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London is one of the most popular cities and the capital of England and the United Kingdom. From the ancient culture to its world-famous sites, it is amazing to spent time in London. People around the world come to London and fall in love with its beauty.

20 million people every year come to fall in love with London. The most beautiful scenery can be seen from the most popular place in the city is the London eye from where you can see the whole of London. Apart from the London eye there more places that are attractive and amazing, but to fall in love with London you need to experience it by yourself and for that, you must hold London Visa For Indians.


The first Roman Governor, Aulis Plautus said to be the first person to discover London. They created the first established town which was called Londinium. This name was given in a Latinized form.

From its discovery, until now London is about 2000 years old. Today London is also called The smoke, the big smoke, and the old smoke. It is most likely because of air pollution in London is increasing regularly since the industrialization century.

All the government policies or laws are determined by London as being the capital. London is also a financial hub.

London is known as the cultural capital around the world. London has an active nightlife through music, theatre, and comedy. The culture of London is all about music, theatre, comedy, festivals, and museums.

Football is a popular game here whereas rugby is a popular team sport. The famous sightseeing spots which you shouldn’t miss while in London are visiting Warner Bros.Studio, The London Eye, Tower of London, Sealife London, and MadameTussauds.

Each one of them gives immense pleasure once you visit it. You need to make pre-bookings before visiting there and  Fly for Holidays books London packages too with a visa. Get in touch with us when you plan your next trip to the UK.


The best time to visit London is from March to May, during this time of year the temperature here is mild and the city blooms. The late spring to summer is also the tourist season. During this period the fare rate reaches its peak.  In December the street in London is filled with international tourists.


No matter at what time of the year you go to London you will always find this place crowded, people come here throughout the year as it the most popular city. Before going to London you must remember one thing that you must carry an umbrella with you because it showers around the year.


The most attractive places in London are the Tower of London, this place is the royal palace of her majesty. It is located in the north of the River Thames bank. Not just the royal palace but The tower of London plays many roles throughout history as a prison, armory, museum, barracks, etc. this tower is an about 900-year-old castle as well as the fortress of London.


The Tower of London gives you lots of knowledge about the history of London. People who are interested In horrors are more likely to love this place because it holds the history of imprisonment, murder, torture, haunting. Apart from the armory suits, You can also be able to see the crown jewels. The tower of London is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.


There is a total of 20 towers that make the Tower of London, which is used to protect the country and its citizens.


Buckingham Palace, it is the administrative headquarter. It is situated in the Westminster of the city. This place is open to the public only once in a year for a couple of months from July to October. In this palace, you can see many things like the queen’s gallery.


It was used by Queen Victoria as her private chapel. In this gallery many exhibitions are being hosted for around 6 months, the royal mews takes you back in time, you will find all the means of transport that were used by the royals at the time of Queen Victoria.


From horse carriage to motor transport you will find everything in this corner of Buckingham Palace.

If you are interested in the making of harry potter or you are a harry potter fan then you must visit the Warner Bros. Studio. It is the most attractive place to visit in London. this place is located in Leavesden in the south-east of England, which is outside London.

This place was opened in the year 2012, and until now it has become the world’s highest-rated attractive place. There are more than 6000 visitors every year. Warner bros. studio tour divided into 2 sections.

Each session of the tour consists of 6000 people at a time and it lasts for up to 3 hours.  as the studio of harry potter, there are lots of sets and props that are used in the movie.

You will be shown how the movie was created by looking at the things in the studio you will know behind the scenes. This making of harry potter studio is not a theme park so there will be no rides. Other than these places, there are also Big Ben, Tower Bridge, British Museum, London eye, etc.

London is not the only place for attraction there are lots of famous actors that are born here and doing great in the movies. The most famous comedian who made the world laugh by his silent comedy movies is The great actor Charlie Chaplin who was born in London.

He started his career in his early stage of life as a stage actor and comedian. After working hard he became world-famous. Later he started his own production house, became a director, writer.

Other than Charlie Chaplin there are actors like Tom Hardy which is famous for his roles in venom, mad max: fury road, Emilia Clarke is well known for her role in Game of Thrones, Who played the role of Khaleesi.

Another actor who has captured many hearts since he was 11 years old with the movie Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe is also born in London.

Not only just actors but there are also singers, directors, and producers that are worldwide famous. Once you plan to visit the UK do not forget to visit this admiring city as there are lots of things that make you fall in love with London but for that, you need to have a London visa for Indians.

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