Schengen Visa Process From India


Schengen countries are a dream to visit for everyone specifically honeymooners who simply love this location. Schengen area comprises of 26 countries and the best part of it is with one Schengen visa you can visit any of these countries. You need not apply for all the countries you wish to visit. Indians can apply for the Schengen tourist visa for Indians for the visitors intending to visit there.


The most visited Schengen countries by the Indians are France, Switzerland, Norway, Spain, and Portugal. Visiting France as a tourist you need to apply for France visa for Indians when you stay here the most. People love visiting France for the fashion station Paris, Eiffel Tower, classical art, and the museums. France is even recognized for the wines and cuisines.


Switzerland, another European country is home to multiple lakes, villages, high peaks of the Alps, Lucerne’s wooden Chapel bridge, ski resorts, and hiking trails. Visiting this beautiful country is like a dream come true for all nature lovers. To visit here you need to apply for a Switzerland visa from India to have a maximum of days of stay here.


A Nordic country in northern Europe Norway encompasses mountains, glaciers, deep coastal fjords, green spaces, wooden houses, fishing, hiking, skiing, and museums. Indian visitors are required to apply Norway tourist visa for Indians when they have maximum stay in Norway of all the Schengen countries you are visiting.


A southwestern country Spain is a famous tourist destination for its geography and culture. Mediterranean beaches, cuisines, alcohol, football, La Tomatina festival, and bullfights but to visit here Spain Visa is required although you can always visit Spain with the valid Schengen visa.


Bordering Spain is another South European country Portugal on the Iberian Peninsula which is influenced by its culture, Algarve’s beaches, and architecture. Indians visiting Schengen countries can travel to Portugal with a valid visitor visa but if your stay is maximum in Portugal then you are required to apply for Portugal Visa from India.


For applying for Schengen visa the process and maximum of the documentation remain the same but certain documents may vary according to the country you are applying for the visa.


Schengen Visa process


  • A valid Schengen visa is applicable to travel in 26 countries, but you need to understand which country an applicant is required to apply for the visa. Applicants who have the maximum stay in a particular country of all the nations you are visiting then the visa is applied for that country.


  • In case if the stay in the Schengen nations is equally divided then you need to apply for the visa for the country you will be entering first among the 26 countries.


  • Schengen visa can be applied 90 days before the intended date of travel for the respective country with the maximum stay.


  • Certain Schengen countries do not process the visa for the applicants who has a remark mentioned on the passport hence it is necessary to understand the laws of the countries before applying for the visa and planning the itinerary.


  • Schengen Visa is applied through the VFS centre of the respective country where the applicant is required to submit the documents and the biometrics.


  • Once the biometrics are submitted then it remains valid for 5 years but only if you receive the visa. If the visa gets rejected, then the applicant needs to submit the biometrics again.


  • For visiting the VFS to submit the application it is necessary to have the appointment which can be made on the VFS website as per the country you are applying for the visa.


  • Start collecting the documents to submit once you schedule an appointment.


  • Make sure to visit the centre at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time with all the required documents on A4 size papers.


  • At the centre, the representative will collect the documents and guide you for biometrics and visa fees.


  • Once the application is submitted you need to wait for 10-12 days to get the visa processed through processing for the visa varies for all the countries.


  • You can check the application status on the VFS website once it is ready for collection you can visit the centre and collect the passport.


  • While visiting the centre for collecting the passport make sure to carry the original receipt received at the time of submission of the application.


  • Applicants who do not wish to visit the centre can opt for courier service which is available at nominal charges.



Documents required for Schengen Visa

  • Original Passport


  • Visa Form


  • Appointment Letter


  • 3 Photographs


  • Covering letter addressed to the appropriate embassy.


  • Bank statement for 6 months and attested.


  • Income Tax Returns or Form 16A for 3 years.


  • Marriage Certificate if required.


  • Travel Itinerary or Confirm Air Ticket whichever is required.


  • Internal Travel Tickets (if required)


  • Hotel Accommodation for all the Schengen areas you are visiting.


  • Travel Insurance (coverage of 30,000 Euros)


  • Pan Card copy (if required)


Employed Applicants


  • Offer letter or Appointment letter.


  • NOC or Leave Letter


  • Salary Slips – 3 months


Self-Employed Applicants


  • Cover letter on company letterhead.


  • Company Registration Papers – ROC, GST certificate or Partnership Deed whichever applicable.


  • Bank Statement of 6 months for Current account attested.


  • Income Tax Returns for the company of 3 years.


Sponsored Applicants


  • Sponsorship letter


  • Passports copy of the sponsor.


  • Bank Statement attested by the bank of the sponsor for 6 months.


  • Income Tax Returns of the sponsor for 3 years.


  • Employment proof of the sponsor.


Student Applicants


  • School/College ID card


  • Fee Receipt of the current academic year


Schengen Visa Fees


          Tourist / Visit Visa       Adult       Child   Below 3 years
          Consulate Charges       £ 80       £ 40        INR 0
           Service Charge    INR 1,500     INR 1,500     INR 1,500
             VFS Charges                      According to the country applied.


Travel as many Schengen countries as possible to explore the beauty of the European countries to make wonderful memories with your loved one’s.