The US is a country where every Indian dream to go. Some dreams to study, some to settle, to take a tour around the US countries, and some for business purposes. Not just Indians but people around the world urge to visit at least once to the US for enjoying their quality time. Fall in love with the US you need to have a US Visa and for that, you need to apply for US Visa for Indians.

There are lots of things one can do in the US and never get bored of it. The US is well known for its beautiful attraction which is in every state of it. The most popular places we all know are Times Square, New York City, Washington DC, and many others. Once being in the US one must experience their tradition and culture as well.

The culture of the United States is a western culture but we can also see it follows diversity so it’s a multi-culture country. Different Cultures like African culture, Asian culture are also been followed here. The language which is spoken here is English. Earlier there was no official language in the United States but the majority of the Population, speak English so they declared English as their official language. Apart from English, 300 dialects are spoken in the US in which more than half is a native language whereas other is from the immigrant people.

The US is not only famous for its attraction but also its sports, music, dramas, innovation, architecture, in the short US is famous for everything. The people in here are very busy they don’t have time except for the weekends so the foods here are just some casual foods like hamburger, French fries, macaroni, cheese, etc. the southern-style foods are called American comfort food which include fried chicken, black peas, etc. earlier American food was influenced by the European and from the native American style but later on as the lifestyle has been changing and people seem to get busier the cuisine style as well the lifestyle in the country changed.

To understand and to enjoy your time in the US you need a US Visa but before applying for a visa you need to understand what visa type you need and you should know what is your purpose of visiting the US. So there are 4 major visa types used in the US for Indians.

1. US Tourist visa for Indians
2. US Business visa for Indians
3. US Work visa for Indians
4. US Study Visa for Indians.

1.US Tourist visa for Indians: tourist visa is for going to the US with your family or friends to spend your vacation out there. Spending your vacation with your loved and enjoying the most beautiful views around the country gives great pleasure and excitement. There are numerous things to see and to do in the US like enjoying the romantic evening in New York City, doing adventure with your children at the Disney studio, and many other things. Even walking on the roads of the US will surprise you with one or the other thing.

Basic Documents
1. Original passport with 2 photographs.
2. Cover letter mentioning the purpose to visit.
3. Bank statement attested by the banks.
4. Travel itinerary.
5. Accommodation.
6. Employment proofs.

Documents from Inviter
1. Invitation letter.
2. Passport copy
3. Green card copy or visa copy
4. A residence as well as employment proofs.


Fill the online form named DS-160 from the US website, the category you need to choose for US Tourist visa for Indians is Non-immigrant B1/B2 form. CEAC website is the US official site.

After filling the form you need to submit the online application fee with the form. You can use your debit or credit card to pay the fee. Once the payment is done you need to take appointments. There will be 2 appointments one will be biometrics and the other one will be an interview. The biometrics interview is nothing but a photograph and fingerprint, for the biometric, you will be asked to go to your near VFS center. After the biometrics is done you will get the biometric receipt.

Later you have to go to the Consulate office for the interview appointment. On the day of the interview carry all your documents including the printed copy of DS-160 and the biometric receipt for the interview appointment.

In the consulate, you will be questioned regarding the purpose of the visitor the questions related to your forms. You need to be honest with them otherwise it may lead to the rejection of the visa. The visa process takes up to 7-9 days max after an interview with the consulate.

2.US Business visa for Indians: A business visa is used for going to the US for business purposes like attending meetings or conferences or any other training purpose from India, or any other international events.

The US is famous for its economy, and we all know that many big industries are here. to apply for the US Business visa for Indians you need to fill the same form DS-160 but while choosing the category you need to select B-1, non-immigrant. There is some eligibility that you must fulfill. Your passport should be valid for 6 months until you come back. You should have enough amounts of funds so that you can take care of yourself in the country.

2.Cover letter from the company mentioning the purpose.
3.Income Tax Return of the company.
4.Bank statement of the company.
5.Invitation letter from the US-based company.
6.Candidate’s salary slip with the bank statement
7.Proof of the invites company.

The procedure for US Business visa for Indians is as same as the US Tourist Visa For Indians. filling up the form from the official site of the US and submitting it along with the application fees and then taking appointments and going for it.

Again you have to be honest while answering the question during the interview appointment. The entire process takes 25-30 days from filing the form until the result of the visa.

1.US Work Visa for Indians. Every parent wants their child to work in a good known company or to work abroad. So for the people who wish to work abroad, the US has opened opportunities for them, the US work visas for Indians, for applying for the US work visa for Indians there are some criteria you need to fulfill. While filling the form you need to choose the category as non-immigration Visa temporarily.

Before filling the form who should understand what type of work you want to do. The candidates who will be applying for work visas come in the H, L, O, P, and Q categories.

Before you apply from India the company or the agency must file the petition and after being approved by the US Government. The petition file must be I-129 after this being approved the government will further send them additional form I-797 after that you can apply from India.


1.Passport with photograph
2.L -1 applicants need to fill additional payment of fraud prevention.
3.Appointment letter


All the process of filling the form is the same but for a work visa, before filling the form you need to identify the category and then process with the form DS- 160. You need to be careful with the form details while filling it because you can’t undo once you fill it.

4.US Study Visa for Indians: there are lots of universities in the US that welcome students from across the world. The first step to get a student visa is to apply to the university you want to study in. after being approved by the university, they will hand over the important documents that are needed for the visa to the US visa government.

Later you can proceed with the visa form. The students come in the F-1 and M-1 categories. The student must apply before the new semester starts which mean 4 months prior.

1.Interview appointment letter.
3.Approved form from the university.
4.Financial proofs.
5.All education certificates.

The process of filling the form is the same but for a work visa, before filling the form you need to identify the category and then process with the form DS- 160. You need to be careful with the form details while filling it because you can’t undo once you fill it. Submit the form with the application fees. Take an appointment for an interview. After you get the visa you need to travel within 30 days.