate.