Rules and Regulations for the Malaysia Visa


State of Southeast Asia, Malaysia alone represents exoticism and diversity. A true crossroads of Asian and Muslim worlds, it never ceases to surprise and fascinate with its contrasts. The diverse natural riches tend to make Malaysia a truly unique country that is rewarding to know, and in order to be granted access into the country, a  Malaysia visa is required. Applying for a Malaysia visa for Indians sometimes take a long process and as a result,  patience is required of the applicant. If you need to engage in Malaysia Immigration or pay a visit to this country, you would need to apply for a Malaysia visa online.


This is also known as the Malaysia e visa, and the duration with which you would wait before getting it sometimes depends on your reason to come to Malaysia, how long you are staying, and your nationality.


The first proof of its difference, the Malaise has split into two distinct parts delimited by the South China Sea. To the west, the Malay Peninsula is crossed by a mountainous and forested chain that stretches along the Strait of Malacca, from southern Thailand to the island of Singapore. To the east are the eastern states of Sarawak and Sabah (two former British colonies) located on the tropical island of Borneo. Two faces could further be differentiated in many ways.


The southern part is industrialized and also composed above of rather marshy vegetation and a  large tropical forest. On the western side, one could observe a more wild vegetation where the jungle reigns in mistress. The east also has beautiful beaches with fine sand and typically Malay villages with houses on stilts that denature the landscape. Nature thus occupies a large place in Malaysia; moreover, the forest alone occupies 70% of its surface. Its flora is therefore varied with more than 10,000 species of plants and 2,000 kinds of tropical trees.


Rules and regulations for Malaysia Visa Online


As obtainable in other countries, there are certain Rules and regulation for Malaysia Visa which must be strictly adhered to. Initially, the amount of different Malaysia visa types and the rules for each could lead to confusion. However, the application process has now been simplified for foreigners as highlighted below.


There are three types of visas that the Government of Malaysia issues to all visitors:


• Single entry visa: This permits only one entry into the country and has a validity of 3 months. It is usually given for the purpose of tourist visits.


• Multiple entry visa: The validation of this visa usually ranges from 3 to 12 months and is issued mainly for commercial or state purposes.  In order to get the visa, the applicant must provide proofs of sufficient financial funds to cater for his trip and the valid return ticket.


• Transit visa : This is for transit of travelers who desire to pass through Malaysia into another country. If the foreigner does not leave the airport when waiting for his connecting flight, a transit visa is not necessary.


• Visa with/without reference


Depending on the reason you are traveling to Malaysia, you may need a visa that requires a referral by the Malaysian Immigration Department. This usually applies to visitors who travel to Malaysia as professionals, students or dependents. In cases of social purposes such as tourism or conferences, references are not necessary.


Furthermore, every type of Malaysia Visa highlighted above comes with its own rules. These rules are  usually met by providing the following documents:


Student Visa for Malaysia


Foreign students wishing to study in a Malaysian language university or school must apply at their respective educational institution in Malaysia prior to entry. After you receive an offer letter, you must submit:


IMM form. 14 (in duplicate)


Letter of support from relevant regulatory agencies (EOM / EOM / DSD / PPD)


Letter from the IPT / IPS to the applicant


Two passport photos


Also, foreign students can work, but only in restaurants, gas stations and hotels. However, if their academic performance is not satisfactory, the permission will not be renewed.


Work Visas in Malaysia


For a foreign citizen to obtain a work visa in Malaysia:


The passport must be valid for at least 18 months


Candidate must be 27 years or older (exception of IT sector where minimum age requirement is 23)


The work permit is usually issued for periods between 6 months and 5 years.


Types of Work Visa in Malaysia


Depending on the type of work and skills, different work passes/ Visas are issued when obtaining a work permit.


Employment Pass: This nature of visa is issued to employees with special skills, mainly for technical

or managerial jobs. The minimum period is usually 2 years.


Temporary Work Pass: Issued for employment less than two years or for jobs with a monthly salary

less than $120.


Professional Visit Pass: This is usually given to foreigners who  are employed in their country of

origin, but are required by a Malaysian company to provide certain nature of service for a period of up

to 6 months.


Permanent residency  visas for Malaysia


Foreigners are eligible for permanent residence visas in Malaysia, provided that:


They have  lived in Malaysia continuously for five years (the least recurring is 5 years minus a student or a tourist pass) OR


Spouse of a Malaysian citizen for 10 years. This application must be sponsored by a citizen of Malaysia OR


Individual Investors with the minimum US $ 2m Fixed Deposit in Malaysia (High Net Worth Individuals)


To apply, you would need to submit the following documents to the Malaysian Immigration Department:


Completed form ( IMM. 4 ) – 2 sets


Passport covering the period of the last 5-10 years


2 passport photos of the applicant


1 passport photo of the sponsor


Other important certificates such as those of marriage, and birth for spouses and children (if



‘Malaysia My Second Home’ Program (MM2H)


The MM2H program allows all foreigners who fulfill certain requirements to stay in the country with a long-term visa for at least 10 years with the option of extension. People can enter and leave the country freely without restrictions and bring in a spouse, dependent parents over the age of 60, and children under 21 years of age.


All holders of the MM2H visa are not allowed to pick up any job offers while in Malaysia. However, participants who are 50 and above are allowed to accept a part-time job. Furthermore, verification of financial and medical conditions are required for successful application and implementation of the MM2H visa. All applicants have to demonstrate that they are financially capable of keeping up for the while in Malaysia. This implies that an offshore income of $2400 should be shown. In addition, candidates under the age of 50 have to show proof of a minimum $8000 in liquid assets. Candidates over the age of 50, $5000.


In addition to these rules, the following  documents are also required when applying for this type of visa:


Letter of Application (Letter from the candidate)


Copy of principal applicant’s curriculum vitae including the following information: academic qualification, work experience, skills or knowledge acquired


One (1) copy of the MM2H Application Form (Note: Applicant and all dependents must complete the Form individually)


Three (3) copies of the Form (IM.12 Visit Social Pass ) – One (1) original copy and two (2) photo copies


Four (4) color passport size photographs;


Copy of passport / Travel documents (pages) with certification


Self-declaration about your health / dependents conditions


Certified Marriage Certificate (if accompanied by a spouse) and copy of Birth Certificate / legal documents Certificate (if accompanied by children / adopted children / stepchildren / parents)


Certified copy (s) of latest bank statement within the last 3 months.  Other financial related documents (s) to indicate the financial capacity of the visa applicant is also required.


Health rules when applying for the Malaysia Visa


In addition to the above-listed requirements which should be up to date, for those who are traveling to  Malaysia, there are many more things which are Good to know about Malaysia visa.


This includes some important health rules, as visa applicants may additionally be recommended to possess  clearance tests on the following health conditions:


Hepatitis A: All visitors of Malaysia must be certified free from Hepatitis A, as its a disease which is highly  communicable through water and contaminated food.


Typhoid fever: also transmissible through water and contaminated food, a clearance test on typhoid fever is particularly recommended for those planning to travel through smaller towns or rural areas of Malaysia.


Japanese Encephalitis: A test on this is recommended for anyone who plans to travel for a month or  more in Malaysia, mainly in rural areas, as it is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito.


Anger: An anger test is mainly recommended for those who plan to spend a lot of time in outdoor activities in Malaysia such as camping, trekking, climbing, etc. It is also required for those who may spend a lot of time playing with animals and little children on the streets.


Yellow fever: a test and vaccination against yellow fever  is mandatory for foreigners who desire to visit Malaysia.


Malaria prophylaxis: a test and vaccination against malaria prophylaxis is especially recommended for all who desire to visit the rural areas of Malay Borneo (Sabah and Sarawak provinces) and in the underdeveloped areas of peninsular Malaysia. In contrast, there is no risk of malaria in coastal and urban areas of Malaysia.


Furthermore, upon possessing the Malaysia visa, it is important to take some other special precautions while traveling around the country to avoid possible health complications. This includes precautionary steps such as: always drink bottled water, avoid ice in drinks, eat fruit that has been previously peeled or cooked, avoid raw or undercooked meat and fish, etc.


In conclusion, Malaysia is currently one of the countries in Southeast Asia that attracts a lot of tourists  each year. Indeed, this country has many famous tourist sites as well on its peninsular territory as in  its eastern part, on the island of Borneo. During your stay in Malaysia, you will have the opportunity to discover many of them by exploring the country. The most popular include the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the Perhentian Islands off the Malay Peninsula and the Gungung Mulu National Park in  East Malaysia.


Today, if you desire to visit the country legally, a Malaysia visa is required. Furthermore, successful application and possession of the Malaysia visa is linked to compliance with the rules highlighted above. Beside these rules, there are other requirements that must be fulfilled and for this, you can get More details on Malaysia Visa Blog.