Schengen Visa For Indians


Schengen is an area in Europe without internal borders with a bunch of 27 countries, each with an array of excitements and full of gorgeous and unique tourist destinations where everyone definitely wants to visit once in their life and require a Schengen visa to enter in any of these 27 Country.

A Schengen visa is a short-stay visa for tourism, business, visiting family or other purpose and can stay for a specific period with the visa validity of 90 days to 180 days. which cost Approx. 80 EUR or INR 7,100. The Schengen visa holder can travel within any 27 Schengen countries

However, applying for a Schengen visa from India can be a difficult task, especially if you are not familiar with the process and the requirements. we will guide you through the steps of applying for a Schengen visa from India in 2024.

Schengen Visa Types


  • Schengen Tourist Visa – Tourist Visa allows you to visit Schengen countries for tourism purposes. Validity depends as per the conditions mentioned on the visa.
  • Schengen Business Visa – Business Visa allows you to visit Schengen Countries for attending Business meetings, Seminar’s, Conference, Trade Fair, and Short Term Training. The validity of the visa depends on the conditions mentioned on the visa.
  • Schengen Transit Visa – Transit Visa allows you to transit through any Schengen country while traveling to the third country. Validity as mentioned on the visa.

More Visa Type…

  • Schengen work visa – Work Visa allows you to work in any of the Schengen nations providing you meet all the criteria for the same. The validity will be normally of 2 years or as per visa conditions.
  • Schengen dependent visa – Dependent Visa allows spouse, children, and parents of the person residing in the Schengen nations as dependent on him/her.
  • Schengen student visa – Student visa allows bonafide students to visit Schengen nations to complete higher studies. The period of study must be of more than 90 days and up to 6 months. Validity depends on the course or as per the conditions. Employment is not allowed on Student Visa.
  • Cultural sports, religious events & film crew – This visa allows the people to visit Schengen who wants to be a part of cultural sports, religious events or as a film crew. Validity as per the visa conditions.

Documents Required for Schengen visa in 2024

The requirements for a Schengen visa from India may vary depending on the type of visa and the country that you are applying to. However, some of the general requirements that apply to all types of Schengen visas are:

  • Valid passport (3 months from arrival).
  • Three photos (35 x 45 mm, matt, white, 80% face).
  • Schengen Visa form.
  • Cover letter & itinerary.
  • Bank statement signed & stamped (latest 6 months).
  • Income Tax Returns (3 years).
  • Return ticket & hotel booking.
  • Travel Insurance (Minimum 30,000 euro)
  • For Self-employed: Bank statement & Tax returns.
  • For Minor: Birth Certificate, school/college ID card


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How to apply for Schengen visa from India in 2024?

The process of applying for a Schengen visa from India in 2024 is as follows:

  1. Choose a country:
    First Choose which country visa you need to apply. If you are visiting only one Schengen country, you should apply to the embassy or consulate of that country. If you are visiting multiple Schengen countries, you should apply to the embassy or consulate of the country where you will spend the most time.
  2. Book an appointment:
    Book a Schengen visa appointment online with VFS Global, You can choose the date and time of your Schengen visa appointment according to the availability. You should book your appointment at least 15 days before your intended departure date, but not more than 90 days in advance.
  3. Fill Schengen visa application:
    Fill out the Schengen visa application form online and print it out. You can find the Schengen visa form on the website of VFS Global or the embassy or consulate of the country that you are applying to. You should fill out the form carefully and honestly, and sign it at the end.
  4. Gather required documents:
    Gather all the required documents for Schengen visa and make photocopies of them. You should arrange them in the order specified by VFS Global or the embassy or consulate of the country that you are applying to. You should also keep a copy of all the documents for your own reference.
  5. Attend Schengen visa Appointment:
    Visit the VFS Global office on the day and time of your Schengen visa appointment. carry all required documents. You should arrive at least 15 minutes before your Schengen visa appointment time and follow the instructions given by the staff. You will have to submit your biometric data, such as fingerprints and photograph, at the VFS.
  6. Track your Schengen visa:
    Track your Schengen visa application status online or by SMS or email. You can check the status of your Schengen visa application on the website of VFS Global or by calling their helpline number. You will be notified when your passport is ready for collection or delivery.
  7. Collect your passport:
    Collect your passport from VFS Global or receive it by courier. You can choose to collect your passport in person from the VFS Global office where you applied, or opt for courier delivery to your address for an additional fee. You should check your visa sticker carefully and make sure that all the details are correct.

Schengen visa processing time from India in 2024

The processing time for a Schengen visa depends on several factors, such as:

  • The type of visa and the country that you are applying to.
  • The volume of applications and the peak season.
  • The completeness and accuracy of your application and documents.
  • The need for additional verification or consultation.

In general, it takes around 12-15 days to process a Schengen visa application from India, but it can take longer in some cases. Therefore, it is advisable to apply for your Schengen visa well in advance of your travel date.


Schengen Visa Fees for Indians in 2024

The table below shows the Schengen visa fees for Indian citizens as of 2024. The Schengen Visa fees are in Euro (EUR) and Indian rupees (INR). The Schengen Visa fees are subject to change without notice, so you should check the current Schengen Visa cost on the Schengen VFS website before applying for your Schengen visa from India in 2024.


Schengen Visa Type Schengen Visa Validity Schengen Visa Charges in EUR Schengen Visa Charges in INR
Schengen Tourist Visa 90 Days (short-stay) EUR 80 Approx. INR 7,100
Schengen Business visa  90 Days (short-stay) EUR 80 Approx. INR 7,100
Schengen Visitor visa  90 Days (short-stay) EUR 80 Approx. INR 7,100


Note: Fly For Holidays Schengen visa service charge is not included in the above table which is INR 1,360/- including GST.


How to Track Schengen visa from India in 2024

After you have applied for a Schengen visa, you might want to know how to track your Schengen visa status from India. depending on where you submitted your Schengen visa application.

The most common way to apply for a Schengen visa from India is through VFS Global, a third-party service provider that handles Schengen visa applications for many Schengen countries. To track your Schengen visa status with VFS Global, follow these steps:

  • Go to the VFS Global website (
  • Select the country you applied from (India) and the country you are going to (the Schengen country that is your main destination or the first one you will enter).
  • Click on “Take me to the website”.
  • Go to “Track your application” and click on “Track your visa application status online”.
  • Enter your name and the reference number you received when you submitted your application.
  • Click on “Submit” to view the status of your application.

You can also sign up for SMS alerts from VFS Global to receive updates on your visa status via text message.


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Schengen Visa Sample

Documents to Carry while Traveling to Schengen Area

  • Carry Original Valid Passport;
  • Make sure your to check Schengen Visa validity;
  • Confirmed return Flight Ticket is must;
  • Contact details of your family, relatives or business contact in Schengen Area;
  • Confirmed hotel bookings or stay proof;
  • Euro Currency in cash or Foreign Exchange Receipt;
  • Android Phone, preferably with a Particular Country SIM card from India;
  • Any additional documents like valid visa if traveling to third country.


Basic information to keep in mind while visiting Schengen Nations

  • Should have a valid Passport and valid Schengen Visa;
  • Make sure you are adhering the travel plan which was shown at the time of applying Schengen Visa.
  • Make sure you are well fit;
  • Can communicate properly;
  • Should be able to understand What Immigration Officer is asking and has to make sure to reply quickly with confidence.
  • You should be able to convince the officer that you have sufficient funds and you will exit the country before your visa expires.

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Schengen Visit Visa FAQ's

What are the Mandatory documents required to apply Schengen Tourist Visa?
Mandatory documents to apply SchengenTourist visa are: Original Passport with validity of minimum 03 months. Schengen Visa Application Form. Appointment Letter. Covering Letter. Photo Graphs (35 X 45 MM 80 % face Matt finish White Background). Bank Statement for the last three months. Income Tax returns for the past three years. Ticket / Flight Reservation. Hotel Reservation. Travel Insurance. Employment Proof : Leave Letter and 03 Months salary Slips.
When can I apply for Schengen Tourist /Visitor Visa?
Schengen Consulate accepts applications only within 90 days of travel.
What is the right time to apply for a Schengen visa?
For a smooth processing of your visa application, It is recommended to apply for a visa at least 45 days before your trip.
What is Schengen Visa Fees?
Schengen Consulate Fees is EURO 80, a part from consulate charges, VFS Charge is approximately 1350/-.
Do I need to visit the Centre to submit biometrics?
Yes, if you are applying for a first time, you will have to visit the Centre for submitting the same.
How Long entire process of Schengen Visa for Indians take?
It usually takes 10-12 working days for Schengen Embassy to process your application, however it totally depends on Consulate to Grant or Turn around time of Visa.
With valid Schengen visa, can i travel to more than one Schengen Territory?
Yes. You can travel within the Schengen territory, as long as you meet all the criteria of your visa.
How long can i stay on SchengenTourist Visa of any Schengen Country?
It is solely embassy discretion, validity of visa will be mentioned in your visa.
What Services will be provided by Fly For Holidays for my Visa Application?
1) Dedicated Travel Consultant will be assigned to make sure that your Schengen visa application is filed correctly. 2) We will be filling up online Schengen visa application form. 3) As per your case, Travel Consultant will be assisting you to prepare documents for your application. 4) We will be sharing all the letter formats which are required for your visa application.
In case my Schengen Visa is rejected, will i get my money back?
No, All fees related to Embassy charges, VFS fees and Fly For Holidays charges are non refundable.

Terms & Conditions


Grant of visas are at the sole discretion of the visa officer at the consulate. We at Fly for Holidays will provide you guidance and advise to submit your visa application to the best of our knowledge and as per our information and experience. Possible time taken to process visas and turnaround time as advised by us to you is as per an estimate that is provided by Consulates. Applications are reviewed based on the information and documents submitted by you. Fly for Holidays is not responsible for the validity ,approval or rejection of your visa application at any point of time

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