Terms and Conditions


Any disagreement related to the services provided by the company or any other claim is subjected to Mumbai jurisdiction.


Chapter 1: Booking of Flight tickets, re-booking of Flight tickets, Cancellation & Refunds


  • Currently, we do not have the facility to book air tickets online on our website. Hence, to book an air ticket you will have to send your government ID for Domestic ticket issuance and a copy of your passport for International ticket issuance.


  • Airfares are dynamic in nature. So the company cannot state the price beforehand unless tickets are booked. Any hike in ticket prices will have to be paid by the customer.


  • We act as an agent between the airline company and customer and only once the full amount is paid we will email you your tickets. Airlines have their terms and conditions. If you wish to cancel your ticket, cancellation charges will be levied.


  • It is the customer’s responsibility to understand the rules of ticketing like rebooking policy and cancellation charges to avoid any future discrepancy.


  • It is the responsibility of the passenger to check the name on the booking. If there is any discrepancy in the name, you can contact the company regarding this via email. Although some airlines will make minor name changes, some airlines won’t do so. In this case, we will have to cancel the ticket and rebook it with the correct name. The company will not bear any kind of cancellation charges.


  • Ticket bookings are made as per the terms and conditions laid down by the Airline company and Fly for Holidays is not responsible for any canceled/delay in flights from the airlines end. If the airline cancels a ticket/flight, the company is not notified about this as we do not get any intimation directly from the airlines. If this happens, you need to contact the company at the earliest. You also need to keep checking about your flight for details on the website in case it may get canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.


  • Airline companies may alter their flight plan due to economic or weather conditions which may impact the planned itinerary. The company thus has a right to change its schedule which in turn causes changes in the tour program. In case of such changes, the company will not bear any charges and no refund can be claimed.


  • Apart from air tickets and valid visa, there are several other factors like denial by the airlines to board the flight due to certain reasons, denial by the Embassy or immigration bureau due to reasons which may restrict your travel. The refund will be applicable as per the ticket fare rules.


  • If you need to rebook a flight, you need to do it online and there will be charges. It depends on the airline you’re booking. Domestic flights have a cheaper penalty amount while international flights have a slighter higher penalty amount. The penalty amount has to be borne entirely by the client and the company won’t be liable for any bookings you have made on your own.


  • Sometimes, after you arrive in a particular country you may be deported for specific reasons. Deportation charges and other charges will have to be borne by the passengers solely.


Fly for Holidays acts as an agent for submitting applications for the visa in the given time frame to immigration authorities or other concerned institutions without any delay or inconveniences besides tour management and planning.

Chapter 2: Formalities of Procedure for applying for Visa


These terms and conditions (“Agreement”) outline the responsibilities and expectations when utilizing the visa document review services provided by Fly For Holidays. By availing these services, you (“You as a Client”) acknowledge and agree to the following:


  • As you pay us, you also decide to agree with our mentioned terms and conditions and we cannot provide you services until you agree with us. Fly for Holidays is not responsible if the authorities change their rules or requirements affecting the given timeframe. Processing a visa takes time and the agent should be your only guide to it. We are not responsible for costs due to delayed visa processing as it is beyond the company’s control.


  • It is the responsibility of the traveler to check the documents concerning their visa application carefully. Fly for Holidays is not responsible if incorrect documents are sent to the embassy because it is solely on the traveler to give in the right documents and the company won’t be liable for it if a claim is raised in the future as Fly for Holidays can guide on the documents but the ultimate authority of the submission of documents lies with the applicant.


  • All correspondence between the company and Immigration is confidential. If any information regarding the visa is false or misleading, the application may be canceled. The company won’t bear the costs for the same. As our client, you are asked to notify us of any reason that can adversely affect a visa application via mail. If not, this may cause a delay in visa processing. It is the client’s responsibility to check for errors in the application as failure to do so may result in reasons not being allowed to enter a country. It needs to match details on the passport. The company won’t be responsible for it.


  • It is important to abide by the conditions otherwise failure in doing so may lead to him leaving the country and visa getting canceled. Our company is not responsible if the embassy makes any mistake or enters any incorrect details because it is out of our control. The company cannot influence the immigration authority on any decisions they take for any reason. Information provided by the client will be used and no assumptions will be made for its accuracy. If you want to apply for another visa in the country you’re in and you are asked to not be present you need to contact us as soon as possible. After we receive a confirmed letter we will process the visa.


  • Failure to do so will result in extra travel expenses solely paid by you. It is your responsibility to stay in another country only up till the legal time and we don’t bear any responsibility if you break the rules. So make sure you are aware of your visa activation and expiration dates. As soon as the authorities decide on a visa application, the services by the company towards the client ends. At an initial stage, the client must give information to the agent which the company, later on, holds as true. If the information is conflicting at a later date the company won’t be responsible for it and the client will need to pay extra fees for the service either in part or as a whole.


  • 3% is additionally charged if you make payments using a credit card or debit card. You need to hold the same passport for visa application while you travel. If you get a new passport after visa gets issued you need to approach our help desk to re-assign your visa to your new passport and there are charges for this. The company has the right to return a passport without a visa if the documents don’t meet the requirements of the immigration authorities or even if there is not enough time to process the visa.


  • All travelers traveling with Fly for Holiday tours must have a valid visa. The Consulate or the Authorities has the right to ask the traveler for an interview or personal documents. Although the Consulate/Authorities can grant or reject a certain visa even after all the required documents are submitted, the company is not responsible for it.


  • The company has a right to contact your sponsoring employer for any confirmation regarding your application. There may arise a change in prices without notice due to exchange rates and immigration costs. After registration you plan to withdraw the application which is not yet been submitted to the authorities, a certain fee is applied. If you wish to cancel a visa after approved, you need to make full payment of visa charges. Additional changes in the terms and conditions can be made and need to be adhered to.


  • Processing your visa via Fly for Holidays is entirely the applicant’s decision. No compensation will be paid by our company and the applicant must be aware of the policies before taking our services either online or offline.


  • Documents to the authorities need to be submitted 48 hours before the deadline. Once the client gives all the necessary information, then only can the company proceed with for visa application. If there are any changes in the immigration policy during the process, the company is not responsible for applications to become ineligible. It is a client’s responsibility to ensure that the documentation he provides is valid and doesn’t become invalid thereafter.


  • In the case of visa rejection, the company or the supplier in charge of visa processing is not responsible for any financial loss occurring due to negligence of document work or any expense that arises.


  • Any issue arising between immigration officers regarding visa issuing is beyond the control of the company. The company cannot change the activation date imposed on a visa by the immigrant officer. We remind you to not book tickets until the visa is granted the reason being that sometimes the embassy decides to review an application in the destination country and not in the embassy itself. This may take longer and is not in the hands of the company. A double or multiple entry visa is applied for short business and tourist purposes, but chances are there that the embassy may grant a single entry visa.


  • All costs for the application of visas need to be borne by the traveler alone. The company is not liable in case the visa application is rejected by the Embassy/Authority/Consulate for reasons such as delayed/incomplete documents, errors in the date on the visa, photos not scanned properly, or for any other reason.


  • Cancellation charges will be applied by the company and the traveler needs to pay it if he/she cancels a tour due to visa getting rejected or rejection of entry into a country. We won’t be any refund for the same. It will be the sole liability of the traveler to pay any fine or penalty that arises due to not meeting the requirements of the authorities concerning visa or passport.


  • Any complaints regarding visa services shall be given in writing 3 days after visa work completion to the company and a copy to the Management to take up the issue. If a claim is made after the given time frame, it won’t be entertained. If past visa rejections are non-declared by the applicant, Fly for Holidays is not responsible for any costs in case of further rejection and there will be no refund. However, norms laid down by the Embassy for the same will be followed.


  • Our company does not have control over this and will not discount the next application by the difference in the embassy visa fee. If the immigration authorities update their laws and regulations not made known to the public yet, the company isn’t responsible for this and is not liable for any costs arising from situations dealing with outdated information.


  • If we suggest other travel agents for the service we don’t provide, then the client needs to adhere to the terms put forth by that company which is different from our company. If an agent submits the application to our company on behalf of a client, then it will be deemed as submitted to our company directly & they will have to follow the terms & conditions as mention here. The company’s liability will be limited to the actual value of passport and documents up to 10,000 INR due to loss and damage of the same. Document assessment and pre-checks are not refundable once the company has begun the process but the client wants to stop from going ahead with it. Once the payment is made, the company’s service begins and if the client asks for a refund within 30 minutes he may be entitled to a partial refund if the service hasn’t started yet and if he doesn’t wish to continue the service.


  • Scope of Service: Consultant offers visa document review services aimed at ensuring the accuracy and completeness of your visa application documents. This service involves a thorough review of the documents you provide to Consultant for the visa application process.


  • Consultant’s Role: Consultant’s role is limited to reviewing the documents provided by the Client. Consultant will assess the documents for compliance with the requirements specified by the relevant visa authority or embassy. Consultant does not have the authority to alter, modify, or submit documents on the Client’s behalf.


  • Client’s Responsibility: The Client is responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date documents required for the visa application process. It is Client’s responsibility to ensure the correctness of the information contained in the documents submitted for review. Also it is client responsibility to verify all the documents given by the Fly For Holidays staff. Documents includes Visa Appointment letter, covering letter, Sponsorship letter, Invitation Letter or any other letter or documents pertaining to the visa application. If there are any mistakes made by Fly For Holidays staff, it is client responsibility to check and update the staff immediately. If client fails to rectify our staff mistake within 3 days after submission of documents, company will not bear any cost or liability incurring due to the mistake made by the staff or Management. If client finds a mistakes and approaches Fly For Holidays within 3 days of documents submission by Fly For Holidays staff, company cannot pay compensation or liability beyond 50% of service charge levied on client or maximum INR 5,000/- whichever is lower.


  • Document Verification: While Consultant strives for accuracy, the document review is based on the information provided by the Client. Consultant does not assume responsibility for errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the documents, as these are the sole responsibility of the Client.


  • Visa Authority Requirements: Clients must understand that visa requirements and regulations vary depending on the destination country and visa type. It is the Client’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the specific requirements and provide necessary documentation accordingly.


  • No Legal or Professional Advice: The document review service does not constitute legal or professional advice. Consultant does not guarantee the approval of the visa application or provide any assurance of visa issuance. Clients are advised to seek legal counsel or professional advice if needed.


  • Confidentiality: Consultant is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the Client’s personal information and documents. However, Consultant cannot be held responsible for breaches beyond its control.


  • Fees and Payments: The fees for the document review service are outlined in the Consultant’s fee structure. Payment terms and conditions are also specified separately.


  • Limitation of Liability: Consultant shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages arising from the visa application process or the services provided.

Chapter 3 – Organized all-inclusive tour packages

We are travel agents to help you book and organize your travel plan to the destination you desire to go to. Besides travel and stay, no other transport nor accommodation facility is controlled by us. We keep all the necessary points in mind to chalk out a plan for your desired holiday.


Since we have no control over the other services, we are not responsible for any loss, harm, death, or damage to any person or property that may occur cause of an error of the employees or the management. It is important for those who join our tours to strictly abide by our terms and conditions which are mentioned herewith:


  • Signing on the booking form or making payment in full means accepting the terms and conditions of the company wholly. In case the signature is of more than one guest, it is stated as the others have authorized the persons’ signature. Until the company has received an initial registration deposit according to the procedures, no contract exists between the company and the guest. The deposit is just to book a seat for the tour and doesn’t include any other services like tickets and accommodation until payment is done in full. If not the company can cancel the booking and with the loss of deposit, can add cancellation charges.


  • booking fee needs to be paid at the time of booking. Only after the payment will the bookings get processed. It is interest-free and non-refundable. All payments need to be made according to the procedure laid down by our salesperson. If a guest doesn’t make the final payment, we have the right to cancel the reservation. If there is a billing error, we have the right to re-invoice with the right pricing. A dishonored cheque is an offense and the company has a right to take legal action. The traveler will have to pay as per judicial law.


  • The price for our tours is calculated on the rates prevailing at the time of printing the brochure. The company has the right to make changes in the prices depending on factors like currency exchange rates, supplier rate changes, taxes, visa charges, fuel costs before the tour commences. Such prices must be paid in full by the traveler before he departs for the tour or maybe even while on tour but that is in exceptional cases only.


  • Discounts and benefits have a limited validity given at sole discretion by the company for different guests on different days for the same tour. To benefit from these discounts, guests need to pay the full registration fee at the time of booking. Without prior intimation, the company has a right to alter and withdraw the benefits and discounts.


  • Our itineraries are well planned. Airline companies may alter their flight plan due to economic or weather conditions which may impact the planned itinerary. The company thus has a right to change its schedule which in turn causes changes in the tour program. In case of such changes, the company will not bear any charges and no refund can be claimed.


  • Ac, central heating, and other hotel amenities are dependent entirely on the hotelier’s discretion. The rooms are twin sharing and if a third bed is required, it is provided as an extra mattress set up for you in the room itself.


  • The meals are already planned on the menu as set by the tour program. Some places serve packed meals however our company cannot guarantee meals to cater to any special requests. This can be altered to an extent as mentioned in the brochure. If circumstances ask for a change in the meal, we have a right to do so. Due to any reason, if the traveler misses his meal, he cannot claim for it thereafter.


  • A solo traveler will have to pay single occupancy charges unless he shares a room with another. If he is not willing to pay, he will have to share a room with fellow travelers depending on availability. The accommodation in the hotels is made only in standard rooms according to the itinerary.


  • The check-in and check-out timings must be followed as per the hotel rules and guests should make adjustments accordingly. Additional costs may be applied to late departure and early arrival. Hotel services like laundry, telephone, mini-bar, alcohol, beverages, food not on the menu, optional excursions, excess baggage fees, shopping are all personal and the traveler will be charged by the hotel for it. The company will not pay for any of the above-mentioned services.


  • Fly for Holidays is not responsible for the loss or damage of any baggage or personal belongings. It is entirely on the traveler to take care of his belongings be it in the hotel or while traveling on the bus/coach. Also, any damage you cause to the coach while you travel shall be paid by you and the company won’t be responsible for it.


  • Our company makes use of Ac luxury coaches. There might be emergency washrooms on the coach for which you need to pay the driver directly. There will be frequent stops for the washroom while on the tour.


  • Our coach suppliers may operate more than a single coach on the departure date. We may amend the itinerary or change directions including transport routes keeping in mind the comfort of travelers. The changes will be told to you whenever they are made. If by chance, any traveler misses out a tour or a part of it, he is not entitled to claim a refund for it. No refund or complaints can be made if certain sightseeing places and facilities are shut on local or national holidays.


  • If a tourist wishes to cancel their tour they need to give in writing and attach the receipt issued to them by the company. This will be accompanied by some cancellation The company will refund the tour price by A/C payee cheque against receipt only in Indian Rupees at the current exchange rate within 45 days according to the rules by Reserve Bank of India even if the payment was made in another currency, without any interest or compensation. Air ticket cancellation charges will be applied by the air company directly as per their rules and at times charges paid for special fares are non-refundable. If a refund is due, the airline company will do so after the deduction of processing charges. If services like air, hotel, and transport are not released within the given timeframe, the company is accountable to pay penalties to the suppliers as the bookings are blocked in advance. Refunds won’t be made in cash.


60-46 DAYS —25% CANCELLATION (NO REFUND ON HOTEL, If Hotel part is Non-Refundable)

30-15 DAYS —50% CANCELLATION (NO REFUND ON HOTEL, If Hotel part is Non-Refundable)

14-07 DAYS —75% CANCELLATION (NO REFUND ON HOTEL, If Hotel part is Non-Refundable)

07-01 DAYS –100% CANCELLATION – Non-Refundable


  • If on a particular tour, passengers are less in number than the actual required number of persons needed for the tour, the company has the right to collect an additional amount from the participating travelers. In such cases, the travelers refrain from services like group activities, escorts and meals, and certain amendments The company may refund deposit without interest if the application of a traveler needs to be canceled before going on tour after acceptance of a deposit. If the company makes any changes in the tour for any facility provided, the guest cannot raise any dispute against it.


  • The company is not responsible for the loss of individual or property, damage, death, accident, increased expense, delay, baggage defect, rescheduling of transport, cancellations, overstay expenses and sightseeing being missed or delayed due to change in circumstances of any kind that arises, technical faults, negligence of the airline or any other sort of personal loss. No passenger can hold the company responsible or claim it if he/she cannot board the flight or train due to reasons beyond the control of the company.


  • All information provided by the guest is kept confidential and only necessary information is given to the airline and hotels. If any law or government authority over the company asks to disclose any information, we shall do it with your knowledge.


  • For international travel, the guests who decide to join the tours directly need to have their visa and airplane ticket ready. Travel documents can’t be transferred. Every traveler needs to have documents to travel like passport, visa, confirmed airplane or rail ticket, and insurance which must all be valid. Other statutory documents needed for the travel should be kept along. All tickets must be issued in the name of the person who is the traveler along with his/her passport and if the name doesn’t match, then the booking will get canceled. Your passport needs to have a 9month validity with sufficient pages for a visa before you depart. It is the responsibility of the traveler to collect the documents from the booking office and check the travel schedule. Certain details listed in the brochure like distance and staying prices are subject to change.


  • If you face any issues and wish to complain, you need to give in writing 7 days after you have finished your tour to the individual contractor and a copy to the tour manager so that the company can take the matter ahead. After 7day completion, no complaint will be entertained by the company and shall incur no liability. In the case of uncooperative behavior, our company has the right to deny booking or stop a guest on tour.



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