Here is What You Should Not Miss in Japan


Japan is a nation known as the rising sun and a pioneer in technology.  Japan teaches us how to stand at peace when you are in trauma and that’s the beauty of it that works like a magnet to the global visitors.  Due to Buddhism and other similarities, the relationship between India and Japan has kept on strengthening.  Thousands of Indians visit Japan for many purposes, which bring trust and transparency between two powerful nations, Japan Visa plays an important role for Indian travelers.


Japan is a country that shares its geographical boundaries with China, Korea, and Russia. Every year hundreds of  Indian travelers and especially IT experts take visits to Japan. For this purpose, Japan’s visa is an important device to carry for Indians.


For the visa, purpose Japanese have some procedures to be followed by their international visitors. The offline procedure is followed for Japan tourist Visa For Indians along with the bunch of following listed documents.


  1. Duly filled Application form in the English language with proper signature as per passport is important.


     2 Passport must have at least 2 blank pages with a minimum of six months’ validity.


3. Two Photographs are necessary for visa application according to the international standards which include following detailings of White Background, Matt finish view, 02-inch x 02 inches. Size, 80% face covered and Not older than 3 months.


4. It is important to have a Valid permit to return from Japan for the matter that you can show your national identity proof, accommodation proof, etc.


    5. Travel medical insurance is an important helping tool during travel, medical emergencies protect yourself from sudden situations such as baggage loss, flight delaying, sudden accidents, etc.


    6. A cover letter is an important list of documents that contains all the important details of an applicant this information contains applicants name, birth date. Marital status, educational details, employment details, family information, the purpose of visit, returning information and much other important information.


7. It is mandatory to show leave Letter because it is an important reason for returning to the home country. Leave letter must be signed and stamped and on the company’s letterhead. For people who are engaged in their own business or self-employed than they have to submit their company’s detail, personal bank account details, company’s bank account details, last 1 year’s income tax returns proof and GST certificate is necessary to submit.


8. You need to attach a day-wise itinerary mentioning your travels plans while in Japan


9. For showing Proof of sufficient funds, you have to submit your bank account details in terms of statements with having a regular transaction for at least 3 months.


 10. Round trip flight reservations- a travel itinerary is mandatory for travel proof and booking of travels and hotels is important to submit with a travel itinerary that will be under accommodation proof.


  • In case of invitation original invite letter, guarantee letter and Jhuminyo letter is required from inviter.


  • For Minor travelers, it is important to have an application letter from their parents for showing allowance of their child for an international visit by submitting NOC with their sign., copies of parent’s passport and identity documents.


  • If an applicant is applying for a visa for the first time then they also have to submit their previous original passport.


Japan visa has a validity of 15 days or 30 days in case of tourism purpose based on the plan been submitted. Approximate time for processing Japan visa is of 4 working days including the day of submission. In case of rejection of Japan visa you are unable to reapply for 6 months hence it is important to take the help of Visa agents if you are applying for  Japan tourist visa for Indian or any other visa for the first time to avoid further delaying and negative consequences.


As Japan is strict for its international visitors you have to make sure that you prepare with everything before time. visa agents will help you and guide you with better information. Visa agents also help you with booking your appointment with the VFS center for interviews and biometric procedures and also guide you about interview question answers, managing your behaviors and body language before and during talks with officers and other small details.


After the submission of documents, it’s time to know about the application procedure. Japan visa is an offline procedure where you have to apply and submit your documents with the in-hand process. Once your visa application has been approved you will get a notification for the same by the means of communication you will either get a mail or call from the respected embassy or your visa agents will notify regards the same.


Then you have to revisit the embassy to collect your stamped passport and ready Japan Visa in your hand. Now you are ready to fly for Japan. Prepare yourself to get lost in japan’s air and don’t forget to visit Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Dome, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Mountain Fuji, and Akihabara with the sips of green tea, sake, and shochu. Also don’t forget to get a piece of information about Japanese art, culture, and tradition.



From the above-written information, it is not wrong to say that visiting the survival nation is not a cakewalk. Applying for Japan visa for Indians takes little effort but with minor care and help it is going to be easy for appliers with us and we can assure you of this.