The Secret of UK Visa For Indians


Indians are always fascinated by visiting exotic and alluring locations and Visiting United Kingdom is like a dream come true for Indians to be it family tourism, honeymoon or business purpose. The first step being the UK Visa for Indians.


As history goes back we had bitter relations specifically being with England but leaving all that behind now the current scenario is way too different from having very much positive relations.  This has made a drastic change in the minds towards both ends. People across both the borders have started appreciating the progress made in recent years.


The United Kingdom a kingdom of fantasy, dream, nature, beauty, forest, architecture, museum all comprised in one. A destination to be visited anytime throughout the year because of its relative temperature as it doesn’t experience extreme summer or winter.


Both countries have developed financially and traditionally in recent times.  At the same time, a fear of uninvited factors is always a concern for the nation. To avoid those factors a simple procedure to allow entry for a commoner is following a legal process.


Processing Visa is always a difficult task as it is a barrier between your dreams and reality and to convert this dream into reality we need to have visa approval. So let’ s plan to make it a reality with the following steps:


The most important factor in UK Visa for Indians is to select the appropriate category of visa based on your purpose of travel. Once this is done you can start with the online form which consists of around 50 questions based on your personal details, family, education, employment, and finance. After completion of the form, you need to pay UK Visa fee & VFS charges on the site and get an appointment. You are allowed to select the date and time of the appointment and the VFS center you wish to visit.


Before visiting the center you need to collect certain documents based on your application as you need to submit it on the day of the appointment. The documents you need to carry at the center will be as follows :


Original Passport:


A most important and mandatory document that must have at least 6 months validity, minimum of 2 blank pages. Please make a note to carry all the old passports if any specifically if it has USA, Schengen, Canada visa as it boosts your application increases the chances of approval.


Application form:


Form which has been filled up online needs to be printed with a document checklist and appointment letter. The form contains around 50 questions which include personal details, family details, employment details, finance, travel plans to name some.  All the pages of the form to be taken on a separate sheet whereas the document checklist can be taken on a back to back print.


Cover Letter: 


  A detailed cover letter addressed to an appropriate embassy with your name, passport number, the purpose of travel, travel itinerary,  employment and if family accompanying then their details with name & passport number. In case of something which you feel is important for the embassy to know about your case must be mentioned in the cover letter.




While giving biometrics they will click a  photo which will be utilized by them for visa though it is advisable to carry a color photograph with following dimensions of 35mm x 45mm with white background with the close of your head and top of your shoulders covering 80% face, matt finish, recently clicked.


Flight Reservations:


Air tickets are not a mandatory document. You can always issue it once you receive the visa.


Hotel Reservations:


Hotel reservations are to made according to your travel plans from the day you enter the UK till you exit. It can be vouchered once the visa is approved.


Travel Insurance:


Travel Insurance is not a mandatory document for the processing of UK Visa for Indians. In the case of senior citizen traveling make sure to issue travel insurance.



Bank Statement:


Statement of last 6 months with your name, address, account number attested by the bank on A4 size Paper.


Income Tax Returns


Income Tax Returns of the last 3 years and if not, form 16 from the employer for the last 3 years.


Documents for Salaried:


A leave letter from the company mentioning your travel dates and leave approval. Last 3 months salary slip.


Documents for Self Employed:


Company ITR of 3 years, Last 6 months current account bank statement attested by bank and GST Certificate.


Documents for Students:


Students need to submit their Fee receipt of the current year, school/ college ID Card, and a letter mentioning they don’t have any objection on your travel to the UK.


Documents for Minor:


A minor if accompanying a single parent needs to have NOC from a non-traveling parent and a government ID (Passport preferable). In case of a minor under the custody of a single parent then need to attach official court papers about their custody/ any other official document supporting the case and NOC from non-traveling parent and a government ID (Passport preferable).


Documents for Sponsorship:


In case of a sponsored trip you require a sponsorship letter mentioning your name, passport number, travel plans. Details of a sponsor which include relation to the applicant, their current employment status and an extent to which sponsorship is done.


These are some of the basic documents for UK Visa for Indians which generally remains the same but there is always a twist in Indian People’s life so how can a process of Visa for Indians be without that so certain documents tend to change as per your plan, your employment and family.


Applying a UK visa is still a tedious process for Indians to be it for any purpose and here comes in the role of a Travel/ Visa Agent. From being the selection of the category to apply visa, documentation, processing and finally getting the approval.


We at Fly for Holidays assure you to give our client the best of the services with all the possible help providing from our end.