Vietnam tours for overseas students


Over the years, Vietnam tours is on the rise, the number of international tourists, as well as domestic tourists, increasing. Vietnam tourism is becoming more and more known in the world, many destinations in the country are voted as the favorite destination of international tourists. The main object that the article mention is the overseas student.


Some special things for overseas students who want to travel to Vietnam


Security status


Safety in Vietnam is highly appreciated among all the countries in the region. The Vietnamese government is stable; the criminal level is lower than that in other countries. To visitors, traveling Vietnam is relatively safe, including women, student. Being one of the safest countries in Asia, Vietnam has a stable government, the degree of civil unrest is not significant, the criminal level is lower than that of other countries in Asia, and natural disasters seldom affect tourists when they visit Vietnam.




Vietnamese cuisine is loved by foreign guests and appreciated. On the world food, Vietnam has added some delicious dishes such as “pho, banh mi, bun cha, nem nuong” … when prompted everyone knows. Foods in Vietnam are generally safe, but some street food is not really safe. Consuming Vietnam street food is quite adventurous. Some noddle like “Pho”, problems happen less except for the half-done meet. Sweets, cakes, and drinks are things that you should find out to know about food safety in Vietnam. You are intending to enjoy unique dishes like sweet soups, cakes or drinks, you should travel with local people or pop in reliable restaurants. Generally, you should try Vienamese food when you take Vietnam tours.


Friendly people


This is a typical South East Asian country for enthusiasm. The visitors will always be surprised by the generosity of the local people. Indigenous people are always available to help you, they can take you on a free ride in their own car and tell you a lot about the city … Especially, the smile is always the special beauty of people here, they smile to anyone, anywhere … This is the most impressive thing to anyone who has come to Vietnam.


Traffic in Vietnam


One of the dangers in Vietnam is road travel. For example, when traveling by taxi, drivers might charge tourists at a higher price. The security in Vietnam is also reflected through public transport in Vietnam so you will be safe if you conduct as the law. Buses in Vietnam are often crowded and might be confusing, which creates conditions for several social evils as pickpocket annoying tourists.


Most of the Vietnamese are friendly, honest and trustworthy. Yet, you should pay attention to the travel conditions in Vietnam. This article give you some useful information about travelling to Vietnam. To your travel life, it is hard to miss a Vietnam tours because you can not only find out something new about Vietnam’s culture and people, but you also relax and experience some memorable moments here.