Types Of Canada Visa For Indians You Need to Know About!


Everybody chooses Canada for studying, so basically it is a very popular place for the students. Canada is also well known for its beauty most of the famous places are from this country. Numerous attractive places are very popular among tourists. People here are very friendly and kind they welcome all the tourists with a warm and happy smile. They are always there to help you with everything you need. From adventure to romantic trip you will find whatever you want to do, is all here in Canada but to visit Canada you must have a Canada tourist visa for Indians.


Canada is the situation in the north part of America it is also known as “The Great White North”.  As for who started calling Canada by this nickname is still unknown but the theory of why it is called  “the great white north” is because Canada is the second-largest country in the world that why the “great” word came in action.  White because of the amount of snow in here and the north because it is the “north” of America. So all together it became “The Great White North” which suits the country very much.


The history of Canada’s culture has always been influenced by the culture of Europe. But the population here was more determine towards the American culture. The Canadian expresses their culture towards skills like artistic, culinary, literary, musical, humor, politics as well as the social elements. The government has a good hold on the culture along with its cultural programs in Canada. Apart from the culture and its program, the Canadian government has very strict laws that are why Canada is well known for its safety.


This is one of the reasons why people feel free to let their children come and study in Canada and why it is a famous tourist country. To encounter the history of Canada and its culture you must need a Canada visa for Indians. if you are going for a tour in Canada then you need a Canada tourist visa for Indians and if you are going for a business trip then you need to apply for Canada business visa for Indians before applying to understand the category and then apply. If you are having a US passport or visa or if you have traveled to Canada in the last 10 years then you can even apply for Canada can+ visa.


A Canada tourist visa for Indians is used for traveling around the country. Basically to spend time with your family or friends, on a vacation. It is valid for 30-90 days to depend on the validation of visa,  but once you have your tourist visa, you cannot do any business in the country. After touring the country you have to return to your home country before your visa expires otherwise the strict action will be taken against you for illegal migrants.


Canada can+ visa for Indians is another type of tourist visa but for the people who have traveled to Canada in the last 10 years or intended to travel and still holding a visa or you are having a US passport or visa.  can+ is nothing but just a program that speeds up your visa process and needless documents compared to the tourist visa that is because you have submitted it earlier.


A Canada business visa for Indians is used for business purposes that means traveling to one country for some meetings, conferences, convention, trade fair,  for taking part in international business activity, for investment, for looking ways to grow one’s business. You have to leave the country for 6 months.


A Canada student visa for Indians is for people who want to study abroad. It can either be for undergraduate courses or postgraduate courses. For a student visa, the student should not have any criminal background. The visa validity is up until the student completes the course plus 90 days extra.


Documentation required for tourist visa/ visitor visa.


  • Original passport


  • Download an online tourist application form.


  • Three recent passport size photographs (white background mandatory).


  • Hotel reservation.


  • Itinerary


  • Bank statement


  • Income Tax Returns


  • Cover letter mentioning the purpose to visit.


  • Last Six months salary slips.


  • Leave letter from the Indian company


Invitation from Canada resident.


  • Original passport


  • Passport size photographs (white background mandatory).


  • Updated bank statement for six months attested by the bank.


  • Invitation letter


  • Invite’s passport copy visa copy.


  • Employment proof


  • Residence proofs.


Process for Canada tourist visa for Indians.


The process for Canada tourist visa for Indians will take at least 25-30 working days once the application is filled with proper documents attached. So planning to visit Canada one should be prepared with the documentation and process in advance. Before planning to visit Canada you should be prepared with the documentation and process in advance, before the intended travel date. At least 60 days prior.


Documentation for Canada can+ visa.


  • Photograph (if applying online then you need one digital photograph and if you are applying from visa application center then 2 hard )


  • The application form- IMM 5257


  • Another form for family information that is form -IMM 5707.


  • Copy of entry and exit stamp of Canada or valid visa of US to prove that you have visited the countries before in the last 10 years.


Process for Canada Can+ Visa For Indians


You need to attach all these documents while applying for Canada can+ visa for Indians. Instead of uploading documents one by one you better create a PDF of all the documents and upload it at once. You will be charged for an application handling form if you are applying from the visa center.


Before filling any form at the visa center tell the person that you have a travel history to the US or Canada. From the visa application center, you will receive the sticker to stick it to your visa. this process of can+ visa takes 3-5 working days.


Documentation for Business Canadian visa for Indians:


  • Original passport


  • 2 blank pages in the passport.


  • Financial stability in your home country.


  • Cover letter mentioning the purpose of the visit


  • Adequate business proofs.


Documents required for a Sponsored business trip from sponsor


  • Personal bank statement


  • Any other financial documents.


  • Income tax return


  • Sponsor letter.


Documents required for self-employed business trips


  • Personal bank statement


  • Company bank statement.


  • Personal Income tax return.


  • Company Income tax return


  • Cover letter


  • Company registration certificate.


Documents from the Canadian business office.


  • Invitation proof from the company


  • Company profile along with the registration certificate of the company


  • Passport copy of the invitees


Process for Canada business visa for Indians


There are two online forms on the internet download those forms and fill it accurately. The first form is of family information form. In which details related to your family should be filled appropriately. The second form is a personal information form. In which you have to fill your details. Next is to prepare a detailed company letterhead with and signature of authorized signatory addressing to The Canadian High Commission with your personal and employment details.


The process for a visitor visa will take at least 25-30 working days once the application is filled with proper documents attached. So planning to visit Canada one should be prepared with the documentation and process in advance. Visa is applicable for 90 days on a one-way entry visa. As for the business visa process, it takes at least 30-35 working days. So it is advisable to start your documentation and process in advance time of 60 days before the intended travel date.