Schengen Visa Processing Time


If you are planning to travel to Europe from India, you may need to apply for a Schengen Visa. A Schengen Visa is a short-term Visa that allows you to visit any of the 26 countries that are part of the Schengen Countries. The Schengen Countries includes most of the European Union countries, except for Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Cyprus, as well as four non-EU countries: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

The processing time for a Schengen Visa from India varies depending on several factors, such as the type of Schengen Visa, the country of destination, the season of travel, and the workload of the consulate. we will explain how long it takes to get a Schengen Visa from India and what you can do to speed up the process.

How Long Does it Take to Process a Schengen Visa from India?


The standard Schengen Visa processing time is 15 calendar days from the day that you submit your application. However, this period may vary depending on several factors, such as:


  • The type and category of Visa you applied for
  • The country where you applied.
  • The season and demand of applications
  • The completeness and accuracy of your documents
  • The need for additional verification or investigation
  • The occurrence of unforeseen circumstances or events


In some cases, the processing time may be extended up to 30 days or even 60 days if further examination or consultation is required. Therefore, it is advisable to apply for your Visa as early as possible and avoid making any travel arrangements until you receive your Visa.

How Long is a Schengen Visa Valid for?


The validity period of a Schengen Visa depends on the type and category of Visa you obtained, as well as the duration of your intended stay. The validity period is indicated on the Visa sticker affixed to your passport, next to the tag “Valid for”.


A uniform Schengen Visa (USV) can be valid for up to 30 days or as per the validity mentioned in the passport starting from the date of your first entry into the Schengen Area. This means that you can stay in the Schengen Area for a maximum of 30 days in total or as per validity.


If you want to stay longer than 90 days in the Schengen Area, you will need to apply for a “national Visa (D)” from the country where you intend to reside. A national Visa is a long-stay Visa that allows you to live, work, study, or engage in other activities in a specific Schengen country for more than 90 days. The validity period and requirements of a national Visa vary depending on the country and purpose of your stay.


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Schengen Visa Processing Time FAQ's

What is the average processing time for a Schengen Visa application from India?
The average processing time for a Schengen Visa application from India is 15 calendar days. However, this may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each applicant and the consulate where the application is submitted.
Are there any factors that can affect the processing time of a Schengen Visa application?
Yes, there are several factors that can affect the processing time of a Schengen Visa application, such as: - The completeness and accuracy of the application form and the supporting documents - The volume of applications received by the consulate - The security checks and verifications conducted by the consulate and other authorities - The type and purpose of the visa applied for - The nationality and travel history of the applicant - The cooperation and responsiveness of the applicant to any requests or queries from the consulate
Can I expedite the processing of my Schengen Visa application from India?
No, you cannot expedite the processing of your Schengen Visa application from India. The processing time is determined by the consulate and cannot be influenced by the applicant. You should not pay any extra fees or use any third-party services that claim to expedite your visa application, as they may be fraudulent or illegal.
How early should I apply for a Schengen Visa to ensure a timely processing?
You should apply for a Schengen Visa at least 15 calendar days before your intended date of travel. However, it is advisable to apply as early as possible, preferably 3 months before your trip, to avoid any delays or complications. You should not apply more than 6 months before your trip, as your application will not be accepted.
Is the processing time the same for all types of Schengen Visas, such as tourist, business, or student visas?
No, the processing time may vary depending on the type and purpose of the visa applied for. For example, student visas may take longer to process than tourist visas, as they require additional documents and verifications. You should check the specific requirements and processing time for the visa category that suits your travel purpose on the official website of the consulate where you intend to apply.
Are there any peak seasons or times of the year when the processing time for Schengen Visas is longer?
Yes, there are certain peak seasons or times of the year when the processing time for Schengen Visas may be longer than usual, such as: - Summer months (June to August), when there is a high demand for travel to Europe - Holiday periods (Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc.), when there is an increased number of applications - Special events (sports, cultural, political, etc.), when there is a surge in visitors to certain countries or regions

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