How to Get Malaysia e visa from Dubai


Malaysia a south Asian country is heaven for the tourists who love traveling and like to explore new places and hence tourism is the third-largest source of foreign exchange income here. People from different parts of the world come to explore this amazing country and Dubai doesn’t lack much behind. Indian residence residing in Dubai intending to visit Malaysia for tourism purposes need to understand how to get a Malaysia e visa from Dubai and the easiest way for the same is.,these applicants are required to follow steps the same as Malaysia Visa for Indians.


People can explore the always buzzing capital city Kuala Lumpur, the oldest city Malacca or have a relaxing holiday at one of its beautiful and mesmerizing islands that include Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu, Penang, Redang, and many more. The best time to visit Malaysia being from late November to mid-February.


UAE citizens are exempted for applying the visa for traveling to Malaysia as a tourist as they are eligible for the stay of 30 days on arrival in Malaysia once the stamping is done at the airport by the Immigration department however  Indians with the resident permit in UAE can apply for the Malaysia visa online with different categories that include eNTRI Note, 30 days single entry E-Visa, 30 days multiple entries E-Visa. Based on the purpose of the travel and the airline the applicant is traveling can choose upon the visa to apply.


Process for E-Visa


  • Malaysia visa for tourists is an online visa process making it much easier to apply without any worries for visiting the VFS center or Malaysian Embassy to get the visa processed. Since it is an E-Visa all the documents required are to be uploaded on the website in the PDF format with clear visibility of the matter on the documents and in a password-free format. The official website for applying Malaysia E-Visa is


  • The first step for applying the e-visa is creating the profile online. Filling up the required details as per the passport and travel itinerary.


  • Make sure that while filling up the details it must be as per the passport as any change or difference in the details with relation to a passport may result in visa rejection or deportation.


  • Once all the details are filled in online the next step will be of uploading all the documents required as per your application.


  • The photograph uploaded must be as per the specification mentioned on the website any difference in the photograph may delay the application or lead to rejection of the application.


  • After uploading all the required documents the next step will be of the online visa fees payment which can be done with the help of the debit and credit card.


  • If the applicant applies for the eNTRI note then the applicant is required to make a single payment for VFS logistic charges whereas in case of 30 days single and multiple entries the payment needs to be made twice wherein one payment will be for the Malaysian Consulate and the second payment will be for VFS logistics charges.


  • eNTRI Note is processed immediately on making the payment and the note is generated.


  • 30 days E-visa for single entry & multiple entries requires 3 – 5 working days to complete the entire process and e-visa is generated.


  • eNTRI Note, 30 days E-Visa single and multiple entries can be applied 90 days before the intended date of the travel.



  • 30 days single entry E-Visa is valid for 90 days with a stay of 30 days.


  • 30 days multiple entry E-Visa is valid for 90 days with a maximum stay of 30 days on each visit.


Documents required for processing Malaysia tourist visa


  • Passport bio pages


  • 1 photograph in JPEG format with the specification of 33mm x 50mm, white background, 60-70% face visible, without borders, and not older than 3 months.


  • Air Ticket – Return


  • Hotel Confirmation/Vouchers for the entire stay


  • Bank Statement if applicable


  • Rent Agreement if applicable


  • Cover letter if applicable


  • Singapore Visa if entering from Singapore or exiting to Singapore


  • Birth Certificate for children below 12 years


Invited Applicants


  • Invitation letter


  • Passport copy from the inviter


  • Visa copy/residence permit from the inviter


  • Residence proof from the inviter


Malaysia Visa Fees


Visa Type Stay Period Consulate Charges VFS Charges
eNTRI Note 15 days USD 20
Single Entry 30 days USD 25 INR 1150
Multiple Entry 30 days USD 25 INR 1150

Processing Malaysia tourist Visa from Dubai

Processing the Malaysian visitor/tourist visa is no different for the Indians who are applying from UAE they need to follow the same rules and restrictions as the Indians applying for the visa from India.  The stay period and the visa categories remain the same as that of the Indians.


Rules & Restrictions on Malaysia Visa


  • Applicants opting for eNTRI note must make sure that they are having a direct flight to Malaysia from India or having a stopover in Singapore, Thailand, or Brunei.


  • In case of having a layover/stopover in any of the other countries apart from Singapore, Thailand, or Brunei then the applicant is not eligible for eNTRI Note.


  • Applicants entering via Singapore through land/air on eNTRI Note need to enter only through the registered Immigration points otherwise the entry in Malaysia will be denied.


  • Applicants holding the 30 days single or multiple entries have no land/air restrictions on entry/exit from Malaysia.


  • Malaysia eNTRI note cannot be applied again till the cooling period of 3 months is over if you wish to travel again or any of your details are wrong in the note which has come to notice before traveling or you are denied to travel at the airport by the Immigration department for any reasons then the applicant needs to apply for the 30 days single or multiple entry to travel.


  • In the case of 30 days single or multiple entry visa getting rejected it can be applied again immediately.


  • Make sure to check on all the details once the visa is received which includes the name as per the passport, photograph on the visa, passport number, date of birth, passport expiry date, visa validity, and the number of entries received.


Malaysia has made visa processing very easier to support tourism in Malaysia by inviting people to visit Malaysia from all around the world and hence the process of E-Visa has been started that includes eNTRI Note, Single Entry & Multiple Entry visas.